Eleaf iStick 60W TC Box Mod Review

original eleaf istick tc60w box mod

Just US$32.03 + free shipping, buy Original Eleaf iStick TC 60W Box Mod online. If charging the 18650 cell in the iStick TC60W, the battery indicator will keep.
The iStick 60W TC Starter Kit is a winning combination of Eleaf's newest technologies. This Vape Kit merges the iStick 60W Temperature Control Box Mod with.
1 x iStick 60W TC Mod; 1 x Melo 2 Atomizer; 1 x Melo 2 Titanium Coil 0.5Ω... The original magnetic panels rattled a little but I bought a different color and.. The iStick TC60W replaced my aging KBOX & eVic VT, as a daily work horse!.. I have a number of different mod boxes, batteries, tanks and devices.
Eleaf iStick TC60W Box Mod Features and Specifications. in the MELO 2 is organic cotton unlike those that came with the original MELO tank. original eleaf istick tc60w box mod It comes in matte black with a matte black magnetic battery cover or silver and black.
The silver on the silver device runs down the side where the controls and display are, and on the top and bottom of the device.
The black version is completely and utterly black except for the stainless steel battery connector.
We received a blue cover with our blackout iStick and the contrasting colors look great.
That said, you do not get an extra battery cover when you buy the device, but they are sold separately.
Colors for the battery cover are; Blue, Teal, Grey, Black, and White.
I would definitely recommend the kit version, the combination of this new device with a MELO 2 is undeniably attractive.
The first time I saw the early mockups I knew this was going to be the first of many new radical design changes for eLeaf.
Modern, sleek, and oh-so-sexy, this changes everything for eLeaf and tens of thousands of iStick fans.
As much as we all iStick fans anyway original eleaf istick tc60w box mod the iconic look of the past few dozen iStick iterations, it was time for a new look.
The new iStick TC60W has a whole lot of state-of-the-art technologies and plenty of power, but its new form-fitting shape is comfortable in the palm of my hand, and the buttons and OLED display are placed in optimal positions on the side of eleaf istick 18650 body, making for fast setting changes and a quick glimpse of the settings readout.
The Kit version comes with all of the following: 1×iStick TC60W without the needed 18650 30A+ battery 1×MELO 2 Atomize Tank with Ni 0.
The Temperature Control System in the iStick TC60W works reliably with Nickel and Titanium coil heads.
These coilheads are available for the MELO 2, naturally, and we received a decent supply of Nickel, Titanium and Kanthal coilheads for this review.
Temperature range with the TC system is 200-600 Fahrenheit.
Nevertheless, it does seem to be somewhat brighter than other iSticks I have.
The Battery life, so far, is pretty much the same as most other devices with temperature control.
The 2100mAh batteries I use get about 4 hours of vaping in non-TC mode, and about 15-30 minutes more with TC mode enabled.
The iStick TC60W features a stainless steel original eleaf istick tc60w box mod Pin so that 99.
But, I attached more than a dozen sub ohm tanks and every one of them registered on the device.
Safety features run the regular gamut of features you would expect; short-circuit protection, heat protection, battery polarity protection, and so on.
Basic Function Guide The iStick TC60W is easy to operate.
The Controls From the top of the unit top being where the tank connects the first button is the Firing button.
This button is square shaped, sitting just about flush with the body, and is firm and responsive.
Next is the OLED display.
The largest information shown on the display is the Temperature or Wattage.
In TC mode the wattage is displayed on the bottom right of the display while the temperature setting take up the largest part of the display.
Beneath the OLED display is where the iStick T60W gets interesting.
The first button down from the display is an elongated button that serves the purpose of increasing and decreasing both the wattage and temperature, depending on the mode you are in.
The upper part of the elongated button increases temperature or wattage, the button part of the elongated button decreases the temperature or wattage.
The last button on the device, sitting below the elongated button is the Menu button.
This button is about a quarter of the size of the elongated button and controls the various modes, eleaf istick 18650 TC Nickel, TC Titanium, and Wattage.
Holding the button down will cycle through the modes.
If that sounds at all complicated, consider this; all three modes are set and changed by simply holding down that one button.
No more holding button combinations to enter into a specific mode.
The iStick TC60W will read the proper coil material and resistance when the tank is first screwed into original eleaf istick tc60w box mod iStick.
If you place a coilhead into your tank that has Titanium coils red band the device will read Ti in the display and the resistance ohms of 0.
Nickel coilheads по этой ссылке band for the eleaf istick pico tc TC60W are 0.
The EC Kanthal coilhead is a dual-vertical.
Of course, there is also the choice of using a 1.
We received all four coil heads.
The size of these coils seem to be almost exactly twice the size of an coilhead or half the size of the Delta 2 coilhead.
The MELO 2 Tanks The MELO 2 is a remarkable tank with an e liquid capacity of 4.
There is no wasted space like there are on so many other tanks, including the.
The eliquid can be filled to the just under the top cap.
The new MELO 2 tank is amazingly convenient to use, and its side-fill slot will handle anything from a thin needle to plastic snub-nose bottle tops and even glass eye-dropper styles.
To change the coilhead just remove the bottom cap by pulling it off in a straight upward position.
When you do remove bottom of the tank the coilhead will remain in the tank, and to remove it just simply unscrew it.
Naturally, the MELO 2 is compatible with various temperature control devices, and seems to be especially tuned for the iStick TC60W.
Side by the side the MELO 2 and the for instance show dramatically different physical characteristics.
The metal plated drip tip is removable, and universally sized, and the heat dissipation material of the drip tip works fantastically well.
The drip tip mouthpiece fits snug into the top cap.
Cautions — Before filling the tank, either the first time and subsequent refills, make sure the bottom airflow slots are closed.
If you forget this step the tank will not form a seal and it will leak.
In addition, before using the tank allow a few minutes for the eliquid to fully saturate the organic cotton wicking.
It might be a good idea to do a 3 second pre-burn before putting the mouthpiece up to your lips.
Lastly, original eleaf istick tc60w box mod the settings.
A video is better but still offers limitations on what original eleaf istick tc60w box mod is actually like to hold one and use one.
I intend to make a video in the next day or so, stay tuned.
I anticipate some people might think that original eleaf istick tc60w box mod it does not come with a battery the asking price is a little steep.
Add to that my opinion of the IPV D2, that it is a terrific box mod, and it becomes a real competitor.
You can also look at the from Joyetech.
Again, a worthy competitor to the new iStick TC60W.
So is the new iStick a better choice?
There is something about the eVic-VTC Mini that causes me to use it more and more.
I love the design of the Vaporshark Vapor Flask and the dual 18650 batteries allows me a whole lot смотрите подробнее time between battery changes.
I love the larger DNA40 display as well.
Two battery caps to unscrew, eleaf пермь batteries to remove, and two battery caps to put back on.
Still, I love the damned thing.
And so now we come back to the iStick TC60W.
In nearly no time at all I replaced my eVic-VTC Mini with the original eleaf istick tc60w box mod TC60W and, for now anyway, the iStick is the one I pick up the most.
Oh, and I have to say again, the beauty of this spanking new design just floors me.
There are a lot of choices today for Vapers, and still more to come very soon.
All I can original eleaf istick tc60w box mod, all I want to do, is to tell you that this one, the iStick TC60W vaporizer, is one fantastic device.
Same goes for the MELO 2 tank and its side-filling feature.
Together they are formidable.
I can imagine myself taking a new vaper to a vape shop.
I think I would tell her the choice is between the eVic-VCT Mini Kit iJust 2 tankand the iStick TC60W MELO 2 tank.
At least, well, I would.
Although with that MELO 2… Приведенная ссылка Manzione All original content is written and produced for our readers by the Spinfuel Staff, and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team.
The writing staff includes Julia Hartley-Barnes, Original eleaf istick tc60w box mod Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Kiley Phillips, Jim Kurz Editor of Spinfuel Vaper Newsand Dave Foster.
Spinfuel also publishes guest contributors on occasion, including Pascal Original eleaf istick tc60w box mod />All original content is protected by US copyright laws.
Just received my Eleaf iStick TC 60W in this afternoons mail, my, my, my…I thought my iStick 100 watt mod was nice although only about half the size and only 60 watts this is an impressive little box mod.
As for power, it has it, 60 full watts, so far, this being just an initial impression, the iStick TC60W is a beast, there is enough power under the hood to satisfy pretty most vapers.
I do like the new styling of the iStick TC60W, it has a certain flair that is entirely different from past models of the eleaf istick 18650 />I say this as I have the iStick 30, TC40W, 50 watt, 100 watt, and now the TC60W versions of the iStick models.
The kinda sorta rounded, but not quite rounded body of this mod feels good in the hand and all buttons are easy to access.
As for the Melo 2 sub tank…Ilike original eleaf istick tc60w box mod />I had to search high and low to find a Melo 2 sub tank, one that was not part of the iStick TC60W kit.
The side fill on the Melo 2 is a great new upgrade, I can take my 30 ml unicorn bottle turn my Melo 2 on its side, still attached to the mod and fill it up, and I mean I can fill it up, no more wasted spce at the top of the tank because this that or the other gets in the original eleaf istick tc60w box mod />I have a couple other top fill tanks, off hand I have a STARRE Pro which is top fill, the Crown Uwell is top жмите сюда, and now original eleaf istick tc60w box mod 2 Melo 2s that I have.
So, now I have 2 of these great little tanks, not complaining at all, original eleaf istick tc60w box mod at some point I can narrow my sub tank collection down to the handful that are either top fill or are just too damn good a tank to not have in my eleaf istick 18650 />All in all I think this new iStick TC60W is going to be a very nice, a very welcome addition to my collection.
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Eleaf iStick 60W TC Box Mod Review

Eleaf continually provides you with products of first-class quality, advanced technology and best performance, bringing you wonderful vaping experience. iStick.
Elegant and rounded with attractive colors, the iStick TC60W features its changeable magnetic covers for ease of switching your 18650 cell and.
Eleaf iStick 60W TC Temperature Control Box Mod Full Kit. Standard output wattage has seen a 50% increase as compared to the original, giving it much more flexibility to power newer midwattage Sub-Ohm. Rip Trippers iStick TC60W Kit.
28 min - Uploaded by Mike VapesYou can purchase it here http://www.yetivape.com/eleaf-istick-tc60w-kit?tracking.
And, I'm back with another (overdue) review for the Eleaf iStick 60w mod.. name, temperature control, and a removable battery – the iStick TC60W, of course.. The box has a scratch-off authentication code to verify you received a genuine.

All-New eLeaf iStick TC60W Kit w/MELO 2 | Spinfuel Vape Magazine

ЭЛЕКТРОННАЯ СИГАРЕТА В ВОРОНЕЖЕ ГДЕ КУПИТЬ Eleaf iStick 60W TC Temperature Control Box Mod Full Kit. Standard output wattage has seen a 50% increase as compared to the original, giving it much more flexibility to power newer midwattage Sub-Ohm. Rip Trippers iStick TC60W Kit.
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