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21 min - Uploaded by Suck My ModIn this video I do a full breakdown of the Theorem Atomizer. The Wismec Theorem is designed.
The Wismec Theorem Atomizer, designed by JayBo and inspired by SMM, is Wismec’s first Rebuildable Drip Tank Hybrid featuring the new and exciting Stainless Steel 316 NotchCoil.. The Wismec Theorem is the first to utilize an Open Wicking System, a combined Top Airflow Juice Plug.
Wismec Theorem RTA Review - Kyle reviews the Wismec Theorem RTA, a collaboration between JayBo, Wismec and Suck My Mod.
The Wismec Theorem RTA by JayBo Designs and Suck My Mod features Open Wicking System, reduced atomizer chamber, unique split positive post, vortex top. wismec theorem JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize http://webinar2.ru/tsena/elektronnaya-sigareta-i-tseni-v-spb.html functionality of this website.
The Wismec Theorem Wismec theorem features several adjustable airflow options, a top fill design, a uniquely designed build deck, and an impressive brand-new notch coil with cotton.
Build to perfection and wismec theorem like you never have before with the all new Theorem RTA by Wismec!
Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling.
Super easy to fill wismec theorem I use a syringe.
I have gone through wismec theorem glasses but I now know how to handle it with ease.
I don't take the tank off until I finish the juice I simply remove the glass first then remove the rest of the unit if I decide to change mods.
The taste on this is awsome better than the many others I have tried.
I like the smaller tank as I like to change juices often.
Go get one you will love it.
I've heard so many mix reviews about the Theorium I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not.
But I decided to get it and I'm glad I did.
The flavor on this thing is like nothing I've wismec theorem before.
I'm very SORRY to write this but the truth is the truth!
I was so excited to get the Theorem, and at first I loved it.
It wismec theorem great vapor flavor.
And that's where the fun ended!
You have to fill it constantly, I must have filled it ten times a day.
Also no bottle at all fits into the tank to fill it, and I tried everything but электронная сигарета ugo twist цена juice wismec theorem kept backing up and filling up the top part of the tank, wismec theorem was super frustrating!!!!
Then I tried getting the Theorem off my mod, first with one of those rubber non-slip rags and the tank cracked, then with rubber tipped needle nose grips and the other tank cracked, now I'm left with the one tank that has metal surrounding it and I'm discouraged.
There is absolutely no where to grab the Theorem that's not glass to put the least amount of pressure to turn it off your mod????
Bad bad design, and the hole to fill tank needs to be bigger or higher up so needle nose bottles can get into the hole, plus a larger juice holding capacity!
The only thing I loved wismec theorem was the flavor!
The rest you can throw in the trash.
So sorry I never write bad reviews but this deserves it!!!
One of the best.
This RTA is def one of the most advanced ever.
They went all out to create the most dynamic functions.
Wicking is so easy on this its ridiculous, unlike детальнее на этой странице many other RTAs that are annoying as hell to get the wicking right and avoid leaks while you're at электронная сигарета v6 цена />The refills wismec theorem easy too- just a simple top-fill that gets accessed through the top cap.
Every reason to get one of these.
I still might have to lol.
This drip tank atomizer hybrid is awesome!
The SS Notchcoil is a game changer!
The kit comes with an additional SS glass lined sleeve for the электронная сигарета v6 цена ppl like me!
The tank is a little smaller than I'd like, otherwise, it's awesome!
The SS NotchCoil is something you'll be seeing more of in the future~guaranteed!!!
Wow, best tank everwismec theorem the notch coil is wismec theorem />Me personally I will have to start making wire jewelryas I will most likely not bother wismec theorem wrap another coil for as long as I Vape.
Flavor is greatramp up time is instant.
After playing wismec theorem I settled on 35 wattsseems to be the sweet spot for me for most of my juice.
I don't even use my temp control anymore and I don't think I need it.
This coil is awesome and the tank is the best I have ever owned.
I would throw the rest of my rda,rbta away but the notch coil gives me hope wismec theorem them.
I almost never wismec theorem reviews, but this tank and this coil - WOW Write Your Own Review You're reviewing: Wismec Theorem RTA Kit How do you rate this wismec theorem />No where else can I wismec theorem this many different products on a single site.
The selection is out of this world, loaded with awesomeness, and full of hard to find items.
Been vaping a long time, and have shopped with just about wismec theorem else.
DV is easily the best out there.
GREAT customer service on top of the great products.
They do everything right, offer amazing prices, and kill it with selection.
Nicotine is a highly addictive substance derived from the tobacco plant.
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California residents: WARNING: Use of электронная сигарета v6 цена product can expose you to a chemicals, including nicotine, known to the State wismec theorem California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm, and b chemicals, including formaldehyde wismec theorem acetaldehyde, known to the State of California to cause wismec theorem />DIRECTVAPOR devices are not intended to administer medicinal or illegal products of any kind and doing so voids the warranty.
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Shop with confidence knowing that we will never sell you a clone and represent it as an original.
Most commonly, it is known as an artificial flavor, particularly within the vaping industry for e-liquids.
It has a flavor and aroma wismec theorem that have been known to carry a particularly sweet, creamy, buttery, cheesy, wismec theorem fruity flavor, with notes of caramel.
Currently there is some controversy surrounding the use of this substance in vapor products, though no concrete evidence has emerged to wismec theorem label it as harmful.
There has been discussion of acetyl propionyl causing damage to the respiratory tract, and it has been known to harm the lungs in studies done on animals.
Visit our E-liquid Promise page Diacetyl wismec theorem die-AS-i-til is found naturally in low concentrations in foods such as butter and beer, and is a byproduct of fermentation.
High exposure to diacetyl in production settings has been linked to rare respiratory illnesses such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
Although the risks are much lower for vapers inhaling diacetyl-containing e-liquids, it is important to know the potential consequences of extended diacetyl wismec theorem />Studies have found that e-liquid containing diacetyl may cause harm to the respiratory system over time.
посетить страницу, DIRECTVAPOR will let you know which e-liquids are diacetyl-free so you can make informed decisions when selecting e-liquid.
Visit our E-liquid Promise page See product details for Authenticity Certificate While clones often promise a hot thrill for a fraction of the cost, we are very much about carrying products that wismec theorem a certain standard and level of excellence.
DIRECTVAPOR does its very best to avoid clones and to give you the most authentic products out there!
We believe in maintaining our reputation for quality by carrying what we feel are the very pinnacle brand names in this market, and we prefer to keep you coming back for great quality and top of the line gear.
Shop with confidence knowing that wismec theorem will never sell you a clone and represent it as an original.
What's the Right Level?
We recommend that all newbies start off with 18mg.
This is the most электронная сигарета v6 цена level to a traditional cigarette and will provide the best results for those just making the switch for the first time.
We offer many levels of nicotine, allowing you to truly customize your vaping experience.
The term "throat hit" is commonly used to describe the intensity of your wismec theorem />As you experience with different nicotine levels, we suggest that you move slowly and do wismec theorem make drastic jumps.
Moving from 12mg wismec theorem 18mg is recommend over jumping straight to 24mg.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call to speak to one of our friendly reps.
Blend Mix Propylene Glycol PG : Stronger wismec theorem taste Thinner e-liquid to aid in better wismec theorem Heavier throat hit Vegetable Glycerin VG : VG has a naturally sweeter taste Thicker e-liquid and larger vapor production Lighter throat hit Less allergenic.

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Theorem Atomizer by Jaybo & Wismec - Eciggity

The Wismec Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid is an innovative new platform designed in conjunction with Jay Bo Designs and features a split positive.
The Wismec Theorem from Totally Wicked is a hybrid rebuildable dripping atomizer designed by Jaybo with airflow control and NotchCoils for amazing flavour.
Just US$24.59 + free shipping, buy Original Wismec Theorem Atomizer online shopping at GearBest.com.
Designed by JayBo, this is Wismec's first drip tank hybrid featuring the new and exciting stainless steel NotchCoil. First to utilize an open wicking system,.

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