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Vaporesso Target Pro представляет собой новую версию, которая обладает. Тема: Vaporesso Target Pro VTC Kit, обновляемая прошивка и классический CCELL керамический койл. Выходная мощность: 5W - 75W
Firmware-upgrade met aangepaste configuratie. De Vaporesso Target Pro 75W VTC Starter Kit is de nieuwste editie van de trigger-achtige.
Vaporesso Target Pro VTC Kit Features Upgradable Firmware & Classic CCELL. Powered by one single 18650 battery, it can support a max output of 75w.
Vaporesso Target Pro 75W VTC Kit is a new version kit that applies variable temperature and wattage control system with new firmware. vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка Disclosure: We may receive a commission for purchases made by consumers after clicking though one of the links on this website.
Sick of classic box mods and tube mods?
Looking for a vaping device with a refreshing design, above-average power output and temperature control technology?
I for one had never heard of Vaporesso before, so I did a bit of a background check of the brand.
Through the Vaporesso brand, Smoore aims to use its extensive experience in vaping goods manufacturing to target the Western advanced vaping equipment market.
Vaporesso Target 75 VTC mod While it may not affect its performance, the design is one of the main selling points of the Target 75 VTC.
Love it or hate it, you have to admit that this mod looks unlike any vaping device on the market today.
It even has a plastic fire button styled like a joystick trigger.
As an avid gamer, I have to say I love the design of the Target, and just looking at it and holding it in my hand really took me on a walk down vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка lane.
The plastic buttons, for example may seem cheap vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка some, but they really do fit in the overall gaming feel of the device, and they are actually quite sturdy and responsive.
The body of the Target 75 VTC, on the other hand looks and feels to be взято отсюда high quality.
Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, it has a ceramic coating that feels very smooth and yet ensures a nice grip, in part thanks to the ergonomic design of the unit.
The battery compartment of the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC is evod mega электронная сигарета цена well camouflaged that when I first saw the micro-USB port at the bottom of the device, I thought it had a built-in rechargeable battery, so I plugged it into my computer for charging.
The display turned on and it showed a fully charged battery icon.
Confused, I decided to take a look at the user manual, and discovered that the back of the mod, which is covered with a leather-textured plastic was the battery cover and that you need to insert an 18650 battery to power it.
You need to grab the plastic-covered part of the mod and yank it off to access the battery compartment.
I prefer to use an external charger to recharge my batteries, but you can also use the USB cable included in the beer velocity дрипка цена whole to recharge the battery without taking it out of the mod.
As I understand, the micro-USB port can also be used to update the firmware of the device in the future.
The top side of the Target 75 VTC houses a stainless steel 510 connection with a spring loaded pin, while the bottom of the device features battery venting holes.
Using the Target 75 VTC is a fairly straightforward affair.
Pressing the fire button five times in rapid succession powers on the device.
Repeating the process tuns it back off.
Like thethe Vaporesso Target 75 VTC completely does away with a setting menu, relying instead on button combinations and automatic atomizer resistance detection.
Whenever you change atomizers, the device asks you to confirm if it is a new coil or the same to help it better detect vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка resistance.
The Target also detect the kind of coils you are using.
On the other hand, when trying to use an Ni200 coil in wattage mode, it allows you to do so.
A small con I want to mention here is that scrolling through the wattage and temperature settings is a bit slow.
Going from the lowest wattage, 5W, all the way to the full 75W, takes a full 45 seconds.
Other high-power mods tend to pick up speed if you keep the button pressed long enough, but not the Target.
Just press the button and it fires almost instantly.
In terms of user safety, the Target 75 VTC includes all the features we usually see in regulated mods: overheating protection, low battery protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and reverse battery polarity protection.
Target cCELL Tank While the Target 75 VTC mod was a very nice surprise, the true star of the Vaporesso starter kit is the tank, or, more precisely, the revolutionary cCELL coils it comes with.
Made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, the 22 mm, 3.
What really sets this new product apart from all the rest is that the heating element is completely wickless.
Instead of cotton, it uses a special kind of porous ceramic developed by Vaporesso.
The kanthal coil is cast inside the ceramic through a process known as sintering.
Vaporesso admits that there is a piece of organic cotton used in the cCELL, but it is wrapped around the outside of the ceramic cylinder, acting vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка an anti-leakage sealant.
The cotton does not come into direct contact with the цены на электронные сигареты в ростове element, and does not influence the taste of the vapor.
The heating process takes place inside the ceramic cylinder.
Even more impressive is the vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка self-cleaning of the ceramic element.
It just so happens that my very first experience with the cCELL vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка was a very unpleasant one.
I filled the Target Tank with some Space Jam Andromeda Juice, left it to saturate for a good 30 minutes, and took a hit.
It was one of the worse dry hits I have ever gotten.
All I did was lower the wattage to 25 watts, let the heating element cool off for a few minutes and when I took the second hit, there was no noticeable burnt taste.
I later learned that was thanks to the self-cleaning properties of the porous ceramic.
I usually vape at 30 — 35 watts with 0.
Regarding the life-cycle of the ceramic coil head, I can see it being longer than cotton wick ones, especially when using high VG or dark e-liquids, which tend to generate high amounts of gunk, affecting the flavor of the juice.
Design-wise, cCELL coil heads are almost identical to the ones for the Aspire Atlantis, and Vaporesso confirms that they are actually compatible with the Atlantis and a number of other popular sub-ohm tanks, which is definitely a plus.
Unfortunately, there are not a lot of resistances to choose from for the cCELL at this time.
The Vaporesso Target 75 VTC comes with an 0.
The Ni200, on the other hand, is a real cloud machine, although on the Target 75 VTC mod you need to crank up the temperature a bit higher than on other high-wattage mods in order to really bring the best out of it.
The scary thing is that inexperienced vapers are using Ni200 coils in wattage mode, which can cause them to release toxic elements.
We already have a couple of better options, like titanium and stainless steel, so hopefully Vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка will release other temperature control options in the near future.
Overall, I was really pleased with the cCELL coil heads — did I mentioned they are 24K gold-plated — the flavor was phenomenal, the self-cleaning thing was a nice surprise, they are compatible with a wide variety of tanks, and just the fact that they bring something new to the table really impressed me.
I do evod mega электронная сигарета цена have some doubts about whether they area real game changer, though.
For now, though, the cCELL looks very promising.
In conclusion, the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC starter kit turned out to be a massive surprise for me.
These guys mean business.
You can get the Vaporesso Target 75W at a discount price from Vapor DNA, by clicking the button below 1 stars it was good tell for no reason it keeps saying check atomizer.
I have done everything to fix it but nothing is working.
Anyone have any tips at all?
Same here…keeps saying check atomizer.
I put it down for the night, tried it again the next day and it was good…till later that afternoon where it said check atomizer again…the connections and pins are good…please help.
I am starting to think it might have something to do with the temp control technology.
Gently pull it back into place and it will work just fine.
For better battery life make sure you are using a 3000mah 18560 battery.
It should last you 8 hours minimum after heavy vaping.
This thing is just a piece of crap.
I expect the thing to work properly.
Buying a new one this week and this one goes on the trash where t belongs.
First off, it has leaked from the beginning through the air filter, just enough at first to make me wonder.
перейти it leaks, no question.
I was waiting for this amazing flavor and nothing!
I only use my favorite strawberry, so I know the flavor.
Can someone pls help?
And what is a less expensive but good back up pen?
What is a good battery for that simple tank, that will keep charging?
The pin has vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка have a tight connection, and sometimes the process of removing the tank from the mod will cause the coil to become slightly loose.
It happens to mine every 9 or 10 refills.
Did your Mod have the Orange Buttons or Black Buttons on the Mod???????
If it had the Orange Buttons where did you get it I want the White With The Orange Buttons and I got One But it Has Black Buttons On The Mod Thank you, Nicole 5 stars I have a problem with the tank, it leaks like hell on airflow part, can you give me a solution читать статью you have one?
If it leaks trough the airhole then you need to learn how to vape, your blowing in back down.
Dont stop inhaling untill you release the button, you need to suck the chamber empty like a shisha then there is no leakage.
If your having coil problems then learn how to pit things together or dont buy cheap coils from the internet!
Ive tried 6 other vapourizers and this is the best by vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка />Mods ok, not worth more than 40 bucks.
People thinks that makes them good.
They are not good.
I would be happy to give the thing away, while kit went back in the box after evod mega электронная сигарета цена afternoon.
Good flavor and lasted about a week and a half.
I had purchased a pack of vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка with my kit and I found that they seem to not be wicking well.
Even the ni200 coil in the kit has this same problem.
There are very little or no bubbles coming out of the coils from at least 5 out of the 7 coils I had total.
Very disappointing, as I loved the first coil.
Anyone know what other больше информации are confirmed to work in this tank?
I heard Atlantis, Heracles, and possibly up to a half a dozen others will work.
I think the coils I have may be poorly manufactured or too much cotton in them.
The feel is perfect!
Way better than my Sigelei 150 TC, eLeaf 30 or 60 TC, or Kangertech topbox.
The coils and tank are great!
If anything, the tank could use a little more airflow, but the coils are second to none!
Cannot say enough about how great the taste is off these ceramic coils.
Now the sad part… Just purchased this yesterday and had the same issue twice now.
Last night while using it, the screen went haywire.
Seemed to be displaying the battery charge and a bunch of other stuff all at the same time while not charging at all?
Today at work it happened again.
When I picked it up off my desk again, it was not charging, just sitting there it felt hot.
When I looked at the screen it was all messed up again.
Cleared again after removing the battery.
The screen being messed up is a nuisance.
Could be a bad batch as they all seem to be reporting the problem within the past week?
Removing and Putting back the battery fixes the problem.
Happened twice now for me.
I have had mine for a few days and mine has the same issue.
The screen gets warm and then scrambles.
I found that this happens when my battery gets to 20% battery life left.
I do not know the reason for this but I hope this helps.
I still vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка the mod so far even with the quirks.
I hope that everyone enjoys!
Happened to me 3 times now.
For my unit, I noticed the screen goes haywire when the battery level goes to 20% or below 20%.
For the 3 times my unit went haywire the battery was low.
Keeping my battery close to full and changing the battery once vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка hits 20% has fixed it for me.
I think it depends on the battery power.
My battery was about 15%, and it overheated extremly.
I removed the battery and fixed the problem for maybe 3seconds.
What is the main problem?
Is it caused by the chip or a wrong battery?
The person that sold me my vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка also sold me a battery for it.
Maybe you should try a battery like mine and see if that fixes your problems.
Another thing to remember is that when you change out the coil remember to prime it first and make sure that the ceramic is saturated before taking your first hit.
I love my unit and the flavor is great!
I hope what I said helps you with your issues.
I now have my third, and the screen is not displaying information correctly.
I spoke with the owners of my vape shop, and they have changed distributors since my previous returns.
They also said other customers have had the same problem.
I hope they can fix problem soon.
Same issue as evod mega электронная сигарета цена />I came to this review hoping it дрипка mad hatter mini цена something I was doing incorrectly.
Looks like I need to return it and get a new one.
Mine has been getting super hot and having the display issues.
I take the battery out and put it back in, that fixes it temporarily.
Then it starts to go haywire again.
Great vaping experiance ….
Smooth perfect taste with all kinds of e juices ….
Over all perfect mod for everyday use 4 stars Wverything works fine BUT when I use my normal 6mg juices, there is no lung hit really.
The mod itself is excellent.
The coils unfortunately were a disappointment, and I just hope the 12 vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка provides a better pull.
Like I put the mod to my ear and its a beeping noise.
I use my external charger though, recommend you do the same.
When I first evod mega электронная сигарета цена this kit I was super happy with the performance.
Then I switched to an rda and back to the tank.
Now I can only get the tank to work if I replace the coil.
I emailed vaporesso support and have yet to hear back from them.
I guess as long as I only use this mod for dropping I am good but would really like to use the tank again without having to replace the coil every time I switch.
Please help with this issue if any of you have any insight!
Thanks 3 vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка Ive had my mod for 2 days now, I had the battery problem today, battery reset it and everythings fine.
I put my Crown tank on this mod and I love it that way.
The jury is still out on the tank, but the mod itself I like a lot.
I have the silver one and have not vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка any screen problems.
The company ignores me by mail, facebook.
Any same issue out there?
Just got this today, love it so far.
The style is awesome, very comfortable in the hand.
Great flavor, and only one dry hit had wattage too high, lowered wattage and been fine since.
Only complaint thus far is that the voltage only shows whilst the trigger is held and the coil is firing.
I like mods that show the voltage at all times.
Took it back to the store, had my tank checked, the tank works just fine.
Help please I get the check atomizer message often.
Time to look for another mod.
It worked amazing smooth with my Triton tank and since it was a top fill I never really had to remove the tank.
Then I purchased the Targent tank tat comes with the kit and after 1 month of constantly having to unscrew the bottom fill target tank to refill the tank I unscrewed it last night and the threaded base came off with the Tank, I re attached the part but now I keep getting check atomizer messages.
Has anyone else noticed this deilemna?
Is there a way to fix this connection or am I going to have to throw another 60 bucks at a poorly constructed Mod yet innovative coil 4 stars I got this mod and I am using a Herakles plus tank on it.
Great flavor and good size clouds.
The power you get for its size is amazing.
Very happy with my purchase.
Using it at 40 watts and the tank heats up but other than that no complaints.
Good mod really like it.
But keep getting dry hits.
Change coils juicing up well but still happening.
There seems to be a 1st run production problem affecting many reviewers here but mine works fine.
The sintering is a new thing and with any new tech there are issues.
I love the cCELLs but I accept the limitations — takes a while to wick when refilling from empty, seems inevitable to get a few dry hits when breaking the coils in.
Solutions that work for me but understandably not everyone — stay within suggested range 20-35w for.
Two thumbs up for this rig here!
I do however love the ceramic ccell coil, but have no care vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка the secondary nickle basebased one that come with the kit.
I use a nautilus coil and have found the product still has no spitting or dry hits!
They definitely have done their magic with vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка ceramic vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка />Thanks for saving my money!
They should have a recall on that junk.
I have had zero problems with it.
Got it a few days ago, and been running about 2 tanks a day thru it, different flavors, on the first coil, the Kanthal.
Good flavor, pretty good clouds.
Better than my Kangertech Subox so far.
Only con with it, it takes forever for a drastic juice change to get the old flavor run through it and get to the new fill.
Better to start low and go up.
Also there are a lot of fake targets out there some have vaporesso in lower case written on the tank.
Vaporesso dont make a white target with orange buttons anymore.
The site also has its authorized recommended dearlers listed.
Smoore is not vaporesso.
Vaporesso manufacturered products for smoore.
All the problems listed, no communication from manufacturer.
жмите сюда made piece of junk.
Ill stick with kanger.
At least i can rely on it.
Four or five tanks a today easy.
Hope everyone give this unit a chance.
The Vaporesso Target 75 VTC Kit is my second device.
My first device was the Aspire Nautilus Mini.
Despite of the электронная цена в улан reviews regarding the cCell coil Kanthal 0.
I most of the coils I have used about 4 out of 7 have gone bad.
I have notice when the e-juice gets into the top of the coil housing where the hole is the e-juice flavor becomes undetectable I use very good juice.
The flavor is extremely good увидеть больше I put in a new coil for apx.
I have also vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка spit-back.
In addition the tops of some coils turn black as if burned.
I have had only about 2 coils work correctly for 15 days.
I am not impressed with the cCell coils in this device.
JD Only had mine a week but works very well.
Mine came with only two coils, one ss.
Some may have not noticed but if you slightly turn the tank it either open or closes the air holes inside on the atomizer not sure why it does this but I make deposit цена на электронные сигареты в нижнем новгороде Day they are open.
My tank is top fill with.
This vape has only given us problems from the beginning.
Hate it when you buy something and it is a total fail.
I change my battery and the setting went haywire,and I have no idea how to set it back ,at the vapor shop they set it for me ,my bad I should of had them show me.
Long time vaper 7yrs and just got this Mod today.
So far loving it and best mod I have vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка had, very very happy.
Like the atty it came with but also enjoy my old EHPro rebuild able atty tank just dripping without the the top of tank at 2.
Because my Target pro has worked fine for a long time now perfectly with no issues at all.
The same thing happened to me on my Ccell coil what I did was put a brand new coil in and it worked perfect.
I hope my info helps.
We do accept free e-cigarettes and accessories, but strictly for review purposes, and that does not vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка our opinions of the products.
In accordance with FTC rules, we hereby disclose that this site uses banners, affiliate links and other kinds of advertising for a profit.

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75W Vaporesso TARGET Pro VTC - Starter Kit + 18650 Battery

Firmware Up-gradable with Customized Configuration Top Fill.
Vaporesso Target Pro VTC Kit Features Upgradable Firmware. Powered by one single 18650 battery, it can support a max output of 75w.
Find More Electronic Cigarette Kits Information about Original E cigarette Ceramic cCELL Coil Up gradable Firmware Vaporesso Target Pro 75w VTC Full Kit.
The Vaporesso Target Pro 75W VTC Starter Kit features a redesigned internal. of 5 to 75W with firmware upgrades that enables customized configurations.
Vaporesso Target Pro Mod features: Material: Stainless s.. Vaporesso Target Pro 75W Kit (TC) - Upgradeable - Black. Micro-USB port for charging and upgrading the firmware... Tags: vaporesso, target pro, vtc, 75w, box, mod, vw, variabel, watt, temperature control, temperatur kontrol, temp control, temp.

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Vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка The Vaporesso Target Pro 75W VTC Starter Kit features a redesigned internal. of 5 to 75W with firmware upgrades that enables customized configurations.
Vaporesso target 75w vtc kit прошивка Find More Electronic Cigarette Kits Information about Original E cigarette Ceramic cCELL Coil Up gradable Firmware Vaporesso Target Pro 75w VTC Full Kit.


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