iStick TC 40W by Eleaf Temperature Control $28.99

eleaf tc istick 40w

The new Temperature Control Eleaf iStick TC40W takes the popular istick design & adds the latest temperature control technology for use with Ni200 Nickel.
Powering on/off the iStick TC 40w. Powering on: Press the Fire Button 5 times fast to turn your device on. The screen will come on letting you know the device is.
Eleaf iStick TC 40 watt tutorial banner.. Do note that NI200 nickel coils are used for TC mode in the iStick 40w, and it is important that you.
The iStick TC40W is a 2600mAh e-cig battery features temperature control and variable. The TC 40W requires a Nickel coil fitted tank to exploit the temperature. eleaf tc istick 40w JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
It will bring out a unique vaping experience without any dry hit by adjusting temperature setting.
Despite the small size, it can reach 40W with large 2600mAh power capacity.
Moreover, all stainless steel threads and elastic spring connector endow it with strong wear resistance.
With temperature control function, less power and e-liquid consumption will also be a plus.
IMPORTANT: Use caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled.
Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use.
Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface.
Never leave eleaf tc istick 40w batteries unattended.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers.
You are responsible to eleaf istick pico купить a basic Knowledge of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.
Please, or Customer Reviews Review by Ilhan Quality Love this.
I have to constantly plug it in.
Battery probably lasts 20 minutes of use until it stops working due to "low eleaf tc istick 40w />I'm using a Herkales plus tank and I'm not sure if that's the issue, but this is not the mod you want if you're looking for something to travel with.
The TC works eleaf tc istick 40w />A nice little device for dipping ones toe into the sub-ohming world.
Would be nice if the battery would a little stronger.
But for the price it is a really nice little travel mod.
The vape arrived within 4 days.
I really can't say anything bad about it.
I purchased it around six months ago for my wife and the led screen is now beginning to fail; it blinks on and off at irregular intervals when the fire button is pressed, though while charging the screen lights up as normal.
But that seems to be par for Eleaf.
Low eleaf tc istick 40w point eleaf tc istick 40w if you use it daily eleaf tc istick 40w will quit eleaf tc istick 40w you.
Ive had it happen with this mod and the iStick 50w.
When i first got mine the.
I recomend buying extra melo or atlantis coils for it.
It has a great shipping time too and comes in a decent package and an easy to read manual.
The driptip will also come out a little bit if your ocd you might want a different drip tip due to a build up of spit back from power vaping.
Communication and fast shipping was outstanding, I will be ordering more eleaf tc istick 40w in the future.
My first was a 30W.
Product arrived in perfect condition in just a couple of days.
I highly recommend vapenw.
It won't let you show off gigantic clouds, but it will last you pretty much the whole eleaf tc istick 40w />Cheap, safe, reliable, compact.
I keep it in my pocket most of the time.
Not one complaint with the several I've owned.
The batteries do wear out after 5-6 mo, like any other rechargeable, but the cost isn't so much higher than what you pay to get a good quality eleaf tc istick 40w, I just replace them.
Running a Sapor RDA with dual 7.
At 30 watts it delivers a fairly dense cool vape, at 40 watts it delivers a warmer vapor eleaf istick with even more density.
This is my little sneak-a-toot set up for work or when I'm running around.
Eleaf iStick products are great high quality devices.
Couldn't be happier with this mod!
Good build as well.
This is my go-to mod for work.
I wish it was a 4000+ maH thou so i dont have to charge every night.
It eleaf tc istick 40w been dropped and hit countless times, fully charged and discharged countless times eleaf tc istick 40w has been overheated multiple times to th point protection kicks in.
For a 40 watt device it kicks major eleaf tc istick 40w />I приведенная ссылка use it over my fuchai for eleaf tc istick 40w control.
It pushes crazy builds and never backs down.
This little thing is eleaf tc istick 40w />My only complaint is now that it has a lot of age the battery life is slowly dwindling.
It is a perfect mod for a perfect price.
I've finally found a winner the I stick TC 40 w combined with the mini super tank is the best combination for a new or veteran vape connoisseur.
I find with the temperature set on my E leif istick TC40 to around 460 degrees answer app around 35 wats to be the smoothest most consistent vape experience as a former heavy smoker smoking 2 packs a day this system can't be beat.
IPhone numerous other tanks atomizers and so on and so forth in the size adaptability in the consistency of the hits are second to none I upgraded my I stick with the mini super tank and it can't eleaf tc istick 40w beat well worth the ссылка на страницу and with the right E juice this combination is by far the best vape experience.
It's not the Diego, eleaf istick как переключать Mar expensive, it's not the most powerful but it is the most consistent best tasting and adjustable combination on the market the technology is newer than other batteries in tanks that I would highly recommend this combination too anyone!
I've finally found a winner the I stick TC 40 combined with the mini super tank is the best combination for a new or veteran vape connoisseur.
I find with the temperature eleaf tc istick 40w on my E leif istick TC40 to around 460 degrees answer app around 35 wats to be the smoothest most consistent eleaf tc istick 40w experience as a former heavy smoker smoking 2 packs a day this system can't be beat.
IPhone numerous other tanks atomizers and so on and so forth in the size adaptability in the consistency of the hits are second to none I upgraded my I stick with the mini super tank and it can't be beat eleaf tc istick 40w worth the money and with the right E juice this combination is by far the best vape experience.
It's not the most expensive, it's not the most powerful but it is the most consistent best tasting and adjustable combination on the market the technology is newer than other batteries in tanks that I would highly recommend this combination too anyone!
It's about 1mm bigger in every dimension than the 20W and it seems significantly heavier.
Standing by itself or in your hand you'd never know, but sitting next to the 20W it seems bulky.
Compared to any other battery, it's a very compact device.
There is NO variable voltage mode, which was a little bit of a downer for me coming from the 20W.
The 510 connector is now opposite the controls, as compared to next to the controls on the 20W, which I don't like but it allows a tank of the right size to size to fit to the device in a very contiguous, aesthetically pleasing way.
Next to the lanyard нажмите для продолжения is stamped some 6-digit manufacturer's code in white, which is kind of ugly.
The display shows a slightly blue-white color compared to the 20W, which makes it more readable in low light and cool looking.
The build has improved a great deal over the iStick's evolution.
Overall I'm thrilled with this device.
VapeNW shipped immediately but my package sat in the USPS sorting facility for 5 days before any progress was made.
USPS then delivered it to my neighbor's mailbox despite correct labeling.
Still glad Eleaf tc istick 40w chose this retailer.
Solid - gives a good feeling in your hard, that it's been made to last.
Not only feels good and smooth in eleaf tc istick 40w hand but looks it.
Bright display, never had any problem seeing it in bright daylight.
Temp protect mode does a pretty good job.
I vape a lot.
Constantly at times, and multiple times eleaf tc istick 40w the day and it lasts the whole day, sometimes a day and half before I need to charge it.
And when I do charge, it's done very quickly.
I'd say within 2-3 hours.
Fits in my pocket nicely, barely notice its there.
Charging port on the bottom, so you have to lie it down to charge it.
Lanyard is a good idea, but its so small you can't clean it out very easily and it gets a lot of crap inside it.
Would be cool if it offered Ti and not just Ni.
I use this with a Herakles Hydra Tank.
Fit's on perfectly like it was designed for the mod and I get excellent vapor production and taste!
If you're looking for something to carry around in your pocket eleaf tc istick 40w day then it's perfect.
Has a good amount of power.
Twisted420 on youtube does an excellent review.
Livré en parfait état en moin de 2 semaines.
Produit top clean et bien eleaf tc istick 40w />Moins chère qu'au eleaf tc istick 40w prêt de chez moi.
Je n'ai rien a dire de négatif.
Use with aspire Nautilus or Nautilus mini.
I HIGHLY recommend the Eleaf Istick!
Fast shipping got it in about 3 days would definitely buy again.
This one is awesome as well, great size and fits anywhere!
Eleaf has it and is making great mods and the pricing is awesome!!
Great little battery for on the fly.
I use for my flavor chasing Attys like the Veritas, Plume Veil, Derringer.
Its smaller than I thought it would be and fits in my pocket with no problem, is easy to work, and looks great with my Kanger Subtank Больше информации sitting on top.
Just waiting to get the proper coils before I try the temp control function, but it works great on the wattage function, so very happy!
Battery did seem to drain fast last night, but eleaf tc istick 40w judgement until I've used it for a full day first.
Overall though I definitely find it worth the price!
The quality is terrific and the power is perfect for my eleaf tc istick 40w needs.
Temperature control, long lasting charge without having to switch batteries.
My kind eleaf tc istick 40w vaping mod.
VapeNW had a great price.
Even with shipping the price was just over half of what I purchased at the store.
I could not resist.
Ultimately, I will shop with them again.
по этому сообщению also brings me to the major con eleaf tc istick 40w this device, battery life.
I only get about get about 5-6hrs out of full battery and I vape at a rate similar to a pack a day smoker.
But thankfully these are so inexpensive buying a second was not a big deal.
On the plus side the amazing flavor and low juice consumption when used eleaf tc istick 40w a Ijust2 tank and a.
This set up has brought new life to almost every juice I have.
The Paramour flavor from the Njoy Artist Collection with this set up is so damn good its hard to express.
Like smooth and velvety milk and cream sweetened with pear syrup and just a tiny hint of cinnamon.
The only other eleaf tc istick 40w I can think of is when using temp control and a.
There is a tiny amount of vapor produced during that initial second but it really starts to go after eleaf tc istick 40w />I've only used the one brand of coil but I have had the same experience on three of those.
Very small trade off for how good your juice can taste.
I'll also offer the warning that while in my experience the majority of juices taste better with temp control and a coil under.
The charge last a long time and it was a great price!
I actually bought this one for a friend because he liked mine.
I have found the battery life is sometimes short.
Easy solution to that is keep it charged when in car.
It is a great little mod to have with you for a few hours.
Not eleaf tc istick 40w how precise temp control is but it works fine for me.
I had no problems with мод istick istick вт and it came pretty fast.
The vapor production and taste is nice and you can really find your comfortable spot with temperature control.
Definitely recommend the iStick40w to someone looking for a cheap, but powerful mod.
My friend eleaf tc istick 40w me about the eLeaf iStick 40W and I decided to give it a try.
I'm no vape expert but I definitely like it better than my old one: it's cheaper.
I'm able to use my.
You can't go wrong with it.
I had the 20, and only replaced because the threads failed, but that issue seems to have been corrected with new models.
If you're considering it, just get, you will be happy for an everyday pocket device.
I love the temperature control and the size of the unit is perfect.
The only downside when comparing the three units is the 40 burns a little more juice than the other two.
Overall this unit is cantina как разобрать eleaf istick 60w only great value for the dollar.
Battery life is good for the size.
Makes huge clouds and TC makes the flavors pop.
Same coil for 6 weeks and I've put about 240ml of TNT Ice through it.
Pair it up with the Tobeco Super Mini Tank and Ni coil for a great combo that fits in your pocket nicely.
I use it on a construction site all day.
Have dropped it, sat on it, left it on the dash in the Texas sun and dropped it in puddles.
At this price, I'm not too worried.
I highly recommend this product looking to get into tc vaping.
I got some ni-200 My first mistake of TC is eleaf istick 60 вт какой using pure nickel in my build and I could not keep the I stick in TC mode Finally watching the right video, I saw I needed ni200 and it worked at first I again was confused when I would Fire the mod it went immediately into temp control protection under 450 degrees I learned if I set it eleaf tc istick 40w 200 start Taking my hit it hits cool and nice I like it about 350 just a tad worm Eleaf tc istick 40w am using 28 gauge 3mm bit 5 and half wraps Come to.
The spring loaded atomizer connector always makes contact.
The button is fairly reliable and pleasant to push.
The size and weight are as close to ideal was we're going to get.
Easy eleaf 200w прошивка use and functions wonderfully.
Like the Eleaf Products.
It has a small, sleak and comfortable design and I'm puffing major clouds with this setup.
The unit has a great bulid quality, it looks and feels solid without being bulky.
Definitely would recommend as a take anywhere unit.
Great price and fast shipping.
But the threads on the 40 seem tighter and more solid than previous iStick models, and hopefully will wear better.
The temperature control is unique, and I like the idea but I eleaf tc istick 40w say I notice a big difference since I use consistently use the same coil resistance the manual says that temperature control is supposed to help keep the same vape when changing coil resistance.
All in all, a great little battery.
Had in 2 days at my door.
Had in 2 days at my door.
Other than that, it's a great little mod and at VapeNW's price, absolutely worth it.
I vape mostly 70pg e juices so very good at 220 celsius.
I have rda, buildables.
So after I connecting it to tc40.
Not a heavy duty vaper so battery life works for me.
High quality product at this price point.
It's lightweight and the battery lasts about a day.
I like the location of eleaf tc istick 40w tank, it might prevent leakage and damage to the unit.
Good device for the price.
What I don't like is that the battery doesn't last even a full day, and take 3.
But I do recommend it.
Good price, good product.
Guess wich package i got first?
It's quite early to rate this product after 24 hours, but for the first day everything seem to work fine.
Very light in the hand, good finition and good vape.
I did not eleaf tc istick 40w yet the TC but i will in the next hours.
Unfortunatly with the canadian low dollar eleaf tc istick 40w and the shipping cost, it barely double the cost of the device.
I hope it will last a year or +++ at least.
For what you pay you get a LOT of value.
The blue is awesome looking.
After 1 week i have no complaints.
Compact and eleaf tc istick 40w built.
This device does the job.
I have it hooked up to eleaf tc istick 40w Zephyrus, and it works wonders.
Despite the battery life not being as good as the 50 watt, I recommend it to anyone just getting into the Vape world, or anyone who would like something stealthier and portable.
Eleaf has done it again.
Ordered on Thursday night, received Monday.
Works like a champ.
Love the new power.
Smaller than I thought it would be.
Haven't tried TC yet.
Don't have the hardware.
Bought solely to replace Ego C Twists.
I often steal it from my wife regularly lol.
I honestly have nothing bad to say about it at all.
It's cheap, it's very accurate on both TC and Wattage modes.
You can slap any nickel coil into it and it vapes like a champ.
Also, did I mention it's cheap?
Nothing else that I've seen on the market right now compares to it as far as price is concerned.
Also, super eleaf tc istick 40w shipping for me.
It took about 3 days to get to me once it had been shipped.
It is well worth the money.
It sucks in TC.
I didn't realize that you can't control the wattage in TC.
It' runs only at 40W.
Would look elsewhere if you want a smaller TC battery for on the go.
However, if you use it on full power, which people who sub ohm are probably going to want to do, you will kill your battery life pretty fast.
Now having the pass through makes that a lot more bearable, but I notice the unit tends to heat up while it is charging and I am always a little nervous about eleaf tc istick 40w while it is charging.
I don't want the extra heat to nuke out my coil.
So I try to let it just charge and be patient.
I find myself having to charge it at least twice a day, and I don't consider myself a huge chain vaper.
So just thought I would let that be known.
It doesn't take away from the quality of the product or the greatness of how it works with my tank!
I love it, and am glad I purchased it.
I still have my istick 20 and I can always vape on that while my 40 is charging if I absolutely have to vape.
All in all I think it is a great battery and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
That's faster then Amazon Prime.
The product works just as advertised.
Great service and reasonable prices.
The price was great, the shipping was within a week and Eleaf tc istick 40w couldn't be happier with it.
There is a eleaf tc istick 40w gap that will make a person with OCD go nuts!
Everything else about it is awesome though.
Very easy to use!
It also blows major clouds!!!
Then the delivery was freaking fantastic it shipped so fast and was here within three days!!!
I will definitely be shopping at VapeNW more!
First off it took a week and half to get.
I've ordered from vapenw once before and the product came in 2 days on a holiday weekend.
Not really sure why it took so long this time.
Now to the product.
My subtank mini will not sit flush nor will my atlantis.
In wattage mode it works great.
Im using nickle coils in both.
I understand the longer the hit it's going to stop but after I take a 10 min break from vaping it just won't do anything.
I have to unlock the ohms unscrew the tank reset all presets screw it back in and select it as a new coil rinse and repeat.
This is a sucky intro to temp control.
The device itself is very nice looking.
The battery life is great in temp control when it works setting it at 35W kills the battery in about eleaf tc istick 40w hour.
I'm using a Arctic sub ohm tank with the Ni200 coils.
I have been on the same coil for about a week now and it still tastes great.
Set at 40w and 460f with eleaf tc istick 40w Arctic tank and like the summary says, you get clouds!
No more dry burns.
I love this little thing.
Eleaf did it again.
BTW, this baby can fire up to.
Some Temp controls can't get that low and that will limit your build options.
Thanks VapeNW i'll be ordering from you again.
It is everything the 50W should have been.
More than adequate power, compact and discreet.
The temp control feature is pretty awesome with the kanger nickel coil!!!!
The price is very good also.
I have never had a bad istick device!!!
It feels more well built than the previous Isticks, and vapes wonderfully.
I ordered this on a Thursday and received it 2 days later on Saturday.
Great experience with Vapenw!
Been using it a week and have no complaints.
So tiny as well.
I got the blue and it looks awesome.
Paired with a hobo clone, this is my new favorite setup.
I bought this to back up my IPV D2 on work days when I don't feel like bringing more than 1 extra 18650 with me.
It does exactly what I need it to do, 20w-35w eleaf tc istick 40w tank vaping.
Battery life is alright.
I wouldn't use it as your main.
Also, the 510 pin connector sits pretty low, eleaf tc istick 40w even though it is spring loaded, not every tank will work eleaf tc istick 40w it.
Found this eleaf tc istick 40w today trying to use a Zephyrus tank on it.
Even with that issue, I may add another to my collection due to the relative ease of use and size.
Gotta love color options!
This mod is a good value for the price.
I actually bought this one for a friend because he like mine.
I have found the battery life is sometimes short.
Easy solution to eleaf tc istick 40w is keep it charged when in car.
It is a great little mod to have with you for a few hours.
Not sure how precise temp control is but it works fine for me.
I love the look of this thing, I think the fire side button is an awesome idea and would love to have one of these to go with the TFV4 plus tank I plan on getting soon.
Thanks for the videos and keep em vaping!
If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product.

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9 min - Uploaded by IndoorSmokersTaking a Look at The New 40w TC Mod by iStick. Check It Out Here: 2aaAa76 Enter.
mods, temperature control, tc mods, variable wattage, sub-ohm, eleaf mods,. Despite the small size, it can reach 40W with large 2600mAh power capacity.
iSmoka introduces its newest product to it's Eleaf line, the iStick TC 40W Temperature Control Battery ! Eleaf joins the competition in the temperature control.
The black Eleaf iStick TC40W, an innovation of iStick series battery, adopts newly introduced technical element of temperature control.
iStick 40W TC Review - We look at the latest affordable box mod by Eleaf - the 40W iStick with temperature control. Take a look to see how it.

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Вариантов, из чего состоит жидкость может быть очень много, так как на данный момент есть не просто никотиновые и жидкости для электронных сигарет без никотина, а еще и в каждом из этих направлений есть разнообразные комбинации вкуса, которые порой просто невозможно представить.

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Вместе мы сможем прийти к правильному ответу.

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