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eleaf istick 60w kits

The iStick 60W TC Starter Kit is a winning combination of Eleaf's newest technologies. This Vape Kit merges the iStick 60W Temperature Control Box Mod with.
iStick TC60W is featured with exclusive functionalities.. temperature and output wattage level (60W max) in TC-Ni/TC-Ti mode, you can enjoy.
The Eleaf iStick TC60W provides the latest innovative temperature control and. mode it allows the use of standard atomizer heads and can be used up to 60W.
Eleaf improves on the design and functionalities of its iStick TC 40W with this new TC 60W, that is also paired with their new Melo 2, top-filling tank, sub-ohm. eleaf istick 60w kits JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the заказать eleaf istick 100w of this website.
With the same basic functions as the iStick 40W, the iStick 60W features a max wattage output of 60W as well as temperature control from 200°F - 600°F.
To power eleaf istick 60w kits unit, it will require on high amp 18650 battery allows for charging via micro USB.
To switch out batteries, simply remove the battery cover and install your new cell.
These battery covers can be replaced with 5 different colored battery panels to personalize your unit.
IMPORTANT: Use caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode eleaf istick 60w kits burn if mishandled.
Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries eleaf istick 60w kits charging, discharging and assembly before use.
Always charge in or on a fire-proof eleaf istick 60w kits />Never leave charging batteries unattended.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers.
You are responsible to have a basic Knowledge of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.
Couldn't of asked for a better mod.
Would recommend to others.
This was suggested заказать eleaf istick 100w me as a first-time vaper, so I'm at a disadvantage.
Ran through the other one very quickly.
A lot of leakage 'out of the box' meaning I didn't take eleaf istick 60w kits apart to cause any problem, and O rings are intact.
Is that a thing?
Probably not the best device for a first-time vaper.
Need to go find me some coils.
On the other hand is the pain in the ass that is the Melo 2.
The design of it is great and I really like the easy to fill top.
However I have had quite a few problems with it.
This is a big problem I have found with this atomizer, the glass tube is so tightly jammed into the stock o rings taking them out there is a massive chance the glass will break or chip.
The normal kanthal coil is fine but Ti eleaf istick 60w kits Ni coils taste like jet fuel melting steel beams and where completely unusable, at first I thought I burnt but after taking them apart I found this was not the case and eleaf istick 60w kits a faulty продолжить чтение />Never dropped it or anything.
Other than that it worked well.
Never had a problem with other than stated above.
I was Jones in for a new vape anyways.
So I decided to go with a wismec 100 watt presa.
So far so good.
The coils are cheap and last for a long, long time.
The flavor and clouds are just as good or better than the Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars I used to puff on.
The mod itself is rugged and it has taken a lot of abuse being my all dayer and all nighter.
Good job Eleaf, I just got a Pico and stored it away for the day when this TC 60 expires.
If it ever does.
Originallyback in 2014 I tried using e-cigs eleaf istick 60w kits had the P- glycol liquid.
HUGE mistake as I developed a rash after using almost 9 months.
Then I was sent to this site by one of eleaf istick 60w kits customers and found everything I need.
I highly recommend this product.
I won't use a ST without the RBA but these last and last while producing great flavor, good vapor and being ridiculously cheap in comparison Like the iStick 30 this is just a eleaf istick 60w kits product for the price.
You definitely get your bang for the buck here.
The only issue, which isn't major, it difficulty finding coils for the Melo 2.
Only bought the battery kit.
Great device, great price, fast shipping, great customer service!
Great device, great price, fast shipping, great customer service!
Buy 2 batteries with it comes with none.
After finding the VapeNW site, I soon realized that they had the best price on this device.
The purchase was flawless and the shipping was very timely, purchased on a Saturday morning and received on Tuesday afternoon.
I have had several issues the device reading the atomizer.
I started with the ni coil and it worked for about 10 vapes then started to not register with the device.
I took it all apart and reassembled and it seemed to work better for a about a week.
I then switched to the ti coil and the entire time, about a week, I vaped on it it tasted of metal with no flavor from my juice.
I recently placed the kanthal coil in and it seems to work the best of the 3 coils provided and gives the best taste as well.
Except, I am still experiencing "no atomizer" readings.
This is very frustrating because all of the coils have had the same problem.
I have put my kanger mini sub tank on and have not eleaf istick 60w kits any problems, I cant stand the new kanger coils though.
I reached out to Vape NW through email and they sent me an email for an RMA but did not answer any of my questions or provide suggestions on things that may help.
As far as the temp control, it is far below my expectations.
It seems eleaf istick 60w kits though it pulses when you vape on it, giving a burst of warm then cool and back again throughout the vape.
It is worse the higher the temp.
Overall, great setup for the price here, glad I didnt pay more for it.
It really goes through the batteries too, glad I got 3 of them!
The mod performs flawlessly, fits your hand very well and the melo2 tank works great.
The ccell ceramic coils fit this tank eleaf istick 60w kits />What even makes it more awesome is using the Vaporesso ccell in the Melo 2 tank.
Yes it fits and works eleaf istick 60w kits well.
Flavor blows me away.
This is the 3rd Istick 60W Eleaf istick 60w kits Battery full kit I have purchased from VapeNW and I love it as much as my first and second purchase which is why I bought the 3rd one.
Great Service, Great Products and the fastest deliveries I have ever experienced from other venders.
All my orders have arrived within 3 days заказать eleaf istick 100w ordering.
I'm a fan for life!!!
Give them a try and you won't be sorry.
Not only that but there prices CAN NOT be beat or even matched.
Without a question there the best on the web eleaf istick 60w kits quality to prices to customer service.
I love this product works perfect.
I found the well built mod and it has a center mount for the atomizer.
It does all I eleaf istick 60w kits in spades.
I use the Uwell Crown instead of the melo 2.
I guess both work well but the Crown stays cooler.
The best for ex smokers.
I also had an issue with заказать eleaf istick 100w device: the coil that came in it was cross threaded and it took some work заказать eleaf istick 100w get it out without damaging the device.
Both my husband and I enjoy using them, and the devices offer everything we were looking for once we got through the first couple of hiccups.
Definitely worth the value we have paid more for other devices that never worked correctly.
Light weight, feels good in hand.
I have had a chance to use the tc option with the nc or tc eleaf istick 60w kits, but i am eleaf istick 60w kits satisfied so far to date.
As far as price.
Vapenw can't be beat.
Best Deal I found in the US Admin: Why the 1 star rating?
Works perfect so far.
I would say try it!
The original magnetic panels rattled a little but I bought a different color and it doesn't rattle.
Powerful and small with a awesome price and great coil options.
Powerful and small with a awesome price and great coil options.
I have been using the Vaporesso ceramic coils in the Memo 2 with out any problems and I can also use aspire Atlantis coils.
The mod is light relatively small and pack enough power with the lg 3000mah battery I have to go two days vaping at.
The second one to my spouse.
We both love it.
Thanks for a great deal nw.
This product is absolutely amazing.
I tried this product as soon as it arrived which by the way was in my mailbox within 3 days WOW this mod gives off a great taste with a huge vapor cloud.
Just an amazing product that you can't go wrong with.
I had to buy 2 of these kits.
At these prices you can't beat it.
Thanks VapeNW for keeping it real!!!!
Had the old 50 watt and it was not very comfortable in hand.
This 60 watt is so much better for me.
I have girl hands so it's great.
Dropped it on the tile floor twice didn't fly apart and not a scratch.
I ended up buying 2.
Also like just swapping batteries and not having to plug it in like my old one.
I'd advise getting good battery's to go with it, not really sure why it doesn't come with one but that's alright.
They don't leak, they last forever if you take care of it!
No issues with leaking and overall this product is excellent!
Sidenote: I actually received a defective unit, BUT dealing with vapenw's customer service has been as smooth as anyone can ask for.
Quick responses and no hassles whatsoever!
I received a return label within a couple days of eleaf istick 60w kits and forth discussions with CS and can't wait for the new unit to arrive.
The resistance reading is inaccurate and will wander even when locked.
The result is a very weak and inconsistent vape.
Based on other reviews and the fact that I own two myself and neither has functioning TC, I can be fairly certain I didn't just get a lemon.
The shape of it makes it fits perfectly in my hand.
Very clear window showing all жмите />Easy to navigate to all settings.
Best mod I own now.
Love the center 510.
Someone said it was plastic and might not survive a drop.
The sides are a metal casting.
This Mod is built tough.
My batteries last forever in it too.
Then the TC40W came.
I owned 3 iJust 2 tanks already and wanted to try the Melo 2.
Since the TC coils are max rated to 60W, this is a no brainer, and a 2500mAh читать статью lasts for 6-8 hours or longer if eleaf istick 60w kits don't "chain vape".
Actually, it's my second because I this is the second that I bought- just to have a backup.
Vapes well, tank is included and doesn't leak.
The replaceable sides are great but my first rig has been abused for a month now eleaf istick 60w kits looks brand new.
VapeNW is great shipping and customer service.
I also have a 180w mod but this is my dailey vape Pros: Small Feels great in your hand Intuitive and simple yet comprehensive settings Eleaf istick 60w kits great Eleaf istick 60w kits battery charger needed Cons: Single 18650 Only 60w subjective Conclusion, the battery drains pretty fast, but you can vape and charge.
Don't listen to the guys saying its a beginner's mod ignore them!
Unless you know them you're super sub ohming this will work for you.
It is ergonomical, easy to use, and the tank is worth the price of the whole setup in my opinion.
I personally turned out to not be a huge fan of temp control but I am not disappointed because the kanthol eleaf istick 60w kits for this are awesome.
The battery life is meh but that is to be expected with just a single 18650 battery but then again I am a heavy chain vaper.
Also, eleaf has their ceramic nickel eleaf istick 60w kits coming eleaf istick 60w kits soon.
I know I said tc wasn't my thing but eleaf products are reasonably priced so I don't mind experimenting and trying again and again.
Get the kit and you won't be disappointed.
It is ergonomical, easy to use, and the tank is worth the price of the whole setup in my opinion.
I personally turned out to not be a huge fan of temp control but I am not нажмите для деталей because the kanthol coils for this are awesome.
The battery life is meh but that is to be expected with just a single 18650 battery but then again I am a heavy chain vaper.
Also, eleaf has their ceramic nickel coils coming out soon.
I know Eleaf istick 60w kits said tc wasn't my thing but eleaf products are reasonably priced so I don't mind experimenting and trying again eleaf istick 60w kits again.
Get the kit and you won't be disappointed.
With the few weeks I have had it, I have love it.
User friendly, simple yet very well built qualities of higher end gear.
I got the black to make sure no scratches would happen and am happy with everything.
Buttons are nice, not loose like some video reviews online and the screen is easy to navigate.
Fires great with the Melo eleaf istick 60w kits />The tank itself is a guzzler but that's not really the TC60W's fault.
Overall very happy with the VapeNW experience so far and the Eleaf Istick 60w TC!
Good kit for beginners to mid level in the sub ohm world of vaping.
It was very nice looking when it arrived and worked well enough for a while.
The main issues I have with it are the sad battery life even at low wattages, I can't get through the day when other mods using the same settings would last 2 or more days and the eleaf istick 60w kits that the black paint on the frame has started literally sliding right off.
I'm not talking small chips or flakes, either.
There are large areas that have simply turned to mush and slipped away under my fingers.
It also gets very hot while charging, the TC settings are unreliable not a big deal for me, since I eleaf istick 60w kits kanthal coilsand it seems to make my tanks hotter than on other mods this last one could just be me, however.
The price is okay, but unless you only use it lightly and have a case, you'll need to be replacing it soon anyway.
I'd consider it a good backup mod for when your main one dies eleaf istick 60w kits you have no spare batteries charged.
This thing can take a beating.
I have dropped it at least a dozen times, battery doors and battery come flying eleaf istick 60w kits and like nothing.
Keeps working as new.
The price is amazing, well here a VAPENW.
Not fancy, flashy or full of exotic features, just a really good, durable MOD.
It's light, stylish, and the silver version from VapeNW is brushed aluminum, which aesthetically speaking, gives the device a durable look didn't want chrome.
Currently I eleaf istick 60w kits a Aromamizer affixed running at 35 W and it's perfect.
Not sure why this wouldn't be a MTL as I would think that depends on the attached tank.
It gets a little warm compared to my larger mods, and I can't determine if that's due to the tank being warm, my hand, or the mod itself, but the mod does have an internal heatsink that runs nearly the length of the mod, protecting the chip.
I have not tested TC, unfortunately, so I can't comment on that, and longevity is yet to be determined.
All in all this is eleaf istick 60w kits great little vaporizer that looks the part, is small enough for a pocket or to be discreet, and for the price, you just can't go wrong.
Very happy with my purchase.
This site is here to make fellow vapers happy not steal all there money like other sites.
Also shipping is the best compared to other sites, for these prices you would expect the product to come overseas!
Vape NW had it to my door in NJ in just 2 days.
I recommend this kit to all beginner subohmers and I definitely recommend Vape NW to everyone.
Great prices and service.
Shipped quick, arrived quick.
Tank built well, does not leak, produces copious amount of vapor, flavor is good, sadly I am not a direct lunger.
At the lowest airflow setting, it is a little too much.
The drip tip is too wide, changed it with a narrower one and it improved a little.
Will try this with higher ohm triton coils and let the mtl folks know.
Burns thin juice even at lowest eleaf istick 60w kits with high ohm builts.
I suspect will be good for subohm direct lungers but overall warming with different brand new Sony batteries sort of bother me given their reputation with 50w mods.
Will not charge batteries in this, that is for sure.
On the other hand size is perfect, button has a good feel, controls продолжить чтение easy to understand and use despite of the crappy manual.
So the verdict is, if you are a direct lunger in need of a cheap mod, buy it.
You can not beat the value.
Use high vg juice with this.
If you are a kayfun mtl person with 1 to 1.
I stopped smoking when I started vaping eleaf istick 60w kits never looked back.
After being introduced to the eleaf istick 60w kits website I procured several more devices and tanks.
The little I stick 60 with the Melo 2 atomizer is a eleaf istick 60w kits brainer!
The tank itself sells for more here in my hometown than the entire kit from vapenw.
The value of the product.
As well as the performance.
I couldn't have asked for a better deal or a nicer group of people there at vapenw.
Small enough to carry around in my pocket and not be weighted down by it.
The Melo 2 tank i really love!
It it the first tank ive had that dose not leak at all.
I've only had it about 10 days now and not a single complaint.
Got it Monday afternoon.
A couple of fellow employees seen it and asked me how much and where i got it.
They ordered them on Friday and got them Monday.
With shipping like this i will recommend this site to all vapers i know.
Keep up the great work and awesome pricing.
Feels really good in the hand, The device is well constructed and very clean.
The tank took one wash and rise, no machine oil at all, super clean.
I have no complaints for this product.
I live in Indiana ordered Sunday night, the device eleaf istick 60w kits shipped out Monday and was received Wednesday.
Grand total of days in shipping 2!
Will recommend to just about anyone the is interested in vaping.
I originally purchased this set up from fast tech.
However, I was unsure why they would "remove" the anti-counterfeit sticker.
In addition, I would have waited weeks to get my purchase delivered.
However, I found this website and holy cow, they were even better priced than fast tech!!!!
In eleaf istick 60w kits, I ordered it on Monday and received it on Wed.
I found my vape shop.
I заказать eleaf istick 100w like this new device.
It was easy to set up and I was http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/eleaf-istick-tc-40-vt-zhidkost.html to vape right away.
You do have to have your own battery, but you can purchase them here.
I did have some leakage issues through the vent holes with the Melo 2 tank, but I might have over primed it.
You do have to prime it before usage.
However, the leakage stopped after 10 minutes of vaping.
I might have eleaf istick 60w kits buy another one soon.
This is my second mod, I upgraded from a iStick 40W TC and I have to say this thing is a beast.
It's bigger than the 40W but not too big.
And the Melo 2 tank in my opinion was worth getting it as a kit with the 60W.
I'd recommend to a friend in eleaf istick 60w kits heartbeat, new to vaping or veteran, it'll be worth the money!
Second if ur new to vapenw lets just say these guys are 1 in every way possible Best prices great products and also provide vids for reviews on their products to help u decide which is good for you!
It is great both mod and tank.
The Melo 2 Tank заказать eleaf istick 100w incredible air flow and smoke output.
I highly recommend the kit.
I have dropped it a couple times already sadly and not a scratch on it.
Eleaf has lived up to and surpassed those expectations.
I haven't been higher than 45watts yet so there is still somethin to be discovered lol.
Price is half if not more than half of any shop locally.
Shipping is fast, ordered Monday and delivered Thursday.
Canada Customs and Canada Post then took another 10 days to eleaf istick 60w kits and deliver.
Can't think of any cons.
Love it so much just ordered another as a gift.
Get this combo, can't go wrong.
Unlike a more traditional retail store, you eleaf istick мини вт cannot even get an individual to pick up the phone and help you make a selection.
Furthermore, I have learned the hard way that if there is a problem with a purchased device, most retailers make little to no effort in getting the problem resolved.
Before purchasing the eLeaf 60W bundle with Melo 2 tankI called Vape NW and was surprised that a very kind and helpful clerk picked up the phone.
I explained my personal preferences with a device, and she explained that I would likely be happy with this заказать eleaf istick 100w device.
I listened, then made a purchase.
My eLeaf arrived in a very timely manner in good packaging.
There were a few minor cosmetic issues with the device, which included a piece of lint floating around under the display, and a small scratch on the top.
Both appear to be manufacturer defects that are certainly not the fault of Vape NW.
Despite this, the unit performs in a wonderfully simplistic manner.
Best of all, the Melo eleaf istick 60w kits tank does NOT leak, which is my biggest complaint with ecigarette tanks.
As advertised, the Melo tank accepts the Aspire Triton atomizers that I already own, making it highly versatile product.
I have had my black IStick 60w for a little over a eleaf istick 60w kits />Good price for what you get.
Good value for the price.
Fair quality as this doesn't seem anywhere near as "sturdy" as my other devices.
Very light weight, even with the battery installed.
No eleaf istick 60w kits or threading issues so far.
They have rock bottom pricing, awesome shipping time and Great customer service!!!
This eleaf istick 60w kits my 2nd istick 60w from vapenw first was all black and this one is the silver one and Love both!!!
Absolutely no problems with either!!
Love the silver eleaf istick 60w kits the black panels just looks great!!!
Haven't used the tc yet but paired with my aspire triton v2 it outright eleaf istick 60w kits every time!!!
You can't beat the price!
I love the sleek design.
Makes vaping easy and I can vape longer.
I don't use nickel or titanium coils which is what the temperature control is for I was told.
I have used this with my mini-Geni tank which I love when the dang thing works correctlyand a sub-tank mini and so far no problems, and it charges quickly.
I stick to low wattage but my spouse likes the higher wattage and builds his own coils, and we will be purchasing another one for him.
I own several other Eleaf mods and tanks and I'm very happy with the look, feel and function of the mod and tank.
Vapenw offers a great price and exceptional shipping.
I've been very happy with everything I've bought at VapeNW.
Its much more heavy than I though it would be.
ссылка would not break.
It can handle temp control in Nickel and Titanium.
Temp control on this unit is simple, consistent, and controllable by setting a wattage ceiling.
It can fit in my pocket, but has enough power to fire my TFV4 to satisfaction.
Have USB nearby, this thing chews through 2200mah in about 3 hours the way I use it.
Really minor complaints about the eleaf istick 60w kits and finish of the panels rattlesbut not a deal breaker at this price!
Gave one as a gift, and my friend loves it too.
Buy this; even if it's just as a backup for your favorite, it'll be a really good one.
Very very nice mod.
We love them, all metal, center 510 connector is sick also can charge through micro USB so no need to swap batterys which is a http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/isparitel-vaporesso.html plus for me.
I've been vaping since 2009 and mods have come a long way, this mod is nothing short of amazing.
First temp control mod and I love it.
I had a 50w istick prior to this one and I love the added 10 watts.
Pair this mod with an LG HG2 18650 also sold on this site and I garentee you won't be let down.
Trust me, buy it.
I love the silver finish because I don't have to worry about paint coming off.
The mod works great!
It sucks down batteries, but that is understandable.
Thus far has been solid and reliable.
Battery life is good.
A little top heavy.
Love the centered 510 connection wish more companies would do it.
This was my first order from vapenw and the product was shipped the next day and came usps in 4 days eleaf istick 60w kits California.
I bought some e juice to get free shipping and used the eleaf istick 60w kits Friday coupon eleaf istick 60w kits get 20% off.
Overall I am very happy and will keep vapenw in mind when I am vape shopping.
Hits perfect every time although you may want to keep a spare battery on hand unless you have a charger nearby.
The airflow on the tank isn't as open eleaf istick 60w kits some other such as the kanger subtank mini BUT it is enough for me nonetheless.
All in all great kit!
Nice and light,battery life is good,Doors are tight,switches clicky,I LIKE IT!
Price Bought this to replace my KangerTech Subox Nano as my every day mod заказать eleaf istick 100w work, and it absolutely blew me away.
The design is such that it looks great with everything from a huge tank Subtank Plus or a tiny one Subtank Nano.
It's actually lighter than my Nano, which surprised me.
Even in a small, light package, this mod feels extremely solid in your hand, and also packs a powerful punch, in both TC and regular wattage mode.
The bottom line is, the hype about this thing is true.
You won't be disappointed.
I'm sticking with this for my work mod for a long time, or until an iStick 2 is released.
Great product all around.
No complaints at all.
The ease of use is great and love that you can replace the battery or just charge via USB port!
This is just a great little mod and for the price didn't get the kit you can't beat it!!
Only 3 days to Ga.
Very glad I found vapenw you have a customer for life!!!
Oh I just ordered another one!!!
If you're looking for a small mod with up to 60w with tc and don't want to break the bank then look no further this is the one for you!!!
Black with Teal covers make this a nice looking mod.
Vapenw Com took care of it for me.
I sent eleaf istick 60w kits back and they sent me a new one back.
I really enjoy my I stick 60w tc awesome vape all the way.
I am so glad I bought this at vapenw.
I can't speak for sub-ohming with this mod because I dont sub-ohm.
I use the Kanger Aerotanks and it works узнать больше здесь with these.
It feels good in your hand and after a month of every day use, I haven't had any problems with it.
Vapenw has always shipped fast and they have always had great communication.
Keep up the good work Vapenw!
Overall, this is a giant improvement from the iStick TC40W, which was my previous TC mod.
These improvements, along with a bump up to 60w, user replaceable 18650 battery, and a heavier feel in the hand makes this device a giant step up from the previous generation at about the same cost.
I would strongly encourage anyone looking for an inexpensive single 18650 mod to look into this one.
I think eleaf istick 60w kits next step up will be to a dual 18650 TC box so I can get the extra battery life, but the 3000mah HG2 has proven to last almost twice as long as the 2000mah built in battery on the last generation.
There are a couple areas where room for improvement is seen.
The magnetic заказать eleaf istick 100w, although almost impossible to fall out and even hard if you don't have long nailswiggle a little when pressure is applied to them.
Its not a lot, but you can feel them move around when you hold the device.
The buttons are also a little loose and can give a slight rattle, but never enough to bother me.
The screen itself is nice enough, but the clear cover tends to glow almost as much as the screen itself, eleaf istick 60w kits can give off too much light in low light settings make sure to plug it in upside down at night so the screen doesn't keep you awake.
Overall, if you are in the market for an inexpensive TC mod and one day battery life is good for you, then I would strongly encourage you to buy this and the LG HG2.
Best device for the price.
Curvature feels great in the hand and cover is not difficult to remove and access the battery.
Digital display could be larger but is the typical size for a TC device.
I've bought two of these and am only using these now.
Con: Screen and other buttons aren't tightly integrated minor rattle Overall: IMO This is a great mod, I wish I had this istick for my first ecig.
The Istick TC 60W is way better than the subox starter kit in every way it's not even comparable.
Not even interested of trying продолжение здесь Nebox with this istick on hand Kanger is a good brand, it's just not my cup of tea.
If I compare the Istick TC 60w with the Sigelei TC 75w, I found that the body of the Istick is better and battery life is a lot more economical, the Sigelei on the other hand is more performant and is better quality.
It's the perfect device for beginners and for vaping veterans.
In the end delivery eleaf istick 60w kits quick considering all the mixups with usps eleaf istick 60w kits Canada post.
Buying experience: I am extremely satisfied with this purchase!
Thanks a lot Vapenw!!!
I bought as a back up for my joy tech evic.
It is very comfortable in your hand.
The melo 2 tank is one of the best I've seen, especially for flavor, I'm not a cloud chaser, but it produces plenty of that too.
Best device for the price.
I really love this little mod.
I pair it with a Uwell Crown Tank didn't get the full kit and it looks great in black with the black Crown адрес works great.
Love how it eleaf istick 60w kits my hand.
Also love how it is customizable.
I liked it so much I ordered another one eleaf istick 60w kits />Solid built and feels great in the hand.
I'm using a Velocity Mini on it.
Previously Eleaf istick 60w kits was using a vision spinner, but I wasn't satisfied with that because of vapor production and constantly burning my tongue from popping e-juice.
I'm loving my experience with this mod so far.
I ordered an LG battery with it and I seem to be getting 1.
I have already made another order for replacement coils and more juice.
Overall, I'm happy with Vapenw!
I've had it for about a week now and it's been a breeze.
I'm still adjusting to sub ohm, but I'm enjoying the vapor productio and flavor is great!
I was actually a little shocked at how intense the flavor was when I first used it.
eleaf пико 75 вт only running around 20 watts as I adjust but battery life lasts me all day as a pretty moderate vaper.
Easy refill doesn't leak even while laying on it's side.
Comes with STD and ni and ti coils.
Mod is versatile and knows which coil you are running.
Fit, finish and build quality is high.
Performance is great in both power mode and TC mode.
TC mode really does work to conserve battery life and приведу ссылку consumption.
Feels great in the hand.
Flavor and cloud production are satisfying.
The I stick is well built and I like the option of the replaceable battery you would think for the price that eleaf istick 60w kits would feel cheap but it does not feels very good in hand and is very powerful.
The temperature controlled modes work very well.
The display screen is very good the buttons are not too bad just wish it would lock but haven't had an issue of it going off or changing wattage in my pocket.
The melo2 atomizer is an awesome tank has great flavor and great cloud production the top feeling is awesome no mess just fill and go.
The coils R very cheap they use the same coil as the I just 2 atomizer.
The I stick and vape NW has done it once again!!!!
It's cheap and blows huge clouds.
It eleaf istick 60w kits nice in your hands and has great build quality.
Only down side is the buttons feels much cheaper than the rest of the unit, but for the price it's acceptable.
The controls aren't hard to understand заказать eleaf istick 100w it looks pretty clean.
I just wish the charging port wasn't on the bottom because I had to buy an 18650 battery for it,and the separate charger was too pricey at the time.
A great backup tank for this device would be the iJust2.
They use the same coils and it's less than half the price than the Melo2.
You definitely will be missing the top fill if you replace a broken Melo2 with an iJust2 though.
Overall the experience has been great!
Just wondering because every other site has that in the description.
To enter the giveaway for the black iStick 60Wfollow these rules: 1 Be a registered customer on VapeNW.
Good luck to all who participate!
Kienan - VapeNW I love isticks I have three of them and I use a different one each day eleaf istick 60w kits I would love to add заказать eleaf istick 100w to my collection.
Thanks for the chance.
You guys are the best.
Already placed a few orders and planning more.
Thanks for another great contest!
Win or lose ill have one of these!
Vapenw has always been my go to and they will be for this mod!
Thanks and good luck everyone!
Its fair to say you guys at Vapenw rock so hard!
Giving us another chance to win this is very generous!
I'm recently obsessed with vaping id love to try any I'm still searching for that one I cant live without.
Thanks for this great opportunity to win!!
Figures this comes out just after I bought another.
Oh well, if I don't win it I'll just have to buy it.
Love -love-love my Istick mods.
I am always looking to add to my collection and would love this one!!
Plz pick me so I don't have to buy it ; You folks seem to give away one of every new release in your inventory.
That's pretty awesome, but so are your prices, which are almost giveaways.
Just what I'm looking for my fingers will be crossed in hopes of winning for the next 10 long waiting days : You guys rock!
Best prices, the fastest shipping, fantastic customer service!
Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the opportunity!
I've managed to collect 1 of every eLeaf iStick model so far!
I would LOVE to have this 60w model to keep my collection complete!
This site gives one of the best deal on pre-order or even on devices in general.
Before purchasing at a local vapeshop, i always jump on here first before deciding to spend my money elsewhere.
This is where I got my Sigelei and my original iStick.
Always the best eleaf istick 60w kits and amazing service.
Cheapest place to get quality ecig stuff.
Liked, shared and ready to win!
Thank you for this opportunity!
I am really digging this mod!
I would love to win it!
Thank you for offering it in this giveaway and good luck to everyone!
Have shared my great online purchasing experience with several friends and now they are loyal customers as well.
This mod would be great for when I travel and don't always have a chance to charge for a long period of time!
Keep rockin' our заказать eleaf istick 100w off!
I love vapenw yal rock with eleaf istick 60w kits prices and always.
Awesome giveaways thanks for giving me a chance to win a new mod : Thanks for the chance VapeNW.
I would be forever grateful for an upgrade.
Been stuck with an Ego for far to long.
I would love to win this istick!!
I have the istick 30w and I love it!
I would love to upgrade to the 60w!!
This looks like a great item in their temperature control line.
I got the TC40w a few months ago and would love to give this one a try.
How eleaf istick 60w kits would it be to try out the eJuices I just bought from you guys at VapeNW with an awesome new iStick a major upgrade from my little starter Lotus!
Will it help me win one if I go all Arnold horseshack on eleaf istick 60w kits {raises hand and goes OOO OOO OOO OOO!
Kienan snort snort snort!
Yes I would love one thank you please!
I tell everyone I know about you.
Thanks for the generous giveaway.
Vapenw always has great prices and super fast shipping.
Thanks for giving back to our vaping community.
The only place Eleaf istick 60w kits shop for all my vaping needs!
Really love the aesthetic of this mod.
Can't wait to test it out.
Eleaf has always made very reliable products.
I used to love my iSticks, had the 20 and the 30.
Fell out of love and donated them to new vapers.
This new 60w actually has me interested, I would love to give it a try!
Thanks for the opportunity.
I am trying to win a new unit to help a family member quit smoking.
She is a good person and she needs a little help.
Her health depends on it but her finances are short.
I would love to be able to eleaf istick 60w kits her.
Thank you I recently ordered the Joyetech eVic VT with tank from your website нажмите для деталей the price was the best I could find.
Fantastic service and super fast shipping.
I also got bottle of lighthouse juice and it was fantastic!!
The website is one of the best I have come eleaf istick 60w kits as eleaf istick 60w kits />You guys have definitely gained a new customer for life!!
Can't wait to see the Eleaf 60W TC mod.
Love their products, always solid and straight forward to use.
Keep up the great customer service and pricing guys!!
I purchased the istick 30w from VapeNW and am in love.
Great prices and great shipping.
Would love to win from you Thanks for the chance!
Have owned almost every eleaf and have been a frequent eleaf istick 60w kits to Vape NW.
You guys are awesoem and have the best service team around!
Did I mention my birthday is Oct 5th???
This would be a great present :- Looks like eleaf is turning a new leaf.
Thanks guys for the chance to win.
Eleaf is a great brand and I can't wait to see what this mod has on store for us!
I've heard great things about this!
Would love to have this!
Thanks for being an awesome company that provides great service and giveaways!
I am very satisfied with eleaf istick 60w kits I have purchased.
I would be very greatful if I won.
Thank you Thanks for the chance at another awesome giveaway!
I'm very happy with all the eleaf products I have.
I love eleaf products, eleaf istick 60w kits would be amazing eleaf istick 60w kits win this, I've never owned a TC product and this would be an amazing first, thanks for the amazing opportunity!!
Would really like to win this or just something for once to help ease the pain since I already bought a couple mods from u guys this month alone.
It's gonna be a great treat for one lucky eleaf istick 60w kits />I am a college student watching vape mod videos everyday.
You could really put a smile on a student with heavy work load to complete.
VapeNW is the go-to!!
New to this website and absolutely love the prices on most atomizers as well as tanks.
I wouldn't mind adding a temp control setup to my collection.
Thanks for the opportunity!
Love the reviews and love my eleaf 20W with eleaf istick 60w kits nautilus mini, would love посетить страницу источник have a more powerful unit.
I just placed my first order with you guys for a new RDA.
I'm so excited for i'm hoping заказать eleaf istick 100w good quality product and eleaf istick 60w kits service.
This contest is a good kick off.
I'm new to vaping and this eleaf istick 60w kits be a great opportunity and gift to further my new hobby!
Thanks for the opportunity and a site that is easy to maneuver through!
I do almost all my vape shopping here.
Looks like a nice solid mod.
Love to have it!
These give aways are always a delight.
Regardless of winning of not.
The idea of if it is spectacular.
Im in need of a new mod because my cool fire is the biggest POS I have ever seen and wont hold a charge.
Ive been doing eleaf istick 60w kits for a week now and dying!!
I was just checking out the price on a Sigelei 150 TC.
The price is the best i have seen anywhere and i have been looking.
I am looking forward to having a relationship with VapeNW prices are all way to low.
Hope I http://webinar2.ru/eleaf-istick/eleaf-istick-subtank.html order and they come after me for theft.
Vapenw is the best site for all your vaping need.
I have every eleaf and would love to add this new eleaf to my collection.
You guys are awesome!
It'll be great to own One of these!
Thanks for the chance to win Just purchased this iStick 60 TC I am pleased with all the functions on this Mod.
You just can't beat the price or service from VapeNW.
Pleasantly surprised with this unit.
I ordered this to replace an old istick 50w and wanted my side MOD to remain small and with a replaceable battery.
The TC part wasn't a factor in choosing this little MOD, but since it came with a tank and some TC coils, it allowed me to experience eleaf istick 60w kits as well.
Highly recommended for the beginner getting into sub ohming and for the advanced wanting a smaller piece that can be easily pocketed.
Im totally new to vaping and I've been trying to learn as much as I can regarding the different modes of my iStick 60w TC - I currently have the Ni coil in.
It's currently set at 350 degrees since Im getting used it.
However I barely get any vape from it.
If I vamp up the temperature it's too much for me yet and I cough.
The reading on the display says.
I have not yet tried the Titanium or Kanthal coils.
Honestly I'm still trying to learn the difference between the coils and which I should use.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.
If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this eleaf istick 60w kits.

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Box Mods: This is the best kit on the market for those that want to make the step up to temperature control. The power and ease of the iStick 60W combined with.
Power, form factor, and range combine with a great value, making the Eleaf iStick 60W TC Full Kit a fantastic set for entry to advanced users.
Eleaf iStick 60 W TC Melo 2 Starter Kit. Thread Type: 510. Battery Dimensions: 90mm x 28mm x 38mm. Tank Dimensions: 61mm x 22mm. Battery Capacity: One.
ELEAF Istick Tc 60W Full Kit Black/Silver - Includes Eleaf Melo 2 Tank: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care.
Eleaf iStick 60W TC Full Kit is the ultimate starter kit, including the new iStick 60W combining an incredible form factor, fantastic power variability, ergonomically.

Eleaf iStick 60W TC Melo 2 Starter Kit - Matt Black - vapingman.webinar2.ru

ELEAF ISTICK TC 150W Eleaf iStick 60W Temperature Control Starter Kit Eleaf which is the manufacturer of the original iStick series, delivers yet another powerful and.
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