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Hey guys, I have no affiliation with GeekVape, and paid for the Eagle with my own money, so no funny business is going on here:) Now. I may...
30 min - Uploaded by VapnFaganYou can pick up the Eagle tank and the coil heads from HeavenGifts here....Use coupon code.
7 min - Uploaded by New Amsterdam VapeWebsite : Instagram : https://www.instagram. com.
The different coils they have for the Eagle tank is impressive. You can see a list of them on the GeekVape website here. The HBC-S03 is a 0.2 ohm, single staggered fused clapton in SS316L, rated for 40-70w.. The HBC-D04 is a 0.2 ohm, dual fused clapton in kanthal and is rated for 40-70w. geekvape eagle review Today we клиромайзер like basic pro be taking a look at the Eagle Tank from Geek Vape.
The Eagle Tank is the first Sub Ohm tank offered by Geek Vape, a brand known for it's RTA and RDA's.
The Eagle Tank is not your run of the mill sub-ohm tank though.
The Eagle Tank utilizes Hand Built Coils HBC coils which are like pre-built RTA decks and are available in just about every coil type you could think of.
You also get one HBC-S03 coil 0.
Design and Function: You have a choice of two different versions of the Eagle tank, the Standard version and the Top Airflow version.
The only difference I see between the two is the top cap of the top airflow version has top airflow control and the standard version doesn't.
The standard version also has a 6.
The Eagle tank top airflow version measures in at 54.
The tank comes with a 10mm nonstandard Delrin drip tip, but you can use your own drip tip if you prefer by using the included 510 drip tip adapter.
The Eagle comes all the way apart for easy cleaning.
What makes the Eagle stand out from other sub-ohm tanks is its coils.
The HBC coils Hand Built Coils are not your average replaceable sub-ohm coils that you screw into the tank use geekvape eagle review they go bad then replace.
These HBC coils are really like pre-built RTA decks that are made to be disposable, but can be rewicked and even rebuilt if you so choose to do so.
You can see in the picture to your right the decks of both the клиромайзер своими руками из подручных материалов and dual coil that comes with the tank.
There is 20 different coil configurations available for the Eagle tank.
Single and dual geekvape eagle review options in a huge variety of different "fancy" coil builds.
Everything from notch coils, a variety of different clapton styles, Tiger, standard coils and more are available in Kanthal and Stainless Steel.
The different coils they have for the Eagle tank is impressive.
You can see geekvape eagle review list of them on the GeekVape website.
The HBC-S03 is a 0.
I used this coil over several days and flavor changes and it performed excellently.
My sweet spot was around 60w for this coil.
Vapor production was good, and flavor was outstanding.
The HBC-D04 is a />My coil was reading at 0.
There was a slight ramp up time with the dual coils and to me it was a slightly cooler vape.
I preferred using this coil with the top airflow closed.
Both vapor production and flavor was outstanding with the dual coil also.
The coils are very easy to rewick.
You just carefully pull your cotton out and then pulse fire your coils until clean, geekvape eagle review rewick and they should last you a good amount of time.
After that it's up to you if you want to replace them or try your hand at rebuilding them.
I've rewicked mine, but since the coils are still good, I haven't tried to rebuild the decks yet.
Besides having great coils, the Eagle tank has some other nice features.
The top filling design is very nice.
Unscrew the top cap and there are two large kidney shaped filling slots.
You also have dual bottom airflow and top airflow via the top cap.
The top airflow travels in through the top cap geekvape eagle review down to the coil, then back up the chimney into the drip tip.
probably клиромайзер мело обзор CONTACT nice feature the Eagle tank has is juice flow control.
Juice flow geekvape eagle review is located right above the bottom airflow geekvape eagle review and can be adjusted by twisting the geekvape eagle review ring.
I like that they gave enough room between the airflow and juice flow controls to be able to get a grip on one without geekvape eagle review the other.
Or at least it should be, my airflow control ring is very tight and it's hard for me to turn without moving the juice control with it.
Mine is a sample tank so you should be able to move yours without any problems.
Final Thoughts: The Eagle Sub Ohm tank is a nice addition to the sub ohm tank market.
I think it's a step up from the other tanks of this style.
The HBC coils make this tank stand out and with the huge variety of coil options available to geekvape eagle review, you will be able to experiment and find the coils you like the best.
The coil decks are really like buying prebuilt RTA decks and give you the flavor and vapor production of using an RTA without having to go to the trouble of building on a RTA.
I'm very impressed with the Eagle.
I didn't have any problems with leaking, and the only con I had was that my bottom airflow control ring is really tight and hard to turn.
After using the Eagle tank, I'm going to have a hard time using any of my other sub geekvape eagle review tanks.
I've really been enjoying using this tank.
I can't see myself getting bored or tired of using this tank because there are geekvape eagle review so many different coil options geekvape eagle review choose from and experiment with.
I'm looking forward to being able to try all the different varieties.
I'm going to give the Eagle tank a perfect 10 rating.
With a 6ml capacity, and all of the coil options and features of this tank, I can't think of a geekvape eagle review sub ohm tank out right now.
I was sent the Eagle tank from Heaven Gifts for the purpose of this review.
You can find the Geek Vape Eagle Tank and coils.
Use coupon code ABELLA for a 15% discount on your purchase from.
Be sure to give Heaven Gifts a follow on, and for the latest updates, deals and contests.

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The ​GeekVape Eagle is the first Sub-Ohm Tank platform from the critically acclaimed. VapnFagan Reviews the Eagle HBC Sub-Ohm Tank!

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Электронная сигарета с кофеином The ​GeekVape Eagle is the first Sub-Ohm Tank platform from the critically acclaimed. VapnFagan Reviews the Eagle HBC Sub-Ohm Tank!


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