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This version features sub-ohm resistance reading capability down to 0.
Suited to top out at a whopping 50 watts or 10 volts depending on which setting you're vaping onthe iStick 50W gives out sufficient subtank mini eleaf 50w />With all the power that this device is capable of you also have a 4400mAh battery cell that will be more than long enough to keep you vaping for the day, maybe even two.
The 510 contact pin is spring loaded so all of your atomizers sit nice and flush.
With a nice rounded design the 50W fits very well in the palm of your hand, no more subtank mini eleaf 50w edges to give an awkward grasp.
Check out the rest of the iStick line!
IMPORTANT: Use caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled.
Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, нажмите чтобы узнать больше and assembly before use.
Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface.
Never leave charging batteries unattended.
You are responsible to have a basic Knowledge of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.
Please, or Customer Reviews Joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор by Captain Dee Price Loving this battery.
The vaping power it puts out is amazing subtank mini eleaf 50w the price cannot be beat.
I tell everyone looking for a new product and wanting to get a great throat hit.
I'm starting to have problems with the button, but it's worked well for the most part.
For the price, subtank mini eleaf 50w especially the vapenw price, it's definitely a great a deal.
It has been less than a year and the battery will no longer charge.
If I plug it in the battery just flashes and doesn't show that it is charging.
Tried multiple cables, multiple outlets and computer plugging the USB into all of them.
Price was great, but didn't expect it to crash out within a year of using it.
To be honest, it did what what I wanted it to for the months I had it though.
Would recommend a different mod with a longer lifespan though.
Finally just completely failed.
This 50w still works but will randomly shut off, sometimes on its own or when I'm subtank mini eleaf 50w the button while vaping.
It doesn't matter how much subtank mini eleaf 50w a charge is on it.
The last istick I bought the button wouldn't come back out, you could still push it and vape but sometimes it wouldn't register that you were pushing the button.
On this one, the button seems to work fine but sometimes the screen will go dark and you have to push the button over and over again for it to kick on and start working.
Sometimes while I'm pushing the button it will start the seconds counting over numerous times on one push.
Overall, its just a finicky and relatively unreliable piece of vaping equipment and wouldn't buy another one.
I've never dropped either of them and don't bash the buttons, just use them pretty often.
Its kind of a piece of crap.
The main buttons lifespan isn't the subtank mini eleaf 50w especially if you care to turn the device off and having to press 5 times each time.
So let's subtank mini eleaf 50w say about 10 times each.
These aren't German tanks by any comparison.
I bought another one, in going to invest in a silicone case this time.
I upgrade from the cool fire IV and am loving the new experience.
Only thing is cool and heat.
Seems to stay at a hot vape.
I do like it a lot!
Works well with most tanks, and all drip tips!
I've owned mine for about 2 months.
Wish I would have gotten the 100w version I'm quickly turning into a cloud chaser.
So I'm gonna be upgrading subtank mini eleaf 50w then later to either the 100w istick, or 150w box of some type my fav.
With that subtank mini eleaf 50w I would recommend this product to anyone who has been vaping for a while and knows they subtank mini eleaf 50w want a 100+ watt box or for a starter model for people new to vaping.
It's regulated so its safe and no worries of it blowing up in your face and you will get pretty sick clouds, but as far as clouds go there are better mods out there.
I'd give it a 9.
Charging has never been an issue though.
It goes subtank mini eleaf 50w 2 to 4 days before I need to charge it.
And I vape a lot.
But it subtank mini eleaf 50w works great.
I've had it for about a year now, I got it from this website.
It creates amazing clouds with the dark horse.
I also have the Arctic tank by horizon which gives even better flavor to it.
I'm a constant vapor and when fully charged it'll last about 2-3 days joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор a charge.
It has only shut off on me when I use the dark horse but I believe that's because of the coils, I've never had the issue of it shutting off when using the Arctic tank.
Definitely my favorite out of all of my mods.
I've had it for about 6 months and she's still holding up.
I don't know if it's the fire button that sticks.
First vape I bought and helped me quit smoking cigs.
Works very well joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор to 50 watts.
Rechargeable, battery lasted me a day easily with moderate use.
Never had problems with the buttons sticking, everything worked as described.
This is outdated now though and you can get the 100w Istick for roughly the same price.
It's great for subtank mini eleaf 50w price and does it's job extremely well.
The only thing I've noticed is that around the 6 month mark they quit out on me.
This could be user error or simply bad luck but if you know how to take them apart it's very easy to get the connections back into place and get them working again.
It shuts itself off - locking itself with out pressing the button 5 times and it keeps loosing the setting.
I want to order a second one as a back-up, but they are out-of-stock.
I will order one if they are able to sell original joyetech evic mini stock.
This is a versatile smoke and I'm very happy with it.
I have had an iStick for months and love it.
No issues and I only have to charge it about twice a week.
Hers is working well so far.
Have had it going on 6 months and still works like the day I received it.
I will only order my products from Vapenw.
I was going to buy another 30w, but VapeNW stopped carrying them.
I will buy another 50w from here in the near future.
I have no qualms buying from VapeNW.
I have purchased many products and all of them have been delivered quickly, and arrived in good condition.
Just like anything you have to take care of it.
Excellent customer service and got it subtank mini eleaf 50w three days and I'm in Florida.
Five months in and now it's auto firing due to a bad switch.
Haven't had any leaks and the worse abuse it's seen has been riding in my breast pocket.
Obviously outside the 30 day return and eleaf's ridiculous 90 day "warranty".
Considering subtank mini eleaf 50w price point and subtank mini eleaf 50w resonable expectations of the standard user, it's a complete waste of money.
The form and feature set are great, but the build quality is a joke.
I will not be buying eleaf again.
I have 20 watt and 2-30 watts which I mostly used.
All the same rules apply with this product as all other box mods.
Never EVER run your coil dry, also when refilling if you use a tank hold the unit UPSIDE DOWN when removing the tank to avoid leaking into the button.
For the price of this unit, you can not beat it.
It works great and is very reliable as long as you treat it with care.
My brother has had one for a few months and thats what got me to buy the unit.
Ive now had it myself for a month joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор far, and neither my brother or subtank mini eleaf 50w has had an issue.
I also got a kanger subtank nano with this product and i must say, i am extremely pleased with the kanger product as well.
The coil still works like new, still retains great flavor and a perfect puff every time ON THE ORIGINAL COIL which is A MONTH OLD!
Ive never had a coil subtank mini eleaf 50w this long.
The vape shop won't do anything because it's outside of 30 days and eleaf could care less.
Such a waste of money.
I will never buy an eleaf product again.
Just putting it out there subtank mini eleaf 50w I don't think it's a vapenw issue.
I've bought a lot of stuff from them and had no problems.
I have multiple units that have never had an issue and this was my first from an online company and will be my last unless something is done about it.
I have emailed them twice in last couple days so will see if it gets me anywhere.
The istick it's self works subtank mini eleaf 50w />I purchased one from here and one from another site.
I've never had any issues with the one purchased from the other site.
The one from here started acting up within a month of owning it.
It would be fully charged, suddenly say low battery.
It would fire a few times than shut off completely.
I only had that issue with the one I purchased here.
VapeNW was good with their customer service and offered to exchange it, but oddly enough after a few days it started working fine again and it's now been several months with no subtank mini eleaf 50w />It does what its supposed to: its simple, rechargeable, and mix of decent battery life and decent power output.
I'd recommend the silicone case for it, as they do take Roeben kanger subtank mini белый Many scratches pretty easy.
Some people do not know how to take care of their devicesistick 50 is a great device, I just ordered 2 istick100 watt,can't wait to get them.
After ALL that it works okay, I feel as though I should have some form subtank mini eleaf 50w compensation, even though I won't get it.
In the long run the unit works great, had it for about a month, no issues.
If Subtank mini eleaf 50w buy here again I will have to be more careful on what it is I order.
Works great and looks sharp.
Delivers hit after hit.
I've shared your site with all my vaping friends.
I use an rda and any time I had leaks or spills the juice would go into the button.
This caused several auto firing issues which I dealt with.
I actually opened it up and cleaned it out several times.
I used this for almost 3 months until it officially died.
I can get it to turn on and work but only when plugged in to the usb, when I unplug it.
Vape NW's price on this mod though is unbeatable.
And it works really well until you get juice in the button or until it just dies.
The value isnt subtank mini eleaf 50w, what you get for the money is pretty good.
You just have to be subtank mini eleaf 50w careful with spills and such.
I almost bought this again actually just because of the price and value.
It's 4400mah, the battery life is subtank mini eleaf 50w good.
I really loved this mod until it started giving me all sorts of problems.
I wouldn't say not to buy it, the price is pretty unbeatable.
I also own the 30watt by them and that one is still going strong.
Maybe my RDA was just too messy for it.
Ive gone through two units from vapenw.
They have a pretty bad track record when it comes to these units.
Eleaf probably sold their defective units to them and thats why they offer the lowest price on the subtank mini eleaf 50w />Low power errors, overheating issues, just a bad product all around.
Vapenw and Eleaf do not provide any support outside of 30 days.
I will tell every single person to stay far far away from both vapenw and eleaf.
Worked for 2 weeks, now every other hit is a dry hit because it says low battery even when fully charged.
I'm going back to the mvp I taste.
That one at least lasted me a year.
This one only 2 weeks.
Don't buy this product.
You get what you pay for, and with this one you pay less and get junk.
I don't have to subtank mini eleaf 50w it but every 2 to 3 days depending on usage.
Can't wait until the 100w comes out.
Yesterday it joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор acting up like other people's by shutting off and not turning back on until it's plugged in and then works for a few puffs and then turns off again.
If I could cancel the one that's on it's way to me I would but it's too late.
Don't buy this mod!
Started with vape button - not stuck but the istick would fire for 10 seconds and then auto stop - not happy but started the search for answers.
Quickly progressed to full autofire - fire for 10 seconds, chip cuts it off AND THEN IT REPEATS THIS PROCESS FOREVER!
Woke up one night at 2am to the smell of burning vape and found subtank mini eleaf 50w thing had burned all the eliquid and was essentially frying the coil.
The entire unit was scorching.
Upped the warranty calls with little to no success.
It's now progressed to it won't power off, can't see any atomizer - HONESTLY its just a poor quality item.
I didn't expect the moon -BUT- I subtank mini eleaf 50w expect a reliable unit and this has been anything but.
Look elsewhere and read more of the reviews I wish I had.
So I am starting to think it is the website vapeNW.
I looked on the website to see what else is supposed to be in there and mostly its just the usb cable.
It all just seems quite fishy.
Also It took 2 weeks for it to arrive.
Not sure if it delivers else where but I live in the states.
This is only the 2nd day of having it and so far i have been enjoying it.
Using the "ijust2" atomizer because it is from the same company.
So if I were you reading this review buy the mod just not through vapeNW.
The one I got my wife at the local shop has been working fine for about subtank mini eleaf 50w month and still going.
The weird thing is that the timer starts when you hit the button and everything.
It just broke out of nowhere.
Then randomly one day half of my screen went completely black.
A couple of days later it was totally out.
So now my device is useless.
For the price of a few packs of cigs and having nothing but the empty packs and shit in my lungs I can feel good about retireing this I stick and buying a new one.
Lets face it devices and there batteries don't last forever so be happy you prob.
Saved a few hundred dollars on cigs with the working life of this mod.
I've had my Vape for about 2-3 weeks and haven't had a problem.
It's set at 20.
I previously had a 20w istick and it died.
I wanted something that would blow out big clouds of smoke.
Plus, I'm trying to quit smoking and I know it's ridiculous, but I get a kick out of the cloud.
I'm down from 18mg to 3mg.
Trying to get to 0mg.
It's sad some people are having issues, but I love my mod and tank combo.
I told the shipping manager about it via e-mail to make sure I was well within the 30 day return policy so I could subtank mini eleaf 50w least get a proper one shipped out and apparently it is now void.
Josh, you're had joyetech evic мес mini аксессуары try yourself wrong by this one.
I bought this terrible excuse for a vape 4 months ago.
It has recently stopped working all together telling me low battery after being fully charged.
This vape is riddled with issues that range from saying no battery, Randomly turning off and not being able to be turned back on.
And even catching on fire!
Stay away from this its not worth your money.
Of the 5 people I know who have purchased this mod at some point myself included4 of us have had problems with auto firing.
It kept on making some chirping noise and gave me a power low error.
I am starting to think eleaf sold all the lemon units читать больше vapenw at a dirt cheap price and thats why they had the one of lowest prices on the net.
The boxes were beat up and didnt look up to oem standards and didnt come with a charger.
I will go elsewhere for my vaping needs.
Listen to your customers when they tell you at an subtank mini eleaf 50w rate that something is breaking down a f-in lot.
Says low power even when charged then just shuts off.
Have to plug it in to get it back on but still now subtank mini eleaf 50w right.
Apparently some are ok but you're probably better off buying the evic VT or a kanger box.
I checked if they were authentic and they were.
Its been working good so far and I cant wait to get new tanks to push this box mod to different heights.
It is an amazing authentic product and i would recommend it it to new vapors wanting to move up.
Then out of nowhere, it starts giving me the "power low" message, even when it's fully charged.
It happened intermittently for about half the day, and then turned to complete crap.
It would make a weird squeaking sound.
Even when I plugged it in, it would still pop up with the low power message battery read full charge.
And if you have a problem with them.
Well, Ive gotten two Isticks, The first one the button was not working and it was firing funny.
And Last night my second Istick blew up on the charger.
Just remember that any device can act up and do funny stuff.
I'm safe thankfully but what if i would have been using it on the charger?
I'm not mad, I just want to tell everyone to be safe with their devices and always be cautious.
Haven't sropped it once.
The butting just stopped firing and won't start again I have it fully charged and full of juice so idiot think there's much else Subtank mini eleaf 50w can do.
Worked well for about 3 then the button started to stick and was at times, finicky to even get to fire.
Over the following couple of weeks I noticed that it subtank mini eleaf 50w start to fire on its own.
This morning, it won't fire at all and looks like it is toast.
ссылка at the user forums for this mod it appears that many are having similar issues.
Took excellent care of it and never dropped it.
Looks like I'm out of luck.
Would be nice product if this wasn't the case.
I've heard similar reviews about isticks.
We subtank mini eleaf 50w absolutely love them!
Comfortable to hold, easy to use, no fuss about changing batteries.
Aside from the holiday this week, our order got here fast!
I ordered Friday morning and they got here Wednesday.
This is great for my husband to use at work.
Fits in his pocket with a Kanger Subtank Nano and he doesn't have to fuss joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор anything.
I like being able to use my RDAs with it, and the battery life is great so far!
Then it started displaying low power even when fully charged.
It wouldn't vape and would sometimes shut off and not joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор on until plugged in.
Immediately after plugging in it would read full charge until I pressed the fire button.
It is pretty much useless now.
I'm not sure, I emailed vapenw about the subtank mini eleaf 50w and am waiting for reply.
Used a lot of modsover three years and this one takes the cake.
I was using a mechanical mod with an rda which worked great just too much work to refill fluid and take the 18650 batteries out to charge.
Got this mod and joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор kangertech subtank mini, and I couldn't be happier.
The clouds are great, I can still use my rda when I want to make really big clouds.
I can vape all day at work or while driving without having to stop and re-drip the juice.
As other people mentioned the resistance reads by 0.
My rda is 0.
The battery life is amazing compared to the Sony 18650s I was using in my mech mod.
It lasts 2-4 days of vaping depending how much I vape.
This is totally worth every penny.
I highly recommend this with a subtank to anyone who wants a simple, easy to use, high performance battery.
The spring loaded pin is genious!
It makes any atty or tank fit flush.
My old mech mod always had a gap there and bugged me.
It uses the same charger as my cell phone which makes it so much more convenient than having to remove the batteries to charge.
Great service and super fast shipping from vapenw!
Everyone should own one of these batteries!!!!!
Stop reading reviews and just buy one!
I wish they had the support wraps when I purchased this.
I recommend this device all day but You either need to be very careful or buy the cover for it.
Works like a champ and wish mine never broke.
VapeNw had it to me fast as usual and I know its my fault I dropped it So hopefully people will beware of dropping this sweet device, You dont wanna end up assed out like me.
Under regular use after 3 months the button started sticking and it would start firing off on its own without me holding it.
And it also turns on and off when it pleases.
Just ordered the smok tech 80w box and hopefully this will be a little bit better.
And it is just amazing I'm vaping it at 20 watts and I get plumes of vapor.
Great mod vapenw is my subtank mini eleaf 50w to for all my hardware great customer service and the best prices online period.
I was a 2-pack a day smoker, now, Ive only smoke about 10 cigs in the last week since I've had this.
This has already paid for itself!!
Vape NW has the best prices i've seen on anything!
As long as they stay competitive with their pricing, they will be huge!
More than enough power for my liking.
The button does rattle a little but seams to work find, time will tell.
VapeNW subtank mini eleaf 50w a dream to deal with Thanks again.
Constantly displaying Temp Protection.
Device was replaced in a very swift manner.
Kenzo is the man.
Will be placing next order VERY soon.
This, however is the perfect size.
All 22mm atties sit flush with the edges, and the device itself is about as tall as a SMPL mod which is small.
I can easily fit this little guy in my pocket with a subtank mini eleaf 50w attached and not have to worry about it obnoxiously bulging from my pant pocket.
Performancewise, it does the job.
Sometimes I wish the wattage limit subtank mini eleaf 50w a little higher so that my 0.
If you're looking for a sleek, powerful battery that will compliment any tank, rebuildable or not, then consider getting the iStick 50W.
It hasn't let me down and I've owned it for about two months.
Everything went smooth VERY FAST SHIPPING great product.
No issues with product REAL DEAL not a нажмите сюда i had it subtank mini eleaf 50w out if u buy from them u will be satisfied.
I have been vapin on one for a week now.
And now i have my own comming great product, feel, weight comparability.
To other products is like no other vapor production paired.
With joytech delta 2 awesome.
Or atlantis or kanger sub oam tanks cannot go wrong to all who titans joyetech evic vtwo mini 75w купить украина great looking for a great P.
Nice and small and has great battery life.
Excellent customer service too.
First battery was a little sketchy.
Contacted vapenw and they said they would exchange it.
I ordered 2 for the price on vapenw.
Plus a Atlantis tank.
Fast shipping and authentic products.
Will order from you again!!!!!!
I ordered 2 for the price on vapenw.
Plus a Atlantis tank.
Fast shipping and authentic products.
Will order from you again!!!!!!
I have used it every day and it has had No Issues.
I use it with a Kanger SUBTANK Mini 0.
This combo lasts 2 - 3 days refilling the tank once Great product.
I have made the joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор go "bye-bye" when using subtank mini eleaf 50w RDA and I accidentally shorted the posts Removing the cap of the metal RDA hitting the posts Apparently shorting the posts while the display was on caused it to cut off completely.
Had to plug the USB cable in for a second and it came back to life and works fine.
I-stick tank subtank mini eleaf 50w perfect size for a woman's or smaller hand.
Love everything about it.
I have had it for 2 months using it everyday.
I have seen a few things when you have a sub ohm RDA the battery life is good as expected great with standard tanks.
The screen has started to develop black lines ,it is not a problem yet.
All and all it is a great mod for the money.
I would buy another from NW.
I bought the 30w and then the 50w.
My only complaint about the 30w is the battery life wouldn't last me through the day.
Definitely worth the extra money for the 50w.
Navigation is easy no button rattle.
The USB port is in the right place.
The only negative is it reads the resistance off by.
I'm vaping with the Atlantis v2 with the.
No big deal but it is there.
Everything Welsh is amazing I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a 50 Watt mod for a great price.
Great for the money, but if you chain Vape your gonna need two.
I have another subtank mini eleaf 50w coming so I can never worry about battery life becoming an issue.
Quality is five stars and this box is perfect for most subtanks on the market today.
Battery will last about 3 hours of continuous chain vaping at 28Watts.
When i started, use to last over a week without charging, but i was vaping at 16Watts for about 30mins a day.
Awesome box mod for the money.
I will buy again.
Then a little over a month later it just quits working off and on and I can't tell what it says with only half a screen.
I have the 30W and have had no problems with it.
Vapenw is a good company though and they have really fast shipping.
The battery apparently overheated until it burst out in flames and sparks.
One of the scariest ways to have to wake up in the morning, EVER!
I don't know if i got a defective model or not, it was acting funny the day before, with the oms going up and down.
I tightened everything well and i thought it was solved.
But then the fire happened.
Do note that this is a real possibility and do not leave you Istick 50w unattended.
I do want to give kudos to Vapenw.
Which is working find so far, but the fire did leave me very worried of it happening again, specially subtank mini eleaf 50w there are so many other reports of this happening.
Paired it with a sub ohm melo tank.
It consistently delivers a huge hit with great mouth feel.
The melo combo is really what does it and makes it comparable to any high watt mod.
I compared this setup to a nautilus, 150W battery pack in store and couldn't even notice any upsides to the 150W, it also cost 120 bucks compared to the 65 I paid for my istick 50W.
Overall great buy and perfect mod for beginners and seasoned vapors alike.
I use the istick when I drive to work and home every day that being said I use this istick everyday and battery lasts me 5-6days before charging.
Thank You for this.
Great build quality, great value, great options and great performance.
Thanks Vape NW, all in all a wonderful shopping experience.
I could have done without the 10 days it took the package to get 150 miles, but hey - why NOT ship from Seattle to LA and then back to Vancouver.
I'm vaping with it before lunchtime on Wednesday in North Carolina.
It came fully charged, just as described with the battery only.
I ordered it solely to get more battery life between charges.
I subtank mini eleaf 50w use the Aspire Atlantis, so it's just an upgrade to my 30w istick.
Paired with the 5ml tank upgrade, the 50w istick is so convenient, in terms of time between refilling and charging, that it may be the first and last setup a vaper subtank mini eleaf 50w />The lower prices got my attention.
I can vape for days without having to charge and when I do need to charge, I can still vape away without skipping a beat.
The built resistance meter is nice for building coils.
The OLED display is nice but the unit I received has a display slightly off centered.
After a few days of use, the screen centered itself a bit more.
I'm not really worried about it though.
It hasn't affected the performance at all.
I've read they're hit or miss with subtank mini eleaf 50w boxes.
My buddy ordered one the same time as me and his is fine.
I mainly use this box with my Kangertech Subtank Mini and switch between the OCC and RBA often running 0.
Mine is silver and gets scratched and scuffed pretty easily in my pockets especially with my car keys so I try to keep it in a separate pocket.
A vinyl skin or some sort of case is probably a good idea.
I really love this combo and the look is just right I think it's a great investment.
I take it to work and the battery lasts for about a good three days before I charge it.
Mind you that I have it set on 25 watts.
But I love my istick i was thinking of going with the 30w as well since its cheap on vapenw.
I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loving the sub ohm capabilities of this mod.
I stress, if you're getting subtank mini eleaf 50w vaping for the first time this may deliver too large a hit for you.
Happily any of the positive ohm tanks will still fire in low wattage mode, delivering smooth, flavorful, hooka like vapor.
This site happened to be the only one that had these in stock, and they had the lowest price.
I recommend pairing this with any Kanger subtank, the Joytech Delta 2, or the Aspire Atlantis 2.
It also fires RDA builds like the Tugboat.
The size of the unit subtank mini eleaf 50w tiny, only 22mm wide and 3 or 4 inches tall.
Mine however has a slightly defective fire button that does not always make contact.
I wish product testing would have been a bit higher on that end.
Fires up right away with no issues and works great subtank mini eleaf 50w a different atomizer.
Charging is super easy with a micro usb cord regular android phone cord and the battery life lasts for days!
Overall it was a good purchase and it is much smaller then my ipv3 I carry around, its nice to have a smaller mod in my pocket when out нажмите чтобы прочитать больше about.
The controls are easy to adjust and is intuitive, up and down arrows for adjustment of watts.
If you are coming from a high powered box mod ipv3 or DNA you may be disappointed with what it can do, for someone that is upgrading from a mech mod or EGO style battery you will probably be happy with the additional options you have with the wattage control.
The battery life and the power it gives for 50 watts is great!
It's working great with my arctic tank with the.
It's so reliable, I subtank mini eleaf 50w even bought a backup.
HUGE battery, great build, discreet yet powerful.
What's best is the price.
I feel like I bought a Mercedes for the price of a Honda!
USPS messed up on time and what not.
I got it paired with Aspire Atlantis.
Vapenw, you all are awesome!!!!
USPS messed up on time and what not.
I got it paired with Aspire Atlantis.
Vapenw, you all are awesome!!!!
I paired it with a Kanger subtank mini, and it makes a great combo, untainted flavor, and mounds of vapor.
Vape NW is awesome--unbelievably fast on subtank mini eleaf 50w shipping and delivery.
VapeNW I'm ordering more stuff from ya'll right now!
First of all i'd like to thank VAPENW.
USPS screwed up on the timing, but oh well.
I've had the for a week now before deciding to write a review.
The battery power is awesome!
I vape a lot and would always had to be worried about the battery running low and had to charge it every night.
With this Mini Istick 50W i didn't have to charge it for 4 days!
The vape it produce is good enough for me because i do subtank mini eleaf 50w lot of travelling and don't have the time for charging.
The battery it self is awesome, fully charged right out of the box.
My subtank has a little over hang I wish it was flared like the 30 was but once again not a deal breaker.
I haven't gotten down to.
I am using it with an Aspire Nautilus at 12.
I have let some people at work test it out and one guy bought one.
His wife tried it and he had to order a second one for her.
Another guy ordered his today.
One lady wanted something a little smaller and I pointed her to the 30w model and a Nautilus Mini.
I know she will be happy with that set up.
I was using a Kangertech EVOD Mega and it is ok, but I was not happy with what I was getting.
The iStick 50w and the Nautilus is perfect for me.
I could not be more pleased.
The folks at VapeNW got my items shipped out quickly and I can happily say that I am smoke free and a walking fog bank.
An extremely wide range of vaping, whether you want to have a casual vape then a few seconds later want to chuck some clouds.
The price is also great.
This mod is definitely an all around great built mod.
Smooth and fits perfect in my subtank mini eleaf 50w />It was fully charged, and ready to go.
I can't speak for durability yet because I just got it.
But, I love it so far.
It is compact and powerful.
I don't even do the sub ohm vaping yet, but I won't need to buy a new device продолжить Subtank mini eleaf 50w do.
It only took me a few minutes to figure out how subtank mini eleaf 50w operate all the features, and Joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор love that the charger slot is on the side.
Very impressed, and at this stage, don't really see the need for anything else to satisfy my vaping needs.
I highly recommend it!
I was so excited upgrading from my old iStick 20w with Aspire Nautilus Mini.
Everything is working perfectly.
The blue is subtank mini eleaf 50w />I also have it in majenta color.
Next will be the silver.
I just love this little device.
Thanks for the quality products and quick shipping Vapenw.
It also has a lock capability by holding both buttons down at the same time.
Best decision I made.
I went 5 days before I had to charge it.
I know this varies person to person.
My LVS is selling this for 80 bucks, crazy.
I know where I'm coming for my vape supplies from now on.
So far I'm loving the 50 watts this thing puts out.
I paired it with the Aspire Atlantis and it has opened up a whole new world of vaping.
The flavor and vapor subtank mini eleaf 50w combo produces is awesome!!
If you are on the fence, get off and buy it.
It came in just 2 days and it came fully charged and ready to go!
Major clouds and not hot.
Battery capacity it unreal!
I have been subbing for a while with an 18650 mech with a really good Subtank mini eleaf 50w and liking it.
I wanted to get a regulated box so the hit is the same no matter the battery level.
This is a really nice box that does it all!
Normal ohm, sub ohm, etc.
Not sure how long the battery would last until it needs charged as I use it with sub ohm from the time I get up until I put it on and как пользоваться электронной сигаретой evic vtc mini it's and hit the bed.
I gave it 5 stars on quality because it does seem solid and well built.
My first order from VapeNW, everything went great and the product arrived very quickly!
Another great vendor to deal with!
I absolutely love it, vaped four days before charging, definitely recommend this to anyone that doesn't like charging very often.
However, in less than 24 hours It's went from working perfectly to low power errors on every tank and shuts off randomly even when the battery is fully charged.
It's extremely frustrating and I sent an email.
I hope I can do a simple exchange.
Don't hesitate, buy 2 of them!!
Paired with an Atlantis and I'm loving it.
Only problem I have subtank mini eleaf 50w two days after I ordered this product it was marked down 10.
Pu rchase this n 5ml upgrade tank for the atlantis and joyetech cuboid mini 80w kit обзор ejuice vader.
I'm definitely ordering more vader!
I'm like a kid in a candy store now!
Wow that ejuice will be gone today.
Thanks so much, this company is amazing.
Feels good in hands and works great.
Thanks vapenw for fast subtank mini eleaf 50w and great prices!
I ended up with an issue with my beautiful iStick and can't believe how FAST these great folks addressed and solved my problem.
And I do mean FAST!
So I have nothing but really good things to say of course about the iStick but especially about the people here that really care about their customers and that means a whole lot to me.
Many thanks to you, Vape NW!
I highly recommend this Vendor!
Crazy fast shipping, I would recommend vapenw to anyone, keep up the good work guys!
I'm getting two full days vaping at 30w before I need to charge it.
Bang for the buck this is a great setup.
I'm pressed with the quality of this mod and also I got the Kanger Subtank mini to go with it.
I really recommend this product to anyone.
Great price and well worth it as well!
Device works like a charm!
There is a slight delay from button-push to getting full power, that people who come from mechanical mods will notice in a heartbeat.
Me, I don't mind.
Eleaf's website validated the authenticity of my device and VapeNW shipped it very quickly.
I use rda's and Atlantis with mine.
It does have a protection type Function that's not mentioned.
If it shorts for any reason.
Mine did because screws loosened on my rda.
I had a small читать with my 50w which I do love!
You guys are awesome and I definitely spread the word of my pleasures in doing business with you.
Btw, I never leave reviews for pretty much anything just thought this needed to be said.
I have the melo which I also ordered from here and the kanger sub mini that I'm using with it and both set ups are a dream!
There's noticeably more weight to the 50 but in a good way.
I have small hands and it feels perfectly comfortable.
I actually ordered another from a different site because it was the full kit---so, between the two, I'll probably only have to charge every three or four days-- which will be so nice-- I have nothing against egos or my provari, but switching our 18350's or always wondering if Subtank mini eleaf 50w have enough battery life can get annoying.
This 4400 is a dream for "keep it simple" people like me : Lightning fast shipping from vapeNW!
I will definitely spread good words about you and order from смотрите подробнее again!
I'm waiting for vapenw to email me back to exchange.
Not only have I had a great experience with Eleaf in general, Vape NW has been great as well.
All products have been confirmed as genuine and my items have shipped correctly and most importantly, quickly.
I have had the 50W for 2 days now and I нажмите чтобы узнать больше not be happier.
Customer service is top notch.
I had an issue and it was immediately resolved.
The istick is amazing as I knew it would be.
So I went with the silver50w and so far; No visible prints on the bass of he body!
I am so glad I went with the silver.
The istick came fully charged and I received it yesterday afternoon, vaping 20w with a.
Its a beauty, and No joke so far My favorite unit!!!
This is a surprisingly small mod for being what it is, 4400mah that goes to 50W.
I have had a small issue with it.
First time I put an RDA on it and fired it the battery went from full charge to flashing and needing a charge.
The RDA was only at.
Besides the issue I had with it, the last couple of days it's been fine.
It's a nice little mod and for the price you can't beat it.
Hopefully the issue I had was a fluke.
I received my istick 50 today with the kanger subtank mini.
I am in love with the istick.
It subtank mini eleaf 50w well built and feels great in my hand.
I couldn't be happier I thought.
This little guy blows the ipv v2 out the water.
I will definitely order from this site again.
Thank you very much you have gained a loyal customer.
It arrived in perfect condition with a full charged battery.
I could not be happier.
I would recommend anyone to order from vapenw.
Can't wait to use my istick 50w!
You are truly my new online stop subtank mini eleaf 50w all vape needs.
But why no extras for the istick 50 with the preorder USB adapter etc.
No button rattle on mine but I know others have that issue with theirs.
Now I just have to get used to building higher ohm coils.
There are very minor manufacturing scratches around the screws.
Other than that, I couldn't be more pleased with the devices.
Have a black with the subtank mini and the blue with the melo.
Talk about SPEEDY delivery!
Everything came in one piece and was good to go!
It's a vapor's DREAM.
It's compact, powerful, and with a great weight.
This kangertech kanger mini starter kit 75 w was designed for maximum enjoyment.
This site is subtank mini eleaf 50w I previously only ordered from Mt.
Baker Vapor but no subtank mini eleaf 50w :P and this box is legit.
Does that usually take a long time?
I forgot to take the order after I paid so now I don't have a way of tracking my order.
Now to the Istick.
Nothing short of amazing!
I love this little device!
Need I say more!
This thing vapes freaking great I have a Nautilus Mini that's perfect at 12w and the Atlantis at 40w.
I am recommending this to everyone I know LOL!
I got the pre-order so I don't know if the regular ones are any different but packaging was nice, it came with a little instructions guide and the battery that's it no charging cable or anything.
It does use micro usb so unless you have been under a rock for the last 10+ years that shouldn't make a difference at all.
All around super satisfied, great product and VapeNW I tell everyone about you guys your doing good things here!
Ya buddy, she's finally here!
It only took 2 days to ship all the way down to Atlanta, GA!
Opened up my package of goodies and wow was I shocked when I saw this little thing.
I've seen pictures and reviews on YouTube about this mod and looked to be pretty compact, but man is it different when you finally get one in your hands!
It's a lot more compact then I thought!
I've been using it for a few hours now and man this is extremely well made.
All the features work better then expected and this little beast can throw some clouds.
Definitely looks and feels subtank mini eleaf 50w a high quality product for sure.
Has a nice weight and feel to it, and fits perfectly in my hand.
Haven't had a problem with any of my tanks or builds, fires like a champ.
Battery was full when I received it and have went through 3 tanks on my Atlantis on 35 watts and the battery indicator has not gone down at all!
This was my first time ordering from VapeNW and they just got a customer for life!
Hands down best prices and fast shipping!
Keep it up VapeNW.
Then the iStick 50W and the Atlantis tank came in today.
What took me so long to try sub-ohm, it is subtank mini eleaf 50w />I like the feel of the 50W in my hand compared to the 20W, it fits much better and does not subtank mini eleaf 50w as if it is going to slip out of my hand.
I set the device up at 25W and hit that Atlantis and was impressed, then I played with the adjustable air settings and was a walking fog machine.
Nobody Quality Istick 50w and subtank mini arrived today.
Never used anything but cheap evod clone tanks and ego style batteries before.
This set up is incredible!
The flavor is so much more defined and tasty.
Been running the 1.
Plenty of vapor production, been using it for 3 hours and battery is still showing full charge.
The weight makes it feel nice and sturdy, I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again vapenw, you've made a hillbilly in West Virginia very happy!
Amazingly fast shipping, VapeNW are the bees-knees!
The box it comes in has an authentication sticker and it's legit for anyone who cares or was wondering.
That said, I have been using it all day and haven't had any issues.
This battery is amazing and I haven't charged it once it came fully charged out of the boxthe capacity on it is outstanding and I feel like Subtank mini eleaf 50w can probably chain-vape it all day without the battery dying.
I've been keeping it set close to 30w-35w on my Atlantis and this thing is amazing.
The firing button on the side, like some of it's predecessors, has a subtank mini eleaf 50w amount of rattling and noise, but it seems to be solid and no mechanical issues to the device.
Truly my only disappointment is it didn't come with a USB cable, as you will need your own.
For it's price and I would absolutely recommend this battery to anyone new to vaping, or as a gift to someone looking to upgrade from the old 20w to a new 50w.
Packaging for the unit itself wasn't great, but hey, its more expensive now than what I paired preorder.
Very fast shipping, took 3 days to illinois.
Very pleased with this website.
Fits great in hand and im so excited about the 4400mah battery.
I got subtank mini eleaf 50w with the Atlantis and it just looks soooo sexy!
It came fully charged, the LCD Flips for leftys, it delivers great power for its price, the build quality is great, not so sure about mounting my iclear 30 right to the metal though, which came smudged with hand oil from the factory but whatever.
All in all this is a great hand held vape mod for anyone who wants more power and sub-ohming in a safe and affordable way.
Ya buddy, she's finally here!
It only took 2 days to ship all the way down to Atlanta, GA!
Opened up my package of goodies and wow was I shocked when I saw this little thing.
I've seen pictures and reviews on YouTube about this mod and looked to be pretty compact, but man is it different when you finally get one in your hands!
It's a lot more compact then I thought!
I've been using it for a few hours now and man this is extremely well made.
All the features work better then subtank mini eleaf 50w and this little beast can throw some clouds.
Definitely looks and feels like a high quality product for sure.
Has a nice weight and feel to it, and fits perfectly in my hand.
Haven't had a problem with any of my tanks or builds, fires like a champ.
This was my first time ordering from VapeNW and they just got a customer for life!
Hands down best prices and fast shipping!
Keep it up VapeNW.
I would buy it again.
Once again a fast delivery and great product from vapenw!
Shipping is fast as hell and I already know I'm gonna love this product!
ISmoka has done it again, good stuff!
Here come the clouds!
Nobody Quality Great picture.
I placed a order for a gray istick 50w and a subtank mini and you have a gray subtank mini eleaf 50w watt with the subtank mini on it in the picture, cool coincidence!
Just waiting on my email for shipping conformation.
Thanks vapenw for the updates and keeping us informed.
Looking forward to fogging up the house in the near future.
I have been nothing but pleased with VapeNW!
Not a chance I will be ordering from anywhere else!
Just got the shipping email and tracking number.
I know vapenw subtank mini eleaf 50w quick shipping, so it won't be long now!
I'm starting to see other websites getting them in for about the same price.
My mother, brother, daughter best subtank mini eleaf 50w and I subtank mini eleaf 50w made the switch to vaping!!
Gonna skip the 30's and ordered subtank mini eleaf 50w 50's, a black and a subtank mini eleaf 50w />Biggest battery in the smallest size available?
All the thanks in the world subtank mini eleaf 50w Eleaf, this thing deserves 6 stars.
Understand that this isn't the IPV3, it's a deal, and the best damn deal I've ever seen!
The emails do tend to go there.
When I ordered it was feb 2.
I hope these are shipped soon have больше информации looking forward to the new Mod.
I'm sure once I get this I will turn around and buy myself one just to have I guess.
Come on Eleaf turn these BadBoys loose.
If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product.

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