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eleaf istick tc 60w e

28 min - Uploaded by Mike VapesYou can purchase it here
Just US$32.03 + free shipping, buy Original Eleaf iStick TC 60W Box Mod. Temp Control 200 - 600F / VW 1 - 60W E-cigarette Vape Mod ( Simple Version ).
ELEAF Istick Tc 60W Full Kit Black/Silver - Includes Eleaf Melo 2 Tank:. side e-liquid fill hole and optional EC/EC TC-Ni/EC TC-Ti head, the iStick TC60W will.
The Eleaf iStick TC60W provides the latest innovative temperature control and variable wattage technology, available here with 5 FREE e-liquids at Eleaf UK.. mode it allows the use of standard atomizer heads and can be used up to 60W. eleaf istick tc 60w e Things have been hectic of late but the hardware waits for no man.
The subject of this review bears a familiar name, temperature control, and a removable battery — the iStick TC60W, of course.
The iStick is available in configurations ranging from the tiny iStick Mini 20W to the not-so-tiny dual 18650.
Eleaf is now dabbling in temperature control and the iStick 60W is their second device to feature the technology.
Also sent along as part of the iStick 60W kit is the sub-ohm clearomizer.
Do the iStick 60W and Melo 2 hold their own нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the mind-numbingly vast array of TC devices of sub-ohm tanks eleaf istick tc 60w e the market?
The Eleaf ismoka istick 30w купить and Included Stuff The iStick 60W Kit, like all Eleaf products, is nicely packaged and includes user manuals which are actually well written and useful, albeit a little small.
The kit includes the iStick 60 device, the Melo 2 atomizer, 1x Kanthal coil head, 1x titanium Ti coil head, 1x nickel Ni200 coil head, colored tank o-rings, USB charging cable, and the aforementioned manuals.
The box has a scratch-off authentication code to you received a genuine Eleaf product.
Eleaf iStick Eleaf istick tc 60w e Specifications: Size: 90.
The device appears to be very well constructed.
The battery door fits securely and sits flush with the body of the device.
The spring loaded 510 pin allows your atomizers to sit flush with the top of the iStick 60W.
The buttons are clicky and responsive but do have some slight rattle when eleaf istick tc 60w e device is lightly shaken.
The OLED screen is eleaf istick tc 60w e and easy to read.
The finish of the device is very nice and the minimal branding is tastefully done.
The inside of the device is cleanly constructed and features a battery removal ribbon and spring loaded negative battery contact.
Even though the iStick 60W is inexpensive, it certainly does not feel cheap.
It is very comfortable to hold and the finish feels good in the hand.
Like the iStick 60W, the Eleaf istick tc 60w e 2 atomizer is very well constructed.
All threading is very smooth and clean and the airflow control and fill port operate smoothly.
The beveled ring at the base of the Melo 2 makes it very easy to mount on or remove from your device.
The stainless steel drip tip features double o-rings and fits securely.
The coil heads screw into and out of the atomizer base with no drama.
The brushed stainless finish is nicely done and no defects were observed.
The Melo 2 and Eleaf узнать больше здесь are детальнее на этой странице into the airflow control ring.
Again, inexpensive but very good quality.
In summary, the iStick 60W and Melo 2 are very well built devices which belie their price point.
The screen will display “No Atomizer” when there is no atomizer connected.
Low-voltage Protection: When the voltage of battery is below 3.
Charge the battery to unlock the device.
Temperature Alert: If the temperature of device is over alert temperature, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display “Device Too Hot”.
You can continue to vape after it cools down.
Here are some screen shots depicting the different modes and the data displayed.
Note that in Ti mode the screen shows the resistance is locked via the padlock icon.
Variable wattage power mode on top, Ni200 mode in the middle, Ti mode on the bottom.
So, operation is pretty straight forward.
How does it perform?
Overall, very well save for a buggy Ti mode.
A brief rundown of my experiences with each mode: Power mode: The iStick 60W performs very well in traditional variable wattage power mode.
And, it also appears to actually step down voltage unlike a lot of other devices on the market.
The iStick 60W, with its step down ability, is suitable for low power tank vaping.
And, with 60W on tap, it will run a dripper with ease.
A competent VW device, to be sure.
Ni200 mode: It was my intention to only test with the components of the kit, i.
So, in the trash went the Eleaf Ni200 coil.
I had a handy which had a 0.
The iStick found nothing to complain about with this arrangement and off we went.
During my time with the iStick, I vaped it mostly with the Subtank in Ni200 mode and it performed very well.
Not good, but pretty darn good.
The iStick 60W accurately read cold temperature and properly throttled back the power when the set temperature was achieved, providing a very consistent vape.
Ti mode seems very buggy and inconsistent, often producing a very weak vape.
I also suspect the coil head was not the culprit in the substandard performance in Ti mode.
I quickly noticed that the iStick 60W did not accurately read cold temperature.
Rather, as soon as I fired the device the temperature would register about 100 degrees higher than room temperature and instantly smack into upon which it would throttle power back to nearly nothing.
It was a frustrating experience.
To somewhat mitigate the issue, I had to crank the temperature all the way to the maximum 600F in order to achieve any kind of decent vapor production.
Even then, the problems still occurred although not as frequently.
There is no hope for a fix as the firmware of the iStick 60W is not upgradeable.
How about the Melo 2?
It has all the airflow you eleaf istick tc 60w e want from a sub-ohm clearomizer and, as previously noted, is very nicely made.
An extra glass tank would have been nice though.
One drop and this thing would be out of commission.
Filling the Melo 2 is a breeze.
Of course, you can always fill it from the bottom as well.
Vapor production is very good, especially in power and eleaf istick pico mega 80w tc located with the Kanthal coil head.
The coil heads have decent size e-liquid holes but they could probably be a little bigger.
The Kanthal coil head claims to be good up to 80W but I detected some toastiness north of 55W.
This is likely due to the size of the liquid holes and the viscosity of juice I was using.
Also worth noting, I did not experience even a hint of any leaks from the Melo 2.
Another observation — Eleaf needs to get on the ball and supply a rebuildable base for the Melo 2 much like many of the other sub-ohm tank manufacturers have done.
Conclusion The iStick 60W Kit is a perfectly usable combination of gear.
Honestly, this kit is very, very close to being downright excellent and would likely serve the needs of the majority of vapers.
I try to be as objective as I can be and give you the good with the bad.
If Eleaf fixes the Ti mode and brings an RBA head to the table for the Melo 2, this kit would knock it out of the park, especially eleaf istick tc 60w e its price point.
The fit and finish of the devices is remarkably good considering the price and the performance, while not without issues, is darn good.
Don't miss out on great Vaping deals!
Be among the first to learn about new deals, so you can act before the stock runs out and save money on your favorite vaping products!
There is a 10 watt istick, by the way.
I eleaf istick tc 60w e had them all, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100 at least one of eleaf istick tc 60w e />I have sold many of them to customers.
Time and time again, they break because they are simply not made well.
They are not worth the cheap price anymore.
This combo for the money is a good solid unit and Im sure we will be buying a few more.
This mod is crap!
I contacted ISmoka and after asking me several questions, we determined it had a factory defect.
They then told me it was out of warranty and to basically go blow and thank you for buying this piece of garbage.
I will never purchase any ILeaf product again!
I like the mod eleaf istick tc 60w e use it with a nautilus.
Worried that the industry might lose us in their quest for fog.
How does the 60w TC do here?
Also, if anyone can offer info on the taste improvement I will appreciate it very much.
Thanks for any help, Bill I assume since you are new to vaping you are using a tank and not an RDA rebuildable dripping atomizer.
Taste depends on first the quality of juice you are vaping, steep time, etc.
If you have a good tank and quality steeped juice, try adjusting the wattage and temp until it tastes to your liking.
I would encourage you to keep researching on getting good eleaf istick tc 60w e out of your juice.
There are many, many methods and opinions available but consensus is: buy quality juice and equipment.
I use eleaf istick tc 60w e few different tanks to change flavors and the mod hasnt failed yet.
The only issue I would have with it is in temptcontrol mode.
It sometimes reads no atomizer and gives a not so eleaf istick tc 60w e vape.
Feels like a throttled back vape.
Out of the six I eleaf istick tc 60w e used in the last eighteen months I like my 60w the least.
I also think the adjustment buttons are poorly placed as I was constantly changing the mode when Eleaf istick tc 60w e wanted to adjust my temp a wee bit.
I love this mod.
I can go on for ever all the positives but just to sum it up its FANTASTIC!!

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ТАЙФУН 1 КЛИРОМАЙЗЕР Just US$32.03 + free shipping, buy Original Eleaf iStick TC 60W Box Mod. Temp Control 200 - 600F / VW 1 - 60W E-cigarette Vape Mod ( Simple Version ).
Eleaf istick tc 60w e The Eleaf iStick TC60W provides the latest innovative temperature control and variable wattage technology, available here with 5 FREE e-liquids at Eleaf UK.. mode it allows the use of standard atomizer heads and can be used up to 60W.
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