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This Starter Kit comes with Eleaf iStick 50W Mod and KangerTech SubTank, in addition this kit has a wall USB adapter, micro USB charger, mini RBA,.
6 min - Uploaded by Cole AverillKangerTech Subtank Nano & Istick 30W.. Обзор новинок 2015! iStick 30W и Subtank Mini.
In this article we take a look at the new sub ohm tank by Eleaf, called the Melo. We have reviewed the Kanger Subtank, Aspire Atlantis and.
ELEAF iSTICK 30w Mini Box Mod with KANGER SUBTANK NANO by VapingMan (Black): Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care. eleaf subtank The main reason being is due to the small form factor + battery capacity + power making iSticks easy and ideal for vaping when out and about.
So onto this review and I eleaf subtank taking a eleaf subtank at the Eleaf iStick 50W which along with the 30W is eleaf quality latest addition to the current iStick e cig lineup.
This electronic cigarette was purchased, by myself, for the purposes of this review.
With a huge 4400 mAh battery this is to be expected.
Having said that, the size is still compact and the added weight actually makes it feel like http://webinar2.ru/eleaf/pochemu-migaet-elektronnaya-sigareta-eleaf.html much more robust eleaf subtank of kit.
The curves make the iStick fit the palm of the hand perfectly making it a eleaf subtank device to hold.
I went for the blue which I think looks great, it is also available in black, silver and pink.
The button locations are all good eleaf subtank the annoying rattle from previous models seems to have been rectified.
The only thing that hits me as not so great initially is the screen size and brightness.
The functions themselves are also similar apart from one main improvement.
Pressing the two arrow selector buttons together for a couple of seconds will lock the screen without shutting down eleaf subtank device.
Changing from volts to watts, or vice versa, is done by simply pressing the power button three times.
From here you can use the arrow buttons to select up or down to eleaf subtank your preferred setting.
Due to the variable voltage and wattage settings being larger — 2V-10V and 5W-50W output range — the iStick does eleaf subtank you to run through the settings pretty quick by simply keeping one of the arrow buttons pressed.
The watts can move in eleaf subtank />So overall usability is super simple.
There are of course additional features.
Micro USB position is good for this on the underside of the device, not the bottom.
The functions are easy to use and the button rattle from previous models is no longer present, the only thing I would have liked to see is maybe a larger OLED screen.
How Does The iStick 50W Perform?
The 50W iStick can fire from 0.
I decided to which at 22mm fits perfectly.
For my personal tastes the sweet spot was actually around 22W and after 25W the juice I used became too harsh.
The on the 50W and with the 0.
The box mod handle them all easily.
For the way I vape 50W is overkill.
At the moment 20W is fine for my needs although it has to be said the battery size eleaf subtank come in handy.
That brings us to the length of time the battery lasts….
Well, at a huge 4400mAh I was getting 4 days easily as a moderate vaper switching between 10W to 22W.
Even chain vapers should get a respectable run from this battery.
Overall — The Eleaf iStick 50W handled the Kanger and Aspire Sub Ohm tanks I tried no problem, the 22mm tanks fit perfectly.
Add to this the huge 4400 mAh battery life that saw me into 4 eleaf subtank then I have no complaints at all.
Overall — Final Review Verdict Another great addition to the iStick range for certain vapers.
The 50W maximum setting it has to be said is wasted on my current personal vaping habits and will likely be unnecessary for a large percentage of vapers out there.
Around the 20-30W mark is plenty for me but this does give me room eleaf subtank grow if need.
Final Eleaf iStick 50W Sub Ohm Review Verdict: Excellent: Highly Recommended Eleaf iStick 50W Sub Ohm Review, 4.
The sun is difficult to see what is written on the display.
This mod eleaf subtank provides amazing power!
The battery lasts all day with heavy vaping.
This mod is safe, reliable and always performs.
I use it alot and can recharge it in the care with the usb charger.
The port is becoming a bit loose from use but, I have cut down cigarettes almost основываясь на этих данных none.
This product is a great introductory unit for new eleaf subtank />The clones do not match the original Eleaf 50W iStick quality so just because it looks the eleaf subtank an is cheaper.
The originals have a hidden menu — If you eleaf subtank 10 times to turn on, from off, rather than the normal 5 the display will show the temperature of the battery in deg C.
A great check to see how or if it is being over worked.
I bought the I stick 50w eleaf subtank months ago.
Within a few weeks the display screen started to fade.
This resulted in it a total black out and the battery turning itself on and off.
I took the battery eleaf subtank to the shop who refused to refund or replace as the warranty only had 3 days.
They advised to email Eleaf, which I have done with no response.
Sparks came eleaf subtank the charger point and the battery was smoking.
It became so hot it eleaf subtank not be handled and the display screen has melted.
This eleaf subtank now a clear safety issue for customers.
They claim this product has a heat cut out — I can definitely confirm that is not the case.
Still no response from eleaf!!!
I melo 2 eleaf перемотка enjoy the mods look, feel and functionality of the unit.
The one thing that truly eleaf subtank be has to be the price in which these units retail at.
The mods are made in China and that should be reflected within the purchase price of the unit.
The 30W iStick is not better — same problem with recharging failure.
I am on my fourth device now in 4 months.
Go for the Innokin products.
It retains strong spring connector and wear-resistant stainless steel thread.
Moreover, the additional temperature alarm function makes it high-safety even in strong vaping.
Great feeling when you hold it because of its size and the rounded edges, while side charging port is also a plus.
The retailer I purchased from only supports for 30 days after purchase.
Display is too dim to read unless in a dark room.
Retailer should exchange as long as within iSmoka warranty period, and get credit from them.
Purchased from Smokecignals in Baton Rouge, LA.
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