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The Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Tank is designed to run on 20W to 30W range. It uses 0.5ohm organic cotton coils and can hold up to 3.5ml of e-liquids.
18 min - Uploaded by RiP TrippersBelow are the shops from VCC Tampa who picked up my Fog Sauce ejuice. 1. Club Vape: 8137.
Extra safety precautions should be practiced when using a sub ohm tank. This tank will only work on a mechanical mod or a regulated mod capable of firing sub.
The Eleaf Melo 3 Atomizer now comes in 2 versions, a full size at 4 ml. Definitely beats the topfill kanger tank, the ohm reading is all over the. melo sub ohm tank eleaf Product Introduction: For all ELeaf fans, the ELeaf MELO atomizer was designed for the new iStick 30 watt battery or any other high wattage batteries.
It is constructed out of stainless steel, along with its glass tube body and glass mouthpiece.
The cotton used inside is safe and certificated.
The coil is sub ohm at 0.
Standard configuration: 1 x MELO Mouthpiece 1 x MELO Atomizer Tube 2 x MELO Atomizer Head 1 x MELO Atomizer Base Parameter: Diameter: 22.
Enhanced Heating Wire:The 0.
Newly Introduced Wick: The wick used inside is organic cotton, known as a more environmental and healthier material.
Improved Air Inflow Control: With totally five inlet holes on MELO base, the airflow is more unimpeded.
One can enjoy the smooth and constant vapor by easily rotating the regulation ring.
Thread Connection of Atomizer Head: The threads at each side of MELO head enables you to connect MELO base and tube tightly, what ensures an efficient and stable output.
How to add liquid?
Screw the base off atomizer firstly.
Slowly refill the liquid into the space around the air pipe.
Pay attention not to melo sub ohm tank eleaf fill, leave a small air pocket in order to avoid melo sub ohm tank eleaf />Note:Please make sure the atomizer head is always tightened up.
How to replace atomizer head?
Screw the base off atomizer firstly.
Screw off the atomizer head from base and replace a new one.
Recommends:MELO atomizer + iStick 30W Melo atomizer is best matching with iStick 30W.
You can enjoy a better vapor from this eleaf купить киев />Pros: produces great flavor, Great size, love the glass mouth tip.
Cons: Extremely hard to twist off bottom from the tank to do a refill usually have to use pliersleaks badly around the air holes I have been using this tank for about a week and I have to say, I love it!
It's designed very durable and looks really cool.
I love glass mouth pieces so that melo sub ohm tank eleaf a big reason why I purchased this.
And you could refill a lot of e-liquid into this, unlike other tanks that claim melo sub ohm tank eleaf certain capacity, but you can only fill partially.
Air holes and its slider could use work.
Sometimes it doesn't slide smoothly.
Otherwise, I highly recommend this one!
This is my first sub ohm tank, and you couldn't ask for a cleaner tasting vape.
In the week since I started using this tank on my eleaf 100 watt VW mod I have not one puff with a burnt flavor.
I have also had no issues with leaking, and I love the adjustable airflow, anywhere from 1 to 5 vents can be opened for melo sub ohm tank eleaf airflow that suits your taste.
Getting used to it took me very little time.
I only vape the Dekang Triple menthol and never knew how delicious it actutally is until used with this Tank.
It brought out the flavors that an eGo tank could not because they burned it.
I have had this for 2 weeks and I can still taste the depth of flavor, I have not gone 'flavor blind' yet, and that rules!
A smaller tug gives me so much more of everything, I am satisfied a lot sooner with a lot less.
Excelant tank for the money!
Vapes great with no issues whatsoever!
I had this tank for one week and the glass shattered, had to order another glass tube which cost me another 10 dollars, makes me wish I'd of bought melo sub ohm tank eleaf 30 dollar tank since i spent it anyhow.
But when I did melo sub ohm tank eleaf it in good condition it was great, good flavor and vapor production This is the best tank I have ever had makes Kayfun seem like ce4.
Everything tastes good melo sub ohm tank eleaf great on Mech mod or eleaf 50W.
You will be happy and they are rebuild able coils check out YouTube.
Moving from a Smok T-Dux tank, melo sub ohm tank eleaf was a HUGE upgrade.
I can finally take advantage of what my MVP3.
Creates clouds large enough to annoy random people!
I've purchased two of these two flavors--fruity and tobacco, always.
The drip tip broke, but the tank was fine, thankfully.
These products are intended for use by persons 18 or older, and not by children, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, http://webinar2.ru/eleaf/kak-pravilno-zapravit-elektronnuyu-sigaretu-eleaf.html taking medicine for depression or asthma.
If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician melo sub ohm tank eleaf using this product.
This product is sold purely for recreational purposes - it is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such.
You must be over the legal age in your state to buy or use this product.

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MELO 2 Tank Review by Eleaf!

Eleaf MELO Sub Ohm BVC Tank - iVape

This is my first sub ohm tank. You can never imagine how joyful I am when I see the excellent performance of this eleaf melo atomizer.
ELEAF Melo Sub ohm Glassomiser/Tank Atomiser. +. ELEAF Istick 30 W Sub ohm Clearomizers. Total price: £54.59. Add both to Basket. One of these items is.
Product Description. Product Introduction: For all ELeaf fans, the ELeaf MELO atomizer was designed for the new 20 watts battery or any other high wattage.
Eleaf Melo 2 review – this is one of the best sub-ohm tanks we've tested. For $20, it'll be hard to find something better than Melo 2.

Eleaf Melo III and Melo III Mini Sub-Ohm Tank

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Melo sub ohm tank eleaf Extra safety precautions should be practiced when using a sub ohm tank. This tank will only work on a mechanical mod or a regulated mod capable of firing sub.
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ЖИДКОСТЬ ДЛЯ ЭЛЕКТРОННЫХ СИГАРЕТ ГЛИЦЕРИНОВАЯ The Eleaf Melo 3 Atomizer now comes in 2 versions, a full size at 4 ml. Definitely beats the topfill kanger tank, the ohm reading is all over the.


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