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13 марта 2015, 19:07 | Хочу вашего мнения) istick 50w. Добрый день, дорогие. Вообще Eleaf плохих изделий не производит. Так и в этом случае, мод.
Застолбю пока темку, скоро будет обзор) А пока тест... [img][img] [img][img] [media] Efeaf iStick 50w был любезно предоставлен магазином GearBest....
In this thread we can post our experiences with the iSmoka eLeaf 50w. Including durability, battery life, and technical information we discover.
L-am primit azi, deci prea devreme pentru o concluzie. Sta insa foarte ok in mana, are forma ideala pentru mine. Am reusit sa consum doar. eleaf istick 50w форум Before I ordered it I searched for reviews and found all eleaf istick 50w форум things about it.
It shipped today and me and a buddy were talking at work and says a local vape shop has a stack of bad ones sitting there eleaf istick basic купить в москве be shipped back from failure.
They weren't just failures of buttons, but over charging, autofiring, fires, ect.
I still find post of people loving and having no problems with the mods.
All post of failure i seem eleaf istick 50w форум find on reddit, which i dont know much about.
This seems like a more reliable forum.
So I'm looking eleaf istick 50w форум some insight from people to see if it is acutually a faulty mod.
I wouldn't think that they would keep selling faulty equipment.
And people bickering back and forth about it still.
I was just looking for shop owners or from people with first hand experience with them.
And if the post is true how would you know if you have the old or new ones?
So if you can make sure you are getting the second release you should be good.
You also should be very careful when charging a mod via USB port.
Make sure you are using the appropriate charger and make sure to never charge while unattended.
By graveyard I mean box under the counter lol.
Some the displays gave out but still work and some just read check atomizer no matter what you put on it.
I'm not sure what generation they are but they are recent purchases.
I know that we won't be getting anymore in stock.
There has to be some way to tell.
But I wasn't eleaf istick 50w форум i f I should exchange it for a different mod or if it would be OK sine the "fix".
And they have told the same story.
They get bounced back and forth until you give up and go away.
Nor have I heard of a single case where they actually honored a warranty.
Even for any that had burst into flames.
The most common excuse they give is you must have leaked e-juice into the device and thus this voids your warranty.
So I might just return it and get a ipv2 mini, or mvp 3.
Those are the only two mods I can't think of any other mods in the price and power range that I know of.
I wouldn't recommend running it at 70 watts on a single 18650 that's pushing heavy strain on a single battery.
Oh and if you didn't guess you do need to purchase quality batteries and a charger for the IPV Mini 2 as it doesn't have a internal battery like the istick.
I also do not recommend charging your 18650 batteries in a pass through device.
Take them out and charge them properly in a good charger made for 18650 cells.
I finally got around to ordering one of these just over a week ago from Mt Baker.
I got it a couple days ago and it is a total piece of crap.
The only pro I can think of is the ergonomic casing.
The chip is definitely faulty in mine.
The voltages our eleaf istick 25w damaged eleaf istick 50w форум over the place without warning, basically scorching the inside of my eleaf istick basic купить в москве since my derringer has restricted airflow.
The ohms reading is all over the place and the display indicates low battery when the device is still at a 50% charge.
I wish I would have known but there are so many good reviews on this thing I never would have thought it was so shitty.
As the warning often pops up when the battery is under load most call this battery sag among the mech crowd.
I see this a lot on higher wattage regulated mods.
Most batteries can't deliver 50 watts anymore.
So at 50 watts, they are empty at this point.
But say at 15 watts, they can still continue to eleaf istick 50w форум and may actually be at 50% charge.
Maybe it would be better if regulated mods adjusted the battery level читать полностью on eleaf istick 50w форум wattage you have it set on.
I don't think I have eleaf istick 50w форум any do this except some will show the battery level while under load when you are firing.
And they will show empty when firing.
So, there wasn't much of a load being put on it.
There is no battery sag since it is still halfway charged when I plug it in.
The 2 previously mentioned RDAs are my go to drippers right now.
I can't believe I hadn't thought of that lol.
I liked the restricted air flow on my mech mods since I've been running at about 0.
I'm going to get a new mod once Жмите return this one.
I probably should have gotten the ipv mini 2 to begin with but I wanted to order from Mt baker so I could get a bottle of juice.
Oh well, better luck next time I guess.
Never owned a high watt reg device as I'm usually all about mechs but I wanted something new and I've been eyeing it for some time.
I wanted to pull more wattage without changing the builds I have been doing as of late.
Plus, I wanted to try a steady vape rather than dealing with voltage drop.
I hate to admit this but it might have been a eleaf istick 50w форум error on my part with the istick 50 watt.
My boyfriend basically stole it out from under me and he has had no issues with it.
I guess time will tell and I like that Mt Baker offers eleaf istick 50w форум 6 month warranty so we can always get rid of it if it really ends up being defective.
Also, I eleaf istick 50w форум to your youtube channel Stratman.
Can't wait to see a video по этому адресу the IPV mini 2!
I'm not gonna do a in depth review because there are plenty out there but just a basic here it is, this is what I got, looky lol.
Thanks for watching, and the sub!
I may have a second gen mod but its working like a champ so.
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Eleaf iStick 50w Review!

New version of the iStick 50W? The current version is dangerous.

Re: Eleaf iStick 50w#1260366. By MarioBernatti - 03 sty 2015, 23:22. Posty: 1625. Rejestracja: 07 maja 2013, 09:01. - 03 sty 2015, 23:22 #.
Eleaf iSmoka iStick 50W Производство iSmoka Electronics Co., Ltd. Китай. iStick 50W являетсясупер обновленная версия основана на.
Op Reddit zie ik een flink aantal mensen melden dat hun iStick 50W -na een periode van probleemloos gebruik- ineens spontaan ging.
На eleaf istick 50w перестал работать экран. Сам мод то работает-парит, но вот экран... Срок эксплуатации месяц, не ронял, не топил.
I ordered a istick 50w from myfreedomsmokes.com the other day.. From what I know, according to Eleaf, they fixed the charging problem in the.

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Eleaf istick 50w форум L-am primit azi, deci prea devreme pentru o concluzie. Sta insa foarte ok in mana, are forma ideala pentru mine. Am reusit sa consum doar.
ЖИДКОСТЬ ДЛЯ ЭЛЕКТРОННЫХ СИГАРЕТ ПОЗНЯКИ Re: Eleaf iStick 50w#1260366. By MarioBernatti - 03 sty 2015, 23:22. Posty: 1625. Rejestracja: 07 maja 2013, 09:01. - 03 sty 2015, 23:22 #.
Eleaf istick 50w форум In this thread we can post our experiences with the iSmoka eLeaf 50w. Including durability, battery life, and technical information we discover.
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