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11 min - Uploaded by Russian Vape TeamiStick Обзор от Батарейкина iStick от Eleaf. Обзор бокс-мода Eleaf iStick TC 60W Temperature Control - Duration.
Обзор бокс-мода Eleaf iStick TC 100w с температурным контролем, режимом TCR, возможностью работы на одном аккумуляторе и.
Мод iStick 200W TC от Eleaf — это долгожданный «двухсотваттник» данного бренда, создающий конкуренцию мощным устройствам от.
Eleaf iStick 50W Review - We take a look at the insanely popular 50 watt mini box mod by Eleaf and see how it performs. Check out our review. мод eleaf istick обзор The Eleaf iStick made huge waves in the e cig world last year for a box mod that not only packed a punch in terms of functions but it did so in such a small device.
Voted for by readers and fellow vapers.
My showed that they could go smaller still without the performance being effected.
Back to this review and we are taking a look at the 20W iStick and what it has to offer.
If you have come across an e cigarette called The Curve from TECC or Totally Wicked then this review can be taken into account as they are the same product, just a different brand name.
Just a quick update.
Two larger battery capacity iStick models have since been released.
The andboth great little box mods.
Also, for our favourites.
The corners are rounded which not only gives a nice smooth finish but also sits comfortably in the hand, fitting perfectly into the palm.
It kind of makes the MVP2 look a little outdated now although and that is no surprise, you could argue that Innokin were ahead of the game for a couple of years with that device.
In the meantime this is what they look like side by side.
I purchased the iStick in black but there are a few other options available which include silver, blue and pink.
The OLED screen runs between the power buttons down to the voltage selection buttons.
In the black it blends in with the overall design and only comes to life when a button is pressed.
The information screen is small but the details are set out well and easy to read.
Depending on the resistance of your atomiser you will see different maximum watt output readings, I am using a 2.
I was mostly vaping this in watts mode though as that is my personal eleaf мини istick mod 1050 мач and helps with detecting and working with the atomiser attached.
The only downside at this point is that in watt mode it can take a while to go through the selections, be nice to see something that could speed this up a little.
There are a number of other features.
Press firing ссылка на подробности 5 times in quick succession.
When it comes to performance the 2200 mAh battery is excellent.
As a moderate vaper I was managing a few days at first from a fully charged battery.
Is this a big problem?
Has it effected the performance for me?
Not that I have noticed personally, if I even get a hint that there is a burnt taste coming through I just notch the settings down a touch but this goes for any device.
Also, the 20W output is only achievable with lower resistance coils between 1.
The actual build quality is superb as well, very impressed so far.
I did whack a few different tanks on this including the Nautilus and and eleaf мини istick mod 1050 мач they worked a treat they were a bit oversized for the e cigarette.
Overall — Not much else to say apart from that I was very happy with how the iStick combined with a number of tanks to give a top quality vape.
Overall — Final Thoughts This is a great device for all levels of vaper if you are looking for a small device that still has a great battery life.
Final Eleaf iStick Review Verdict: Excellent: Highly Recommended Eleaf iStick 20W Review, 4.
I use a vanilla and ссылка на страницу mix on 3.
I bought it from The Vapour Shop in Paisley, Renfrewshire who refused to do anything about iteven denied having sold it!!.
I then took it to my usual supplier in Glasgow who reckoned it was a fake….
I bounced it off a wall!!
Even then the performance is nothing to write home about — careful adjusting of the voltage is necessary or you finish up getting a burnt taste from your e-liquid.
Thanks for the comment John.
I will say though that the iStick мод eleaf istick обзор I purchased DOES work with мод eleaf istick обзор threaded tanks.
I used the Aspire Nautilus with this mod and it worked мод eleaf istick обзор fine.
Same can be said for every VW device unless of course you are using a temp control mod.
A lower wattage should always be selected and work your way up until you find your sweet spot.
The only thing I can think is that the pin may not be spring loaded so may not adjust as most box mods do nowadays.
Thanks again for your views though John.
From simplicity in function and sturdy craftsmanship.
This is a great little mod for a aspire natilus or similar mouth to lung style setup.
And the thing has gone through hell and works as good as when new with minor scratches only my eleaf мини istick mod 1050 мач cigarette leaking too muchcost me double the liquid.
I vape ALL DAY.
I even found a istick tc40w mod vape case with a lanyard on it мод eleaf istick обзор my eleaf istick на этой странице sweetly inside.
I will NEVER to go back to smoking stinky cigarettes.
I started vaping with a vivid starter pack, batteries ran out in no time.
I moved on to a spinner 1600 but still found batteries ran out within a few hours.
Neither of these products gave мод eleaf istick обзор the hit I got from Smoking and I still wanted a cigarette.
It is so nifty in size, fits neatly in my pocket, gives out loads of clouds and is the best purchase I have made this year, I LOVE IT.
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Набор: боксмод Eleaf (iSmoka) Mini iStick (1050mAh) варивольт | Цена, отзывы, купить | webinar2.ru

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Мод eleaf istick обзор Мод iStick 200W TC от Eleaf — это долгожданный «двухсотваттник» данного бренда, создающий конкуренцию мощным устройствам от.
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