Eleaf iPower 80W TC 5000 mAh Box Mod

мод eleaf

Продукция компании Eleaf (iSmoka): аккумуляторы для электронных сигарет, бокс моды и клиромайзеры Электронные сигареты и другая продукция для.
Электронную сигарету Ismoka eleaf istick покупайте в нашем магазине с. Очередное пополнение в семействе iStick от Eleaf - батарейный мод.
Eleaf US aim is to provide a diverse range of high quality e-cigarette products that are at the forefront of the e-cigarette market.
Eleaf iPower TC MOD 80W - новая модель, представляющее обновление. в режиме механического мода, где мощность, подающаяся на испаритель,. мод eleaf It's basicially the смотрите подробнее 50W, but all grown мод eleaf />The iPower is quite lightweight considering it's battery size, and also features a compact design.
It offers multiple firing modes along with the ability to upgrade the mod with firmware updates available from Eleaf.
So I was stuck with no vape while on the school run DEADLY.
So мод eleaf as a joe I got back to town and went in search of a cheap mod.
The ipower was the cheapest Мод eleaf could find.
Damn glad I did.
Put the same juice in that I had been using that morning on my ijust s put my spare cleito tank on it and it was like a new flavour.
Highly recommended, don't understand why people are hating A breath of fresh air as it were 08 November 2016 I've been stuck in a vaping rut for around five years now, with the same old device and the мод eleaf взято отсюда PG-heavy juice.
This wee mod here is what broke the spell for me.
I saw a few on Instagram, and was recommended VapeClub as a supplier; and ever since it arrived I've been kicking myself for not getting with the times sooner.
I'm using the eleaf with an Aspire Atlantis Evo tank, and I can honestly say мод eleaf transformed my entire vaping experience.
I'm so rusty with recent innovations in the vaping market so I was nervous about messing something up here - not a problem, по этой ссылке instructions are extremely clear and the design is super intuitive.
A Beautiful Beast 06 November 2016 Went backpacking for 2 months, didn't want to take мод eleaf batteries, needed something durable, with a long lasting internal battery.
When this arrived it was fully charged, I slapped my Cleito on, fired it up 40W, worked instantly, simples and gave a much better vape then my Cool Fire Plus and lasted a lot longer.
While I мод eleaf traveling I slapped my Nautilus Mini on, it gave me 6 days of Battery Life 8.
Didn't have a case on it, threw it in my мод eleaf every day with coins мод eleaf keys, been through all sorts of adventures with me and it's still scratch мод eleaf, unlike my Cool Fire which is now completely beaten up.
I really put this bad boy through its paces, and it laughed at everything I threw at it.
It's my мод eleaf time favourite MOD, Stainless steel like design is sturdy, nice to hold and feels sleek even though its carrying an outrageous 5000mAh battery that would eat Duracell Bunny's for breakfast.
It's battery life is amazing, it клиромайзер eleaf bcc gt last you more than a day or more if you vape non stop,loads of cool modes and settings :.
Smashing bit of kit 08 October 2016 Мод eleaf to this bad boy from my 40w eleaf istick and it's damn impressive!
The battery life is fantastic which is always a bonus!
With my previous Mod I was constantly having to charge it every night,this boy will last me 2 days easily!
No need to carry two 40w mods клиромайзер eleaf bcc gt адрес me when I'm out on the booze!
Great stuff from eleaf again,no idea why they get bad press from some people!
Brilliant service from Vape Club again!
Excellent Mod 07 October 2016 After my Kanger 70w decided to pack up with all the buttons and screws falling out I decided to go back to Eleaf and picked the wooden look version.
This is a top class mod, for £40 you get a quality mod, it feels nice to hold, battery lasts ages at 30w and the screen is very clear and easy to understand.
Great bit of kit for the price, plus the usual excellent delivery from Vape Club.
Superb Box Mod 05 September 2016 Very nice mod.
Excellent value for money, looks good, мод eleaf, easy to use.
Battery life is superb, I can get over мод eleaf day out of this with fairly heavy usage, vaping at around 40-50W.
I'd recommend this to anyone looking как сообщается здесь step up from more basic kits.
Awesome mod 03 September 2016 I recently upgraded to this mod from a hand me down eleaf istick 30w which I used for almost two years.
It's like night мод eleaf day.
The uwell crown tank which was useless on my istick works like a bloody charm on this thing.
Huge clouds, fantastic battery life and every ejuice tastes better.
Very reasonable price too.
Glad I bought it.
And as always, great service from vapeclub.
You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website.

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iStick 100w Mod Review By Eleaf!

Eleaf iPower 80W 5000mAh Temp Control Mod

The iPower from Eleaf UK is a 5000mAh battery mod featuring five output modes and up to 80W of power.
The Eleaf iStick 20W e-cigarette battery is a small yet powerful device and is available in 4 colours. The 2200mAh e-cigarette battery provides hours of vaping.
Just US$24.30 + free shipping, buy Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Box Mod online shopping at GearBest.com.
Just US$29.88 + free shipping, buy Original Eleaf iStick TC100W Box Mod online shopping at GearBest.com.

The iPower Mod by Eleaf - Review! - YouTube

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Мод eleaf Just US$24.30 + free shipping, buy Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Box Mod online shopping at GearBest.com.


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