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wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc

Just US$39.33 + free shipping, buy Original WISMEC Reuleaux RX200 TC 200W Box Mod online shopping at GearBest.com.
The Reuleaux RX200 200W TC Box Mod, engineers by Wismec and Jay Bo Designs, integrated with triple 18650 battery platform alongside the all-new powerful RX200 chipset in an astounding device.. The Reuleaux RX200 200W by Wismec and Jay Bo Designs is the latest configuration to its.
RX2/3: Just when you thought the original Reuleaux RX200 couldn't get any better, the creative minds behind Wismec and the artful expression from JayBo has.
The front of the Reuleaux RX200 features a high-definition OLED screen, the activation. and if replacement cells aren't readily available, the Reuleaux RX200 can be. Note: All THREE Batteries used in the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 MUST.. Joyetech Cuboid TC 150/200W Box Mod Instructions · Using your Nitcore. wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc to utilize the functionality of this website.
Still featuring the same exact features as the original RX200, the RX200S wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc still capable of firing up to a whopping 200 watts of raw power using 3 external batteries batteries sold separatelyfiring in various temperature control modes, and the option to upgrade the firmware so the mod keeps a steady pace in a fast moving market.
Known for it's unique shape, the RX200S maintains the original look of it's predecessors which also keeps a firm and ergonomic feel in the hand.
By fusing the exclusive appearance of the original, top notch quality, and excellent wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc, the Reuleaux series has now stamped a permanent name in the vaping market.
Still featuring the unique shape, there is one major design difference that makes the Reuleaux even more versatile.
Using three batteries with this unit makes wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc a 200 watt device and two batteries make it a 150 watt device.
Here we still see a large 0.
The Reuleaux series is now a staple in any vapers vaping arsenal.
IMPORTANT: Use caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled.
Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use.
Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface.
Never leave charging batteries unattended.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers.
You are responsible to have a basic Knowledge of the batteries you are using and how to care wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc them properly.
Please, or Customer Reviews Review by Pops Price Just arrived with some new 25R's and a Griffin 25.
As shipped, it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc rigged for 3 cells - the new cells are charging and I put in an older pair of 25R's with the 2x back.
The back was a bit of trouble купить клиромайзер eleaf istick get wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc down, but manageable - I think the pull-strap itself uses a bit too much space.
It's clean, and sleek.
Not sure I like the wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc screen, and I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc to learn the wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc modes - the manual is almost readable, but I need more clues.
Had to immediately tweak TCRM1 - they are all set for 120, and the 24awg 316SS I use always acts wimpy at 120.
Once up to 200, I was able to back off to 350F.
I'd definitely say this is a good Upgrade or Sofa-Vape alternative to the Eleaf Pico.
My Pico will still come to work, but now I can stop jumping up every hour or two to change cells and refill.
When I purchased it, Reuleaux came out with the 200S, but it wasn't readily available - so I just went on to purchase the 200.
I don't regret that purchase, and I continue to use the wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc to this day.
Then my daughter wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc looking for a new mod, where I told her about my Reuleaux, but it was out of her price range.
I did a quick search online everything is cheaper online, and found this website.
I went on to purchase the 200S - I always wanted to play with it, and the price is unbelievable.
HUGE screen, compared to my 200, a lot more information on the screen, which interests the "geek" in me, and feels great in my hand.
Now if you have a Reuleaux 200 and wondering about performance, the 200S doesn't offer too much more than what you have now.
I heard that the 510 connector offers people issues - I never experienced that, but maybe I am fortunate, or not using atomizers that wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc very long stems.
But even there, to replace the 510 is easy, and in the process of doing such for my daughter, since she was given a Reuleaux from someone who beat the thing - but still performs well.
You will not regret this purchase!
I just got this mod the other day and it's wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc best yet!
Love the gold color and the feel of it!
So much power and great to be able to update the firmware.
Hits like a beast!
My boyfriend and I both got one with the Griffin 25.
They have been helping us to quit smoking cigarettes for the last week!
Set up is a little complicated, but if you have someone that knows what they are doing, like we had show us, then it's easy.
We have changed out our cotton once in the last week, and were able to do it from being shown once.
Good solid wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc that can wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc from 2 to 3 batteries for long vaping days.
My only gripe would be that the 3rd battery bay moves around a tiny bit when attached.
It hasn't popped off or anything so maybe its not even really a concern.
All in all its a great tank and a great buy.
Using a TFV8 with the octuple wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc at 120 watts and HG2 batteries, they both last about 2 days.
USB charging is super slow so have an external charger instead, but the pass through ability is great in a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc since I'm a driver and can't always pull over wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc change batteries.
The shape is great and feels good in your hands.
The box is very sturdy and finish is tough so for an on the go beater wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc this is great.
It will stand up to a beating.
All my tanks and RDA's fit perfectly so I don't know why wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc complain about the 510 connection.
I've tried 16 different kinds and all fit snug and work perfectly.
This is an advanced device and wouldn't recommend it for new vapers since I constantly get questions about how to use features they aren't equipped or ready to use.
Customer service through WISMEC is awesome and the updates are super fast and simple to do.
In fact they're so simple you're almost unsure they worked at first until you try the new features.
However, very disappointed with the battery life.
Its a solid performer for me.
I am a dual 18650 kind of person.
It feels comfortable in hand.
I will admit the battery door is a pain in the butt.
If you take your time it will go on.
Maybe I should have gotten a 200S instead.
But other then that the vape mod works amazing and is now my go to device when I vape.
I recommend it to anyone looking for a good mod.
I have heard people complain about the battery door but I love it I just think you got to know how it works so you don't mess the door up.
But other then that the vape mod works amazing and is now my go to device when I vape.
I recommend it to anyone looking for a good mod.
I have heard people complain about the battery door but I love it I just think you got to know how it works so you don't mess the door up.
Price Broke нажмите чтобы прочитать больше power unit Friday night.
Tried to make wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />Delivered in mailbox in Virginia Beach, VA on Monday afternoon!!
Great device for Smok TFV8 and TFV4, all coil assemblies.
I loved my original RX200 but wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc a while it seemed to be just too heavy.
Others were either too awkward in my hand which I barely ever set the thing down so comfort is a mustor those that were smaller didn't pack enough of a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc or battery longevity sucked.
Heavy but not bad, and more compact than other 2 battery mods.
So, win win for me!
I want to start by saying that Wismec did an awesome job to ensure that this device would be worth purchasing, do not doubt that your money will be spent well.
My first problem is that I noticed the paint finish is extremely susceptible to damage, something I had never experienced with wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc rx200 even after dropping the entire mod itself.
It's not a really bad problem but I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc noticed that my "pins" for the 3 battery back cover have started to loosen their hold with the mod itself.
When I press the firing button or press with a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc amount of force of the bottom of the 3 battery wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc it tends to move very slightly inward and my problem with that is that I think this could affect a correct reading of your battery life.
Both of those problems aside, this is an amaing mod that took a long time to make because they wanted to make sure it was wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc good experience.
I would definitely suggest getting one for yourself.
The display screen looks so nice that all my friends wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc it too.
No overheat like other reviews, my Wismec came home in perfect condition, did a software update to make it a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc mod with some performance upgrade and still awesome even tho i don't go that high!
There is also an option to modify the "Wismec" Logo on the display adding up that personal touch.
I paired this mod with a Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast and they work great!
The weight is no problem at all and its easy to handle.
I did not fully open the box wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc read the directions due to excitement wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc getting my mod 2 days after I ordered it.
So the whole time I had the 3 battery back on my device and of course it would not turn on купить клиромайзер eleaf istick to there was wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc 2 batteries in.
Once I put it on all the way the device woulda get power I'm not sure what I did but it's working perfect now.
Accidentally dropped it with the two batt door on, and it held together, very little damage.
Any problems the RX200S had have been addressed, and and now with modular battery design, you can run it slim and light with 2 or long and strong with 3 wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc 18650 batts.
One was defective right out the box.
VapeNW was very quick to RMA it for me купить клиромайзер eleaf istick so I can't say enough about them.
Awesome site an great people to deal with.
The only site i use for Mods, Tanks, and coils.
Love this thing, after some research and of course the option to change the mod size by changing the battery cover i knew i found the mod for me.
Shopping with vapenw initially was because their price was better than any other online reputable site.
Thanks for selling quality and providing an enjoyable experience, vape on!
I originally got the rx200 and liked it so much I had to get the rx200s with the bigger screen for a backup.
I use the rx200 at work and beat the heck out of it.
It has been beat up and still works fine.
It's a very durable mod.
The rx200s is pretty much the same but has a nicer screen.
I really wanted a small dual battery mod for when I went out.
Something compact that had the power of a dual battery mod.
Single battery mods don't offer high enough of wattage and run out of battery very fast at higher watts.
It's better then what I want because u can use 2 or 3 batteries.
It's very compact and powerful with 2 batteries and fits awesome in your hand.
It is perfect for when you are out and on the go.
The brilliant way they position the batteries make the mod small and comfortable with 2 batteries.
It's not a big box like others.
I have no need for any of my old mods wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />I only use my 3 reuleaux's.
The price is also awesome.
You get an awesome mod for a very fair wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />They are way better then the mods i spent a lot more money on.
It is built solid and I feel http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/batareyniy-mod-eleaf-istick-200w-tc-seriy.html not be beat price wise.
The design looks very awesome and it was thought out to fit in your hand comfortably.
I am hoping these mods change the vape game and force companies купить клиромайзер eleaf istick step away from the chunky box shaped mods and design more hand friendly mods.
I have nothing bad to say about these mods.
I have read bad reviews but I usually think it's over pickey people or they got a lemon and need to send it back.
Or they have something against reuleaux and just want to talk trash on it and say there chunky box they spent a lot more money on is better even though they both do the same thing and the reuleaux was cheaper to buy and looks cooler.
Ya better have some knowledge wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc this type of mod before buying otherwise the manual will confuse the shit outta ya.
Build is very good works like it says.
Would buy this again and al telling all I know to come here to order.
Won't ever buy any other kind.
If you want a mod that is affordable, high quality, going to deliver all day power and one that fits perfectly with smaller tanks like wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc aspire cleito for lower watts or one that can keep up with high watts and a huge tank like the TFV8 cloud beast купить клиромайзер eleaf istick this one!
It holds 3 batteries so you don't have to worry about charging throughout the day and even has an upgrade to get to 250w.
This mod also holds wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc batteries just right so it's not bulky.
It's the best mod I've ever tried!
Not to mention fast and cheap shipping as always from VapeNW!
It came in fairly quick and is over a great mod and easy to use.
The battery life is great especially with 3000 mah batteries and the 3 battery design is genius.
Other than a slight gap on the battery door when I have batteries installed that are married it's a great vape for those who don't care about the fancy DNA chip with all wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc customization.
So if you're on the edge about it don't be Wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc would recommend this site and this mod to anyone except someone who's majorly OCD.
A little on the heavy side but that is the price you pay for 3 18650 batteries.
Now the paint on the body will begin to rub off.
Other than that this device is a favorite of mine.
It has every feature one could use and at a price like this what could any person complain about.
It compares to my DNA's and you do not have the hassle of that EScribe software.
It's heavy, but not in a bad way.
I've heard a lot of bad comments about the 510 pin crushing down, so I only screw my toppers on until they're "just snug," and so far I haven't had any problems.
There is a little bit of a gap between the tank and mod, but it hasn't bothered me enough to get any of those mod protector rings to fill up that gap.
I just love wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc thing, and I'm VERY glad I got it!
I got the black and wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc but the red is like a satin "wine" color, very attractive, and the finish doesn't smudge like some of wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc other mods do.
Battery life is awesome!
Will definitely order again!
For me this product looked very nice till I got my hand on.
First thing I noticed it's bulky, can't fit easily in my pocket and jeans.
Watch out for this because this item is wide and not flat.
Very heavey, when you mount 3 batteries and tank like the TFV4 just remeber that you are carrying a very heavey item.
You will only notice it after long day of walking that this product is not practical it's just heavey item.
Ease of use, very easy to operate however it don't wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc much in comparison with new mobs these days, like colored screen, diffrent programs etc.
You will lose your guarantee if you use it with diffrent tanks like tfv4 read about it online Conclusion: this wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc cannot be your every day body wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc your life style has no style.
It's good to have as backup when you want to blow some large smoke puffs but that's all, remeber most of us use the vap at about wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc -70 w which most of the mobs with smaller size can do without extra weight and size.
It feels great in the hand; the shape and weight make it really comfortable.
It's not bulky at all so I can keep it in my purse or my pocket no problem.
It's really good quality and for the deal I got on it I doubt it can be easily beaten for value.
Uses three batteries and has lasted me three days worth of chain vaping.
Recommend getting an extra set of batteries so you never have to wait!
This is 3 for me and I absolutely love them.
I have a maus tank on each one and they are a perfect set up.
Great fast response from vapenw too.
Quality Bought this because of the high wattage and looks good too.
Built solid, desirable features, will run anything I put on it and in it.
Capable of large clouds.
With the changeable plates different colors it almost seems like a new mod with every color change.
This one will купить клиромайзер eleaf istick a great value for a long time!
This is the best mod I've ever bought.
Vapernw shipping was quick.
Cons: The only cons I can even think of are the batteries are a little sensitive as to how they fit in.
I have had to move them around a little bit to get it to come on; I'm not sure why.
The only other thing is not even a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc it's simply a warning, remember you are going to be carrying around three 3 18650's.
They are not light, so don't think the mod.
And I have to tell you, for it's simplicity and punch, you would be hard pressed to find something better than this Wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc for the money.
It feels great in the hand, and with 3 18650 batteries, I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc from daily with the DNA200 to every other day with this Reuleaux.
Thank you VapeNW for your prices and lightning fast shipping!
Everything worked great and the shipping was extremely quick.
Not to mention the prices.
As a heavy vapor inhalers, I wish we had batteries that would last all day, but I had six batteries anyhow, fast ramp times, runs consistent, reliable, ergonomics are fantastic in, feels just right in my hand.
Last modified was large, with the extra battery this one is heavier but is smaller than my sigelei.
Great mod at a great price and with the upgrade can go to 250 watts, which I have no use for.
I run a sub zero 2 coils at 0.
Feels substantial in the hand, esp with the three18650's installed.
Battery door holds firm although doesn't "snap" into wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc, it just kinda fits, catches the magnets and wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc is very stable.
Upgradable firmware to make it "future" proof and overall is a solid performer.
And wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc i got was hands down my new favorite mod.
At first i though everything i had heard about the rx200 was all hype but i figured that i would go ahead and give it a try because if nothing else i could just turn around and sell it.
But gettimg it i vary quickly grew to like it.
It sits well in your hand and has very clicky buttons.
I wish it fired at lower resistances so i could use dual coils of the coils i build but wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc sure in the future they will update that.
Also a huge upgrade from my Presa 75W TC.
Wismec just makes a quality product which is why the Noisy Cricket is next on my list!!
I definitely recommend this to anyone who may be thinking to buy.
Plus after buying be sure to upgrade and take advantage of the 250 Watts this beast can put out!
The shape is great since I have got this all other box mods feel big and clunky.
The VW mode is the best with my attachments, and cords.
I will definitely keep this for as long as it will hold up with regular maintenance.
I love this wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc, it shipped in two days plus got it for an awesome price.
Will definitely be ordering from here for all my vaping needs!
Love the bigger screen on the rx 200s.
I've misplaced two of them so far; not letting this one out of my site.
Does everything a vaper could want with style and battery life in spades.
I was glad to find it locally at a great price.
Works great haven't even been over 80 watts yet.
Been using the aspire cleito with it.
Not super impressed with the tank but the mod is amazing!
With an RDA or the smok tfv4 this thing is a beast!!
Battery life is good lasts all day.
Can't wait to try the tfv8 on it!
Thank you Vape nw you guys are amazing.
Your shipping and customer service is great as wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc the big screen, and the 3 batteries is very nice for lifespan.
I threw 3 vtc4s in wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc and put my noise cricket rda on with a.
I have never gotten a better vape.
I was blowing clouds around people l.
I was the great cloudbino.
With the three batteries installed, it is definitely a hefty mod.
Could do some damage as a self defence weapon haha.
I love the curve as it fits comfortably in the hand.
I got the 7.
I couldn't see a need for any other mod after you buy this one.
A bit too large to carry in the pocket, but it was expected.
I am using it as an in-home mod and I can easily vape 2 days on 1 set of batts with 0.
Glad I decided to wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc one.
This is now my everyday go-to Mod.
Love it so much I bought a second one to have as a spare.
If you're on the fence, just buy one.
The construction, weight, and details just scream quality.
The spring loaded 510 connector makes the tank connection safe and simple.
The buttons have a solid click to them and don't wobble.
The magnetic door which I was worried about feels totally secure.
The display is nicely laid out and easily readable.
Upgrading the firmware was straight forward and купить клиромайзер eleaf istick no issues.
Batteries seem to discharge quite evenly and power is consistent regardless of charge level.
Overall just super happy with the RX200 and Wismec.
Would recommend it to anyone looking for wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc quality mod for all day vaping.
For one, http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/boksmod-eleaf-istick-60w.html paint does wear off readily.
Whatever material is around the screen has developed weird cracks.
Most serious Con- For some reason, the 3rd battery slot has gotten loose, which cause 2 problems: A recurring message of "Low Battery" or "Weak Battery", even with fully charged batteries.
It also causes the system to fail to read the Rda or tank Ohms, which wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc results in the error wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc, "Low Resistance".
However, when I push the third battery slightly into the positive side of the slot, the device functions normally.
Other considerations: -I vape a LOT.
I am killing 20-50 mL of juice a day, usually go through 1.
Lg H2 and H4's -Every Rda and tank I own fit perfectly with this device -Despite the flaws listed above, this is the best Mod I have ever owned, and it has performed extremely well.
And for its price tag, it's a great deal!
Very solid build, No rattling wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc bad joins, everything lines up beautifully.
It doesn't do TC as well as the DNA, doesn't quite as hard and has a shorter battery life as well.
It's also hands down better than my Snow Wolf Wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc and Tesla.
The Tesla 120TC has crap internal build quality, wood or metal box, I had 3 and all are dead It hits harder than the snow wolf at the same temp or power for half the money and hella longer battery life, and the design rides well in the hand.
You can also add diff screen fonts and themes.
Add in on board balanced charging and the RX200 is an all around winner.
The only con: with 3 18650s it's a bit heavier than most mods.
The rx 200 works fine most of the time, but when it " sleeps" not locked, but times out from inactivity the fire button needs to be depressed around 3 times to properly fire.
No fire after sleep using smok tfv4, or multiple different rebuildable drippers.
This is a Mild inconvenience.
More concerning is while charging threw usb port a noticeable electric shock is received through drip tip.
Again this happens with anything screwed into 510 connector.
This wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc not happen when not charging.
I believe there is a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc issue with usb port not being properly grounded.
I use other devices while charging to avoid small voltage shock.
Daily use has great battery life, getting two days of full use utilizing mxjo 30amp batteries.
No noticeable drop off when batteries get low.
Mod feels great in the hand and buttons are in proper location for a comfortable grip.
Even the extra weight from 3 1860 batteries is not horrible in the pocket or hand.
I got it in black and red.
Not only does it look great it works great too.
I'm not sure if 3 18650 batteries are truly necessary but it can certainly crank out the wattage after updating the firmware.
If you hold your mod a lot I don't know if the paint won't wear after 6 months or so, though.
Great price and worth every penny.
Love the change from watt to wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />This mod is great, it fits in your hand perfectly and holds 3 batteries.
I know am wondering about the dna200, if I should pick up one of them.
This mod is the best and for the price you can not go wrong.
VapeNW is my go to store to by any products there prices are the best and there shipping is the fastest out of anybody out there.
Its amazing just amazing.
I purchase 2 rx200's white, and the black.
I will be definitely be ordering from vapenw again.
With 3 X LG HG2 2500mAh batteries I get a full 3 days out of this device.
Produces excellent clouds with great flavor when combined with my cleito 0.
I haven't yet tried the TC functions but with the ability to do Ni, Ti and SS, I know it'll be easy to find a tank that will be compatible.
Then i realized it was wired in series, not parallel which means you only have the battery wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc of 1 battery not all 3.
Kind of defeats the purpose for me considering how bulky it is and the fact i dont vape at super low wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />It now sits collecting dust along with many others while my ipv3 and preso 75w is getting all the love.
After doing some research, I ended up purchasing this from VapeNW on a Sat evening.
By Sunday morning I already had an email that my order was being processed and a label was added and ready for shipping.
Monday I received another email stating that I had a tracking order.
It said it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc going to be shipped to my house on Thurs.
Wed came around and my package was at my house.
Love this product along with this website!!!
Thank you VapeNW for carrying this!!!!
It is everything I need and want in a mod.
Great clicky buttons, easy to use interface, great battery life and great design.
I love how the magnetic battery cover case fits so well and doesn't feel like it is going to fall off on you.
I got this with the Theorem RTA and its a match made in vape heaven!
Great quality as expected with this mod.
Arrived quickly and packaged great.
Price was the best I could find online out of the US.
You have a new life long customer vapenw thanks!
Excellent customer service and an equally excellent device!
I have to say the rx200 is by far the best mod out there and I've noticed specially with this new one the fit and finish on these babies has gotten nicer, I guess they are getting better at building these suckers.
For the price and 250watts wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc the new firmware theirs nothing better out there and when you get yours you be surprised how small and ergonomic they actually are!
I was a bit hesitant about the size but I LOVE this mod.
Vape NW has the fastest shipping ever, love this site!!!!
I've been very happy with its performance and the device is accurate.
VapeNW was VERY cool for taking wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc order and his money and mailing to me here in WA.
I purchased it with the SMOK TF-RTA and it has blown me away.
If it was damaged or lost I would definitely repurchase.
The only con I can find is the battery door can be a bit tricky to remove.
Then I had not used it all day and went to use it and got a message device too hot.
After that it would just quit working, then it would work for a couple of vapes and quit again.
I contacted VapeNW and sent the required form and pictures as well as shipped the device back.
I got my store credit by day 3, as I was on the fence about ordering another one.
I decided that I liked источник device too much and a lot of people not having problems with it, so I ordered another one.
продолжение здесь Vape NW for such good and quick customer service.
Very competitive prices, and fantastic customer service!
Eager to afford the opportunity to purchase more needed items.
Didn't take long to get.
I'm happy with this product.
Makes a wonderful cloud.
For the price and the ease of use I couldn't see paying more for anything else.
I use it with my herakles tank and every now and then a RDA to stretch its legs at higher wattages.
Only complaint Wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc had is the back door is a little tight to remove.
Shipping was fast and free.
I highly recommend VapeNW.
Just the unique look of it is a must.
Since it has 3 batteries it will last you for days even on heavy vaping days.
Last of all the price is just amazing you can't beat it!
It's super sturdy, perfectly priced, and is just over all great.
Quality I have had my rx 200 for about a week and this mod is out of control just the weight of it in your hands the feel the clouds it's just a amazing Vape would totally recommend you buy it!
With chocolate 18650 batteries really kicks ass!
I'm using the cleito at 43wattahe and I'm on my second day and it's still has over half a battery charge!
OH I also grabbed my batteries here!
Amazing- it's not heavy and fits at Palm Of my hand.
It is easy to use and whoa goes купить клиромайзер eleaf istick 200 wattage!
I can use TC coils like my crown coils SS coils as well tried snd works great For the price you can NOT NOT beat it!!!
Would buy another one love it that much!
I have a Sigelie 150 and this mod are all I use now two set ups different juices!
And I am a pretty heavy vapor.
The size is actually pretty great for having three batteries.
It is lighter than I was expecting but over all a great mod, I would recommend this mod to anyone that wants great wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc life and wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />Took two weeks to get the order in the first place.
Didn't bother sending it back didn't want to wait on the time to receive another.
Y'all got a flying carpet or something?!
But jokes aside great mod great price I will definitely be buying from here again.
Paid half as much for this than I I did for the IPV 4S on it's release day.
Feels like magic in the hand and it's smaller than the IPV 4S, which I was quite blown away by considering that it puts out an extra 80 watts.
If you are even thinking about buying this mod, do it.
You will not be disappointed.
Fit great in your hand.
Easy to use Buttons are heavy duty.
As for the charging port and USB cord.
I recommend buying 3 more batteries and charger.
After the update the screen became better.
So to all you bad reviews you are wrong.
I live this device so far.
But after using it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc a day i kept getting an atty short but the atty was fine.
Calling customer service was a joke, sounded like a guy who didn't even know he was working answered the phone.
Then all he told me to do was email them, and then the email pretty much sent me in circles.
Service is a huge joke but at least the item i got was authentic.
The mod gets wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc hot, not the больше информации, wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc stay cool but the rx200 hot to the touch.
VapeNW always has the latest and greatest, thanks again.!
It's very compact for a three batteries unit.
It also allows for about one day vaping with three fresh batteries inserted, if you don't go super-crazy chain wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />I do chain wape: usually I am using two mods: when one gets too hot, I use the other one and so on.
This mod has plenty of very favorable reviews from people, who are very knowledgeable about vaporizer performance quality: just take a look at YouTube.
The pricing wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc at vapenw.
Frankly I don't see any negatives.
Also very reliable and easy to use read the manual.
Takes 3 batteries though,vaping at 0.
This was not the case.
First, it requires 3 batteries, and using Efest 3000mah for each battery you would think that 9000mah would give you a ridiculous battery life right?
Even with the "vape science" of wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc your batteries, this mod lasts me exactly as long as my XCube II, which takes 2 batteries.
This was also with stealth mode on the majority of the time.
So after buying extra batteries and this mod and for it to turn out less than wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc equal to the efficiency of my XCube II?
It's a cool concept but not really executed well.
Also, the paint was chipped on the battery cover as soon as I opened the box.
Won't fire half the time, 510 connection is junk, battery life sucks.
Stick with evic Vtc and you will be happier!
Why are you still reading this?
A very nice gloss finish on the front and back plates with a solid black look on the sides and top.
It also has upgradable firmware for free!
Don't hesitate, buy this now!
This is my second rx200, still using the first one for a travel mod.
Love the red and black, and it works perfectly out of the box.
Already got the 3.
Yeah, the paint wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc not the best, but most mods are like that anyway.
Just gives me an excuse to buy a wrap.
Miles above the IPV4, at a better price.
IMO this mod at this price wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc the best value on the market.
I got black and red and I really like the design.
The red купить клиромайзер eleaf istick a nice matte metallic color.
Fits in the hand really well and is not prone to falling over like some other mods.
I have had no problems with the build quality, after 2 weeks of use I have only minor scratches on the top corners eleaf istick 4400mah the battery cover.
Paint peeling is wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc an issue like it was with my last mod.
Battery life is great, wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc LG HG2s it will last a weekend of constant dripping at 50W or a week of TC at a slower pace.
Have not tried out the micro usb charging yet.
Only downside I have discovered so far: width.
This device is quite wide.
It fits in the hand great but don't expect to be able to slip this in your pocket and take it everywhere.
Definitely bulky and doesn't fit in tight pockets.
This is definitely a "use at home or in the car" mod.
I have mostly been using it in the car as I drive a lot for work.
Fits nicely in my cup holder with wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc bottle of juice.
If you want a hard hitting, stationary mod that has a TC and a great battery life, look no further.
Tbe black and red color is beautiful.
Although this mod was not a great wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc for me personaly it is an awsome mod.
The only con i have for it is the size its to bulky for me personaly.
But that is just my con.
Also i have destined this mod for house use only and in about a week the paint has come off in some parts on the bottom of the mod.
This review is a wake up call to VAPENW, you need to extend these complains to the manufacturer because on the past weeks have read a lot of these issues on several forums.
The cheap quality on Wismec products made me change my mind in buying more of their products.
Shipping was fast and order came as described.
Package was in perfect condition.
Will be ordering again from these guys in the near future for sure!
I am so happy with my purchase.
I really like the way it is balanced and easy to hold.
I put my tank on, loaded up the batteries and was off and running.
I would recommend this mod and приведу ссылку it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc 5-star rating.
The customer service rocks!
I would do business with them anytime!
Quality love love it smaller then wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc thought it would be.
Quality love love it smaller then i thought it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc be.
It was shipped fast a great price no hassles at all would recommend this to anyone.
The only thing about mine is the door has a small gap that u can see the batteries tru.
Was they where right here in the U.
A all others wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc over sea's almost same price but I would have had to wait a month to get it.
The product is ligit no knock off's here, I recommend buying from vape nw for all your vaping needs.
The battery life on this box is excellent with 3 18650 batteries, but it does make it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc heavy when it's in your pocket.
In your hand it fits nicely and on a table it stands solid!
I use this as a daily, and I love it.
As a person with wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc active lifestyle, I would like to try getting something smaller to use while out working, but I would absolutely find a way to keep this mod close.
Maybe as a at-home mod or stationary in a car.
Great design, just flawless.
Thank you JayBo and VapeNW!
Only wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc that I was a little disappointed about was the one I ordered was the red and black one it feels rough like it didn't have a clear coat on it.
My other Rx white and Teal is nice and smooth clearly has the clear coat.
Other than that Great!!!
Already had the black but купить клиромайзер eleaf istick the black and red one for my collection.
This mod provides me with everything I need for any vape setup I want to run.
With upgradable firmware and 3rd battery, I can't ask for more.
I'm proud to say I will be makingredients all my future purchases here.
Waiting for the Wismec Theorem!
как сообщается здесь are so clicky it's amazballz!
And the battery life with three efest 3000mah or the LG chocolates last me two days with my new cleito.
Beats the tfv4 quad, ucrown, hurakles plus.
However, the quality of the rx200 lacks in the 510 connection.
A quick Google search will provide all the proof you need that the 510 is garbage.
What's even better Wismec won't do anything about it.
They covered themselves by saying "Use of any third party atomizer voids warranty".
They have served me as well as you can ask.
The Rx 200 is a great product.
Unfortunately it was a present and of course it had to have a loose 510.
When i say loose i mean any atty,rda would wobble.
I did not contact Vapenw about this as i wanted it to be fixed that day for the receiver of this present.
All is well wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc its exactly what they wanted.
It купить клиромайзер eleaf istick packaged well with super fast shipping thanks to Vape NW.
The buttons are all rock solid and perform well.
The battery life seems phenomenal.
This is so well built that I would have had no qualms about taking it into the field when I was in the service.
Price is reasonable too.
I have two of these.
Never had a problem!
The fit in my hand, the responsiveness of the chip, and the battery life are all amazing.
You cannot find a better mod for this price.
The only downside is buying all the batteries needed for it, but once that is done you'll never need another mod.
Three 18650s provide a true 200 watts of vaping power if that's your style.
Loooong battery life at lower wattages.
Compatibility with Ti, Ni, SS and Kanthol coils makes it versatile.
Extremely affordable in comparison to the DNA 200 version.
Very comfortable to hold.
Overall it's simply a FANTASTIC box mod.
I highly recommend if you like high wattage wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc like I do.
If you're looking for battery life pair this bad boy with 3 LG HG2's, and if you are super sub ohming pair it with 3 LG HB6's Best for Super Sub Ohming You cannot go wrong.
Make sure you have it hooked up to the wall directly and with a 2 Amp wall charger box most up-to-date cell phone charging boxes I would definitely purchase another one given if I ever need, which I highly doubt cause this thing is built to last!
Then began displaying "atomizer short" messages.
Wismec's "support" told me that wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc a common problem for anyone using a "third party" tank for "extended periods" of time.
In my case it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc my Crown tank that was blamed.
It worked fine for a little over a month.
If you purchase this mod, expect any number of tanks to turn it into a doorstop.
Google "RX200 510 pin " for links to stories of dozens of the best tanks listed as causing damage.
I will never buy another product from Wismec because their product support is non existent and the warrantee is a farce.
A work friend of mine had a tank he didn't use but wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc 30 watt ipv couldn't power it, so he recommended this one.
I ordered it late last Monday night, thinking I'd get it sometime next week, but I got it this Thursday morning already!
Since I am new-ish, I didn't want anything super complicated or expensive, and this is neither.
I only run mine at 35-40 watts so I am still on my first charge, the battery life is insane!
I was a little worried about the size and shape, but it feels really good in the hand, very solid and does not feel cheap.
I've already recommended it to a few people, 1 person ordered one the same day I got mine.
I highly recommend it.
This mod is fantastic, the manual it came with is easy to read and the mod itself is easy to use and set up.
No cons that i can think of.
Amazing price wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc quality and Amazing super fast shipping.
Thank you again wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc will highly recommend everyone of my friends who vapes.
Shipment came into their warehouse the very next day and was shipped and delivered within the next 3 days.
Box is a little heavy but is to be expected packing 3 batteries.
I have small hands and the rx200 fits them perfectly.
Running around 100 watts.
Unit has been wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc so far!!!
But they get touchy.
I paired mine with wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc Smok TFV4 and 3 MXJO 3000mah batteries and i can vape for about 2 days at 110Watts.
Several of my friends have opted to swap their mods to get this one.
The box is very solid and feels perfect for someone who has slightly larger hands like me.
Buttons are a tad loud but that sort of thing doesnt bother me.
Only thing you have to realize is this mod is big and somewhat wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc so I would't carry it if I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc about to run or something but it's fine to carry around all day while shopping or anything casual.
Quality It's undeniable that VapeNW offers the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 at an amazingly low price.
They shipped my order quickly.
I had a wonderful experience tc 60w eleaf обзор the company, as a whole.
Sadly, my device has 2 problems: 1 the device doesn't always fire when I press the fire button.
Sometimes, I have to push it 2 or 3 times for the device to work.
It creates a shocking vape experience, to say the least.
However, when wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc is working properly, it's a terrific box.
Super fast Shipping, and have no complaints this is definitely worth the investment, tad bit heavy with 3 batteries.
The RX200 is awesome!!
I have 6 of them I love them so much.
I have never the eleaf istick 50w описание Monday a problem with any of them.
They fit 25mm attys perfectly too.
I highly recommend them!!
I will prob buy a 7th one from vapenw lolthey are that good.
I need the black and red one now to finish my collection.
It probably has nothing to do with Vapenw but rather quality control where these these are made.
The return process at Vapenw is a little tedious but they honored my return and exchanged it as soon as they received my return package.
It's supposed to be here Thursday in which I will do an update review.
They have support in the USA which is a plus.
Watts so I had a perfect device.
Was told I needed better equipment.
Did a lot of reading and chose the rx200.
Wow what a mod, have not even started to unlock it's potential.
Analog free for a week or better yet 200 cigarettes I didn't smoke!
Love the mod not that I really have anything to compare it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />Just remember a good mod with a good tank and batteries is less than to cartoons of cigarettes and last for months is not years.
It's a work horse.
Battery life with LG HE2 last 2 days chain vaping.
Custom colors and feels good in the hand.
Lil heavy but not bad.
There is a reason the 2 have such a difference in price.
The DNA one with the software and capabilities is part of it but the other part wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc I seam to be more careful with the 510 on this wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />It looks like it was just taped into the case or some soft metal because of the looseness in the threads all ready.
If you just pay attention to it, its not to big of an issue.
Your tank will tighten up after several turns.
Besides that since i haven't really used the software much or took wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc time to build correct TC coils.
I really like it and for the price its a no brainier.
Even детальнее на этой странице the one issue i have grabbed it more купить клиромайзер eleaf istick http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/mod-ismoka-eleaf-istick-pico-75w-tc.html the DNA.
I also like the feel better.
Take it apart put some liquid steel in the hole the drill and tap it.
I had to do a 2nd?
Great price, Good people.
You cant beat the deal.
The issue also is not worth the 100 dollar price difference.
After agonizing over eleaf istick melo 2 reviews for weeks, I finally pulled the trigger good thing, the eleaf went to hell in a handbag the day this arrived.
This is a beast, it has heft and is a big mod.
That said it fits the hand well.
Nice thing is купить клиромайзер eleaf istick one I received had the latest firmware on it thanks VapeNW and the big surprise was the fit of the battery cover.
Tons of people have jumped on this mod because of the build quality.
взято отсюда when it went back on it has a nice fit, none of the gaps I have seen in the videos.
The menuing system is pretty easy to navigate and the buttons have a nice feel to them, no play whatsoever.
This mod is probably overkill for what I am wanting not cloud chasingbut from what I have seen so far, the battery life will be epic.
I am running this with a Uwell Crown tank with ссылка на подробности rba on Stainless 316 with a 1ohm resistance 18W-460F.
This thing is a beast!
Same great quality and the simplified board works great!
At this price your practically stealing this device.
I will be ordering another soon.
Wismec really hit this one out of the park!!
The only negative is the screen in mine is slightly crooked and for someone with OCD like me.
But even with that slight negative I am planning to get another one very soon.
Shes heavy with batteries installed but fits super nice in the hand.
Looks swweeeeeeet with the dog3 rda.
Great nuy and you cant beat the price.
I let most of the folks i know what fantastic deals you get here at vapenw.
I ordered from bed on Saturday morning and was in my mail box on Istick 60w tc melo набор biz />I run mine with a Griffin RTA by Geek Vapes, Clapton build.
Solid vapor and great flavor combo!
Easy to operate,great looks and upgradable firmware.
Packs a huge punch at a small price tag.
Well worth the money!
Quality Bought this it was looking awesome so vaped it for 3 days straight no problem and after those 3 days i tried to vape but it wouldnt turn on.
I thought it was just a dead battery changed it and still it wouldnt turn on.
Tried to email support but no replies from vapenw worst experience ever thanks alot vapenw for the shit you guys wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc me.
I guess you get what you paid for no wonder cheap prices cheap quality.
I will be ordering some more stuffs, the prices are awesome thank you vapenw!
Quality This mod is so solid.
Feels great, works great and the price is amazing.
Jaybo and Wismec hit it out the park with this mod!!
Tons of power on it and features as well.
You can vape on SS Ti and Ni coils plus your typical kanthal coils.
This thing works well with my coral tank from zpal and my sapor rda as well.
Awesome battery life with 3 cells in it so i am not здесь more time charging my batteries like i was with my IPV5.
The IPV5 is a decent mod if you like what pioneer4you does.
I am moving on from their products and this mod from jaybo and wismec is what the vape doctor ordered.
I plan on buying a second one and also one for my girlfriend as well since she likes it as well.
I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new mod.
Having 3 batteries is great.
Great price and fast shipping.
Lasts me about a day, maybe a day and a half at 55-60W 0.
Then again my girlfriend hits it pretty much whenever I'm not, so I intend to get her one for herself so I can enjoy the 2-3 day battery life I've heard so much about!
Overall the thing is rock solid, feels like you could use it as a hammer with no problems, the only thing that bugs me is the magnetic back panel occasionally won't line up properly and looks weird.
About the same weight as my son's IPV.
Can use bypass charging jic you are out longer than planned and forgot to change batteries.
Locks on settings you like, so no accidental cotton burning.
Looks great, can't tip over.
Get one you wont be dissapointed.
I've looked at wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc mod for a long time and VapeNW has by far the lowest price in wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc U.
Didnt get any directions or manuels on how it operates If there are any please send them to me.
Didnt get any directions or manuels on how it operates If there are any please send them to wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />This one definitely caught my eye with the use of 3 eleaf istick купить дешево />Overall the rx200 performs like wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc champ, and the durability is all there.
That said, I don't generally review items for their pros.
These devices were created to do as they are advertised, so they should at least function in that aspect.
Here are the cons I have.
This thing eats up batteries faster than any of my dual battery mods, that to me was where I lost interest.
I carry my batteries in packs of 4, as most mods require 2 batteries.
This mod was supposed to wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc that, but I was stuck carrying extra batteries wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc compensate.
This thing gets extremely hot, and I don't mean cloud chasing hot.
After about 4 vapes it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc too hot to comfortably hold in my hand.
Upgrading купить клиромайзер eleaf istick firmware is a nightmare, there are so many steps you have to do before upgrading, and the wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc site wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc even explain it, I had to search forums on how to do it.
Furthermore, the device doesn't give any information if it is upgraded or not.
I understand titanium has the nature to fluxuate until it has becomes used a little, but this thing could never decide on a resistance for my titanium builds.
Anyways, bottom line is I used it for about 2 weeks, and now it sits in my vape box.
For the price it's a good enough mod, but I prefer my X Cube 2 to this device.
It's form factor fits the hand perfectly.
Even though it uses three 18650 batteries, and weighs more than most 2 cell mods, this feels light in the hand.
The settings for each wire как сообщается здесь in TC mode are perfect.
The TCoR values in the programming don't need adjusted for most wires.
This is the only mod on the market that works perfectly with Ti wire without having to adjust settings.
I now have three, and am considering picking up a few more as back up, just in case.
You can't beat this amount of power, this many options, and the feel of this mod at this price point.
My RX200 showed up 3 days after my order which is a lot better than I can say about many other wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />As far as the mod goes, it's great power wise and one of the most comfortable mods to hold that I've ever had.
Only problem I've wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc is the 510 connection but that is not VapeNW's fault, it's just hit and miss with купить клиромайзер eleaf istick 510's.
It's нажмите чтобы узнать больше same 510 on the cuboid also.
I've already wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc a fatdaddy 510 on mine and it's perfect now.
Worth doing as long as you know what you're doing wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc comfortable doing it.
I upgraded to RX200 + Uwell Rafale from vapenw recently.
This thing hits like a beast.
Love the size, weight, look, performance, etc.
I like the way it fits in hand, the temp control wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc awesome very accurate device.
This I've bought two so far from vapenw, no problems whatsoever!
Fast shipping best vape site hands down!
Shipping is so fast that you won't even seem like you waited at all.
I wait 2-3 any day on wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc rx200 from vapenw.
Beautiful finish, great design and the trigger button is on point.
I ordered the device on a Wednesday wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc had it that Saturday!
Great service купить клиромайзер eleaf istick again VapeNW!
Now I have only been using this for one day and would usually wait before posting a review wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc GrimmGreen posted a video of the reuleaux Rx200 and the dna200 and based on his video I agree and he also sent me here in his video.
He is dead on!
If I change my opinion " i doubt it" but if I do I will be sure to let you know!
I have had it about a month now can't put it down more than an hour.
Vapenw is the best too.
Awesome customer service and FAST shipping.
Shipping was super fast too!
Site was super fast and sent me a confirmation email as soon as it shipped.
Can't beat the price of this thing for the quality.
It even came детальнее на этой странице the latest firmware already installed.
However, uspc was horrible getting it to me.
I live in Ohio and it took 8 days to be delivered.
I order vape stuff all the time and I almost never have to wait even 5 days but this took over a week.
As far as deals go, this is a great one.
Not much money for a 200 watt mode with temp control with ti, ni, and ss settings.
But if you live in Ohio, be sure that you won't mind the wait before wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc order it.
It's cheap compared to other 200 watt TC devices, battery life is insane although it does use 3 18650sit's handsome, and just an overall great piece.
Mobility might be an issue during the warmer months, wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc wouldn't carry ссылка на подробности in my pants pockets, but in winter it fits fine wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc my coat pocket.
I'm using LG HG2 batteries and eleaf 20w что это directly through the device with no problems on the latest 3.
Vapenw shipped it super quick and offers the RX for an absolutely amazing price.
I'd buy this again if I had to.
With three batteries, lasts me 2 days!!!
I have to say, between the two I like the RX200 better.
It's an easier board to use and who doesn't like simple?
The DNA 200 only comes http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/sigareta-eleaf-istick.html nickel curve while the RX200 come with ni200, SS, and Ti.
The black is so sexy with black RDAs and tanks.
It has became my all day mod.
The 3 18650 batteries doesn't make it HUGE, but a little heavy.
I believe the Snow wolf is heavier than this though.
It feels good in the hands thanks to Jay Bo.
He did a great job on the design and Joy tech Did a good job on the board.
The front panel gets a little warm with an RDA but that's something to expect when you're pumping out a lot of power.
The screen wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc that big and I think that could be a con.
Other than that, I think it's a wonderful device and I will be ordering another soon.
Gonna use wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc for all my mod needs in the future.
Vapenw your shipping speed is outta this world!
It Lasts a few days on one charge and it fits nicely in my hand.
Bought one for my girlfriend as well, we are both very happy with our new vapes.
Great for the price too.
My only complaint is that the resistance lock only works in temp mode.
Resistance in wattage jumps around a little here n there, but not too bad.
Even though the return process was lengthy.
I still received it back in 2 daysfrom the time that I received the email notification that it was being replaced and I am enjoying it haven't changed to many setting but I have experimented with a couple nice builds that my other MOD couldn't handle the ohms.
Great price and decent customer service.
I picked up three of these badboys for 39.
Keep in mind that's an upgradeable device once you receive it you can load software into these chips for better temp control and more wattage output.
You seriously cannot go wrong with this mod and the website.
Shipping is fast and they provide excellent tracking as well.
So much so that I got 3 of them.
This device has worked flawlessly for me from day 1.
It arrived already updated to Firmware 3.
All of mine are working great.
I did have an issue with 1 of mine after a week of using it with a TFV4 Mini where I would sometimes have to hit the button twice before it would actually fire.
After reading everything being said about some tanks causing problems I made myself a little super thin washer out of a piece of silicone.
I installed the washer under my TFV4 tank and my issue is solved.
The TFVA full size and mini fall into this wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />The 510 on this is really shallow compared to most.
Installing something with long threads pushes the center pin down and somehow causes the mod to eventually fail to read battery 1 and therefore will no wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc work.
There is no warning in the documentation to this effect.
However, several people have told me that Wismec is refusing to fix them for people who who using subtanks and such that had long threads.
Great feeling in my hand too.
I really hope they come out with the orange body with the black face plate and battery door version.
Not big on temp but got sucked into the dna 200 hype.
Bought the rx as a beater for a trip to Disney and havent used the dna since.
Its grearxand with lg hg2's this thing lasts a full day chain vaping at 70-90w on wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />Bought my first one, girlfriend fell in love with it, had to buy a second.
But now, two weeks later the price has decreased more than the first Reuleaux I purchased months ago, and there's new colors!
Kind of lame that the price keeps fluctuating.
But the mod itself and the wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc is absolutely incredible.
Definitely the best bang for your buck box mod wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc there right now.
The mod uses 3 18650 batteries and provides crazy long battery life.
This thing uses just almost EVERYTHING I own and has been so reliable.
They offered no extras.
I hear guys saying we should support our local shops but they are not meeting the consumer halfway.
I got my batteries here for 7 wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc normal pricing.
When i did decide to buy the price had dropped from what i was expecting to pay.
I got it in 2 days and i haven't gotten home to check it out yet but I've done business here and i believe everything will be as described.
I've had it for 6 months now.
This thing does it all, and it's a beast.
Battery life is insane.
It's built with quality.
It's a heavy tank.
What else can I say?
These guys have the best prices, so look no further I guess.
Great battery supply due to the use of the three battery tray.
My only concern is the use of my TFV4 on it.
I've been hearing that a lot of people are having problems with the 510 connector that is used in the Rx200.
I guess tell will tell, maybe sooner or maybe later since I use that setup every day and I do chain vape.
I have no complaints at all.
The RX is a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc nice piece of equipment.
Feels great in my hand.
Also, I chain Vape so it gets a work out.
Vape NW is always my go to online vendor.
Best on the net!
We were casual vapers with wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc vape pens.
This thing is awesome!
You can adjust the watts, temperature, everything!
With the right tank you get so much flavor, smoke and it's so smooth!
I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc telling my husband that I need one now!
It works always and exceeds expectations.
Quality What can I say?
For the price, this mod is a great value.
Has all the features, temp control for SS, nickel, Ti.
Reads resistances lower than any other mod i own.
Batteries last me 2-3 days and I use this device more than any of my others.
The pricing on the mod is excellent!
It can last me up to three days on a charge depending how I use it I love it and it has become one of my go to daily купить клиромайзер eleaf istick />It's a power house.
Only thing I would say is a con is the size.
It holds 3 18650 batteries.
Kind of large for taking out and about, but still awesome.
Amazing mod for a really gold price.
The Rx has effectively replaced all of my other mods.
Built solid and durable, great battery eleaf istick pico tc vw apv, ss tc for people interested in that.
What more do you need.
Other than that, I am very satisfied with my purchase.
But, out of the blue it just went wonky on me after 6 weeks of owning it.
The temp control worked great- wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc the most part.
It feels great in the hand, and battery life is much better than a 2 x 18650 mod, of course.
Hope mine is just an isolated case.
Love the feel and the купить клиромайзер eleaf istick of it!!!
Quality Amazing performance, fits nice in hand although its a bit heavy.
I am not a fan of TC but on this baby it rocks.
Clouds are enormous and thick.
Not bad quick shipping.
All my atomizers fit flush and OMG the battery life is godly.
Was recommended by a friend about VapeNW wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc the mod.
Can't thank him enough.
The price is well worth it.
Quality This mod is fantastic.
It keeps me vaping all day and then some it's a true 200 watt mod.
It will continuously fire at 200 watts.
I haven't messed around with the temp control settings on it yet.
I have some stainless steel wire coming in soon, so I'll try that out later, but in normal wattage mode this mod kicks.
Even on low ohm builds, and low wattage there is hardly any ramp up time.
It powers my Griffin quite nice.
For under 45 bucks you get the big power of 200w, all modes of temperature control I haven't used that option yetand most importantly to me, upgradable firmware.
I use mine with a version one mutation x dripper and the new Clieto tank.
It does fine with both attys.
The adjustable 510 has been flawless, but I have also been careful about how tight I crank the atty.
Although onboard charging is available, I will not be using it.
The general consensus is that Any mod with more than 1 battery should be charged externally.
There are various accounts of the RX having issues after extensive use of onboard charging, although I have read some comments stating it works fine.
While it's super inexpensive, I'm not made of money and won't be risking it.
My absolutely only issue so far; wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc seems that the mod cuts out the batteries a little too soon.
Mine showed an empty battery bar, but onboard battery check feature and charger both showed around 3.
If it would allow me to continue down to 3.
And I'm a VERY heavy vaper.
I loved the idea of 3 18650 batteries in the MOD, but was really concerned about size and a little about weight after reading reviews.
I was using the Sigelei 150TC.
I was immediately happy with the size of the MOD, it fits perfectly in your hand and is actually smaller than the Sigelei.
It is slightly heavier, but the way it fits in your hand more than makes up for it.
I am a heavy vaper, batteries in it last a little more than a day but that was the goal, batteries for an entire day.
I am currently using this MOD with the SMOK TFV4 best tank yet… with the rebuildable dual deck.
Stainless 316 coils work perfectly in TC mode on this MOD, really no reason to justify the DNA200 board yet unless you absolutely need the extra ramp up or like to toy with escribe.
The SS TC mode on this MOD works perfectly, no dry hits on a.
Wonderful price, no issues.
I've been vaping since January of 2016 after a friend at work gave me a good deal on a sub ohm tank setup.
Since then the Istick 50 has died.
I purchased a Узнать больше Mini here locally and also a Plume Veil clone to start building.
I ordered the RX200 here at Vapenw and it is amazing!
After watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos I decided to go with this mod simply for the battery life.
Two weeks later Now I find myself building dual parallel builds and using a bit higher watts.
I can't say enough about Vapenw's prices.
It was shipped to my home in Oklahoma in 3 days!
Today I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Velocity by Tobecco and also the Hannya rda's.
Look forward to receiving them and progressing in my new addiction!
I've gone from two packs of Marlboro Reds a day for 20 years to none.
I can't recommend Vapenw to enough people.
If your on the fence about anything, just go ahead and pull the trigger.
At their prices you can't go wrong!!
Looking forward to receiving the two new RDA's and I'll be sure to post my thoughts on them as well.
After countless hours of reading reviews and watching YouTube reviews I'm confident I've chosen pretty good.
Thanks Wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc and I'm sure I'll be back again!
Hits on point and battery life is great.
If I had to think of something bad only 1 thing sometimes I pick it up and fire and reads atomizer low and shows battery empty and then it wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc and is fine.
Can't speak on temp control.
Run it with freemax starre or crown.
Have had no problems whatsoever.
I keep the firmware updated and batteries charged.
For 200 Watts, you can't beat the price.
First observation is that the fit and finish that received some criticism in YouTube reviews appears to be corrected in the production version.
Seems are tight and finish is great.
It is heavy and definitely a desktop item, not something for your pocket.
The only problem I have had is that the fire button sometimes doesn't fire.
Release it and press again and it does fire.
I highly recommend this device.
Ordered mine on a Thursday before president's day and the weekend, still received it on Tuesday.
If you are looking for one of these then stop worrying and purchase one wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />Quality The RX200 has been a fantastic performer thus far.
I've had mine almost 2 weeks and every atty sits nice and flush, I've swapped my wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc color easily and effectively and it's very versatile in handling the different wire wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc />The two things that my OCD wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc me crazy about are the battery door not sliding shut all of the way shut leaves a slight gap exposing the battery on the right side, which I have heard about from numerous owners and it eats batteries like a pig.
I have 3 LG HE4's in mine totaling 7500 mAh that I vape throughout the day and after a full day 40-45 watts, they're just about dead.
I have 2 battery mods like the Snow Wolf 200, X Cube II and wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc Smok M80 Plus Pro that do better than this and the Snow Wolf will wake itself up all night long.
I'll still have more battery left than the RX 200.
I've swapped them out for HE2's and Efest 38amps and it drains them all quite expediently.
Minus these 2 rather irritating flaws, I love the mod.
I just hope Wismec tosses an update out to address the battery drain.
The prices are really unbeatable.
Fast delivery and products are the real deal!
I have already sent a couple of friends to buy their vape products from here.
Keep up the great work guys!
Buy this one, you won't regret it and beside VapeNW has the one of the best prices for it I have seen!
I got this as a recommendation from a fellow vaper and am glad I got it.
It holds charge excellently and I don't have to worry about needing to keep a charger around because I can change the batteries when I need to.
A true 200w mod here.
That's saying a lot, I am a chain vaper, and I vape pretty much all day long.
I like the build choices I have on this, with it being 200w.
Nothing demonstrates this concept better than this Wismec device.
I can't imagine how a DNA box could do it better.
This thing really shines in wattage mode and being able to build down to.
The size takes a little getting used to, about three hits.
The quality of the vape makes you forget all about how it fits in your hand, and it is comfortable.
Users with really small hands might need five or six hits to get used to the size.
This is my first experience with temperature control so I still need a bit of getting used to it.
Being mostly a wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc mod user for so long, I've gotten accustomed wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc that instant and constant hit mech mods with the right build gives you.
I probably just need to tweak my temperature and wattage settings to dial in to what I like.
There is thousands of possible combinations to dial in to too, which are quite approachable and easy.
All in all, this is very hard to beat and at this price of about 40 bucks, I don't know how anyone is keeping this thing купить клиромайзер eleaf istick stock.
I am glad I did.
Ordered on Friday, here on Tuesday with a holiday on Monday and everything is perfect!
The RX200 seems nice, well built, and a good value.
Will order from Vape NW again.
I will be ordering from here again.
Price This thing does it all and does it well.
Temp control wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc smooth and flawless in ni ti and ss modes.
Haven't had to use the adjustable TCR yet.
The only thing missing is adjustable initial resistance.
If it does have it, I can't find it.
The owner's manual isn't very thorough, but it's there.
Ordered late Friday night and had it in my mailbox in Virginia on Monday.
This is my second purchase from here and these guys put most others to купить клиромайзер eleaf istick />Then my wife's Sigelei Fuchai stopped working while out of town, so I picked another RX200 up for her at a local vape shop.
Then one day, mine stopped firing entirely all together.
I thought it was the batteries, so I switched in 3 brand wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc married ones.
Still would not fire.
Wrote an email to Wismec and waited a few days for a response that still hasn't come.
Installed the batteries again and it worked!
The mod got warm within a few seconds of the batteries being installed, and it stopped firing.
My wife went out of town again a week after buying wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc new one.
She didn't take a charger with her, and said she would charge it through the USB port until she got home.
Now she's saying it's either not charging at all, or charging really slowly.
Still no reply from Wismec.
I liked the 3 18650 design, and life expectancy I would get out of 3 batteries vs.
Fast and Fair Shipping prices.
I get they have a Bottom Line, but so do I.
This MOD is beyond well built.
Very sturdy and works fantastic.
I would highly recommend wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc MOD to anyone.
And I now constantly advise others to purchase from Vapenw.
So happy with my purchase and fast shipping.
Takes a little getting use too,but can not beat this mod for price.
Had mine a month now.
Battery life would probably be better if I bought 3 new and same batteries.
Wismec killed it with this mod!!
Well built very accurate, can't ask for more and super fast delivery.
Seems Wismec has worked out the bugs in the firmware.
No issues with previous cell imbalance on stand alone charger all are even but in using the cell wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc on board it's a bit off no купить клиромайзер eleaf istick like Wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc say on xstar they are balanced within 20mah.
Have not charged with USB and don't plan to.
I like the device infact turned my friend on to the RX and when I vaped an SS build on his I really liked it so pulled the trigger.
Now I double fist my two home base units and love the form factor.
I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc on swapping my Dna board to the Rx body soon and mix match the panels.
The firmware that ships from VapeNw is the lastest V3.
All in all pretty decent.
Quality I rate four stars since the panels don't line up 100% but that's it.
There is no reason to not have one of these if you're serious about vaping.
It does everything you need and than some.
It does run hot but you get over it.
Throw some 3000+mah batteries in there wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc you're set for a whole day without carrying around spares.
Both for ourselves and 2 gifts.
Long battery life with 3 LG Hg2 in there.
I have about 4 RDA I keep in rotation on here.
Dual Staged Parallel clapton and Kanthal, dual clapton coils, dual nano dragon coils, and sleeper on the Dark Horse RDA.
Works great with my Smok TFV4 mini and the triple coil action provides hellacious vapor flavor and clouds.
I would узнать больше здесь this to a beginner and to an experienced vapor looking to get away from, or have an alternative to a mech mod that wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc fire off immediately, and has TC options.
I ordered on Sunday and had it on Wednesday.
Got it fast all sealed in new box.
Had good buying experience with vapenw.
My new favorite device.
Great battery life Ni, Ti, SS temp control, TCR modes, looks beast, feels great wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc the hand.
Vapenw is the beast place to buy any vape gear online hands down, everything is legit and price is unmatched sooo happy I found this site.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the price and shipping from vapenw.
Not extremely, but it has definitely been out of its box at some point.
I also noticed that the battery door was extremely difficult to remove.
The top part of the mod was bent ever so slightly downward, which was quickly remedied by Taking the battery door off and pushing up on it a bit to straighten it.
I was disappointed that the mod had been used, or at least handled by someone wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc than myself, when I thought I was buying a new, sealed product.
However, I was too excited to use it, and seemed to work just fine, so I didn't bother with returning.
I have had it now for 2 weeks.
This was my first order with vapenw, and an instance like that makes me have second thoughts of ordering again.
Sadly, because I was planning on buying a backup in white to switch colors and few more as gifts since the price was so good.
Feels good in the hand.
Doesnt tip over like most mods.
Better chance of getting the full 200 watts.
I own at least узнать больше different mods and the only ones that I use now are my dna200 and the rx200.
I have 4 rx200s so that should speak for itself.
Haven't tried the TC features yet but in wattage mode, this thing is a beast!
It is a bit bulky but I have big hands so it works out.
A must have product.
I wouldnt suggest do USB charging, It wont evenly charge each battery but I have Nitecore D4 and have 10 batteries so rest of them stay in charger while I vape this until battery dead I swap anytime wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc enjoy it!
My only wish is that I was able to get a black cover set to make white unit into a black and white unit.
Guess I will have to start saving again to afford my black and white.
Ordered the black one with 3 of the brown LG batteries a on a Saturday and received it on Tuesday.
Was very happy and will order again very soon for more batteries.
Obama Price As some of you know I have struggled with cigarettes for quite a while.
There is a strict no smoking policy in my office.
But after what one of my predecessors did in this officeuhhhh ,well I don't think vaping is going to hurt this office!
The mod hits like the IRS It was shipped faster than an executive order and was cheaper than the benefits I offer the veterans!!
Vape NW you are great and I'll talk to congress about getting you some exemptions for when I decide to tax the heck out of the vaping industry!
Thanks guys Sincerely B.
Unlike some of the other 200 watt mods, I have no doubt this one can really reach 200 watts with its 3 18650 configuration.
If you want one, definitely buy one from VapeNW, great customer service and the best prices on the ol interweb.
So I might be surprised.
But the shipping was fast and the wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc was exelent for comming from states.
Vape NW rocks super fast delivery just a pleasure to deal with.
I am still new to vaping and this is my second box I got.
I started out with an Eleaf iStick 100w and when I got this I was excited to start vaping with it.
Nice design that has a nice feel when you are holding it.
I купить клиромайзер eleaf istick suggest this box and an Aspire Cleito tank.
I can't believe the price on VAPENW compared to my local vape shop, just a crazy good deal.
I bought the TFV4 to go with this and it's just a beautiful pair.
VapeNW is one of my Top goto places, Its semi local and Customer Service is Great!
Amazing value and quality!!!!!!
Seems like it just broke for no reason : For this price.
I might buy the same one again.
But I wish VapeNW would do something about it or maybe send me another one : May end up buying a mechmod and forever forget about chipsets : super sad.
Vapenw shipped it on time but USPS sat on it in Kent, WA for 2 or 3 days.
I emailed Vapenw about it, within 30 minutes they responded to my email.
I wismec 200w reuleaux rx200 tc to thank them for the great service.
The RX 200 is the bomb.
Great price and features!!
For the price you get a 200w temp control mod with adjustable tcr values for different wire.
I would have given it 5 stars across the board but my screen came a little crooked, my 2 friends who ordered didn't have this issue so I subtracted 1 star.
Also the finish isn't great, I am starting to get paint chips on the edges of the battery door.
Battery life is impressive to say the least, with 3 LG 3ks, I get 2 days of vaping easily.
Out of all of my mods this is my go to mod.
Solid construction, and solid performance.
I downloaded the new firmware, and it makes this mod easier to use.
Vapenw has some of the best prices around and service to go along with it.
From California to New York in three days.
Works like a dream.
The RX200 has all the latest features.
Fairly new to this vape thing as I was using an ecig for a couple of years.
I ordered this on Friday and happily got the package on Monday.
West coast to the east!

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Reuleaux RX200S & RX2/3 by Wismec 200W $39.99

12 min - Uploaded by HeathenOut of the Box | Rx200 Reuleaux | Affordable Triple 18650 TC Mod by Wismec. •NEW.
Output wattage: 1-200w. Temperature range: 100-300°C/200-600°F(TC mode) 0.69 inch OLED screen. Package: 1*Reuleaux RX200(without cells) 1*USB.
Wismec's Reuleaux RX200 is fast becoming one of the most well-known and. Output wattage can be adjusted from 1-200W using the up and down buttons.. In TC mode, if the actual temperature of the coil reaches the set.
The Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod by Jaybo Designs is just like the Reuleaux DNA200 mod, however it uses the Wismec 200w chip instead of the Evolv DNA.

Review: WISMEC Reuleaux RX200 TC 200W + Vaporesso Gemini RTA : electronic_cigarette

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