Бокс-Мод Eleaf iStick 30W, Black ЕС-040 по оптовой цене 546.48 грн. в интернет-магазине Sunopt

бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black

Боксмод Eleaf iStick 30W ( iSmoka iStick 30W ) - новейшая модификация одного из самых лучших модов: гармоничное сочетание мощности,.
8 min - Uploaded by Vaping LabEleaf iStick 30W - очень хороший 30 ватный бокс-мод. Компактность, мощность, надежность - это все о нем. В видео.
8 min - Uploaded by Валдис ПельшОбзор мода от компании iSmoka Electronics iStick 30W который можно купить в http://elsig.in.ua/boksmod-eleaf-isti.
Eleaf iStick 30W. Боксмод Eleaf iStick 30w special edition · Боксмод Eleaf iStick 30w Ripple Waves · Боксмод Eleaf iStick 30w Carbon Fiber Black · Боксмод. бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black Have never had such a great hit on a ecig.
Still learning how to use it.
Also very happy with this shop.
To see if it has a authentic and not a clone.
And it is a authentic one.
Don't buy a clone off ebay.
I had a clone catch on fire while I was charging it.
I"ll make this short and sweet.
Please Only buy the real i stick 30 You won't be disappointed.
I have the blue i stick 30 and a kangertech subtank mini with.
If you hit it a lot it get's real warm but it works great.
Absolutely would recommend this combo, really works fantastic.
Very easy to use.
I like the adapter that came with.
I started with a kanger evod tand, then upgraded to a innkoin sub tank.
We both were long time smokers and had tried several quit smoking methods.
A friend бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black work introduced me to vaping and myself and my wife are forever grateful.
We both started out with blister pack ego's just to see if we would like the experience.
After a few weeks I decided we needed better mods to continue our vaping journey.
After hours of online research I found Vapor Authority.
By reading reviews and watching videos we decided on Eleaf 30w as our first real mod.
Teamed up with the Aspire Nautilus Mini, this is really a very good vape.
Heads and tails a better vape than our trusty ego's.
Vapor Authority filled and shipped my order with quickness and accuracy.
Their service seems to be indeed very very good.
For all our vaping needs we will look no farther than Vaping Authority.
Customer service corresponded with me and answered every question I had to help me to pair a clearomizer for my mouth to lung style of vape to fit my new mod!
Everything was authentic and shipping came beautifully and carefully packed!
Thank you so much Vapor Authority you have earned yourself a customer for life!
Just got mine today.
Right out of the box, WOW!!
What a great little mod!
It's hard to believe this small in size gives that much punch.
Really great service and speedy delivery!
I finally found "my vapor store".
Using the iStick 30W with a Patriot deck, 7-wrap 28G Kanthal.
Gets a little hot, but stick works great.
Charges quick, burns great, smooth draw.
Overall, not bad for a starter.
The girl at the бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black shop couldnt give a refund but felt bad and told me that their items were all clones and 8 out of 10 were defective.
I searched authentic eleaf I Sticks on google and am so grateful I found this site.
I decided to order the I Stick 30 because I don't usually go above 7 volts anyway so I figured I didnt need бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black I stick 50.
I also read all the great reviews about it so I felt good about it.
I can not believe the difference in quality.
It hits twice as hard and is almost half the wattage.
It made me like the taste of liquids I hadn't before because of crappy batteries.
I just went ahead and ordered the Istick 50w too from ссылка на страницу site now that I see the difference in authentic vs smoke shop garbage.
Even the coils I got from this site were different than the fake stuff I was apparently getting at double the cost.
I also ordered on a friday and it was delivered by monday!
I did this lengthy review hoping anyone that may be newer to vaping and making the same mistakes as me can bypass getting ripped off.
This review is not solely based on the iStick 30W.
It is about the product as well as Vapor Authority's OUTSTANDING customer service.
This was my first time purchasing any vapor related products online period.
I'd read some reviews in several forums and Vapor Authority came highly recommended.
I purchased the Eleaf iStick 30W full kit and the pricing for it on this website is by far the best deal of ANY other place that carries it that I researched.
I use the iStick 30W with the Aspire Atlantis sub ohm tank.
This order was to replace the one I originally had that no longer works.
I love the size and eleaf китая из istick in the hand and the battery life lasts me all day when I'm at work and on days I'm off I can make it to bedtime most times before having to charge it.
Great product that I would recommend to anyone who may be looking to move up from the vape pens or for those of you who don't want the added weight and more bulky Mods.
As far as Vapor Authority, I would like to say they have a great management and customer service team.
I purchased the 30W and two bottles of e-liquid by Mister бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black a Wednesday.
The following Tuesday I hadn't received the package and I tried to track the package and there wasn't anything showing after it arrived in a different city on that Friday.
So, I contacted Vapor Authority's management team via email and within 30 minutes or so, I received a response.
In that response was an apology for the package being delayed and a guarantee that they would help obtain more information бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black see that the package arrived as soon as possible.
I understand that after the package is shipped, the sender has done their job, after that it's up to the carrier to deliver it.
Two days after I emailed Vapor Authority, my package arrived.
I will be a returning customer and I would like to specifically thank Mr.
Mike Ebrahimi for being such an excellent example of what customer service should be and responding in such a prompt and helpful manner.
Purchased this little bad boy at my local e-cig shop.
I wanted my e-cig to give me better hits because I can't give up the pull of a real cigarette.
I paired this with the Kanger AeroTank and it hits like I want and it taste amazing.
I Love this mod.
I've been vaping on an Ego for over 2 years.
My husband has a bunch of different mods, including a squonk box and most of the stuff he has feels heavy to me.
I was reluctant to try a boxy type of mod, but after realizing it's a lot smaller, took the plunge.
Ordered the silver Eleaf 30w istick and it showed up very promptly.
Others have commented on the speed of shipping, and they were right.
The unit pairs well with my mini davide that I used on my ego the 510 adapter included works a charm and it came almost прошивки для eleaf istick 100w tc charged.
Hubby gave me a Kanger MOW tank to try and it works well with that too.
For me, a worker who also vapes but not while workingthe battery will last me from the time I get up until late at night.
Some will find it lasts them longer, but when I'm not working, I'm a heavy vaper.
The pass-through adds the option of vaping while charging, or you could get a longer USB and vape while driving and charging.
Unsure yet as to the life of the battery in terms of how many charges it will take, бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black it's comfortable, light, fits easy in the hand, isn't bulky and so far haven't had any leakages, nor connection problems between tank and connection pin.
We make our own ejuice, so I don't come from a household of ignorance.
I just hate change and I prefer a side firing to a bottom firing unit.
If you're looking at moving up from an Ego style to something with a bit more, but want something small that's lightweight, I'd recommend this.
For a whole kit, it is very well priced and undercuts all reliable competition that I'm aware of.
I wasn't in a hurry, but did I mention already shipping was quick?
I didn't mention that when I first looked at this site, the product was out of stock.
Overnight I received an email to say it was back in stock and then when I ordered it, it shipped out the same day.
That is awesome service!
I'm a 70 PRESENTLY eleaf istick pico full black disregarded ex-smoker who is not looking for clouds smoktech smok guardian sub pipe vapor or sub-ohm vaping.
I just want a mod that will simulate the draw and hit of a cigarette, and this thing does it in spades.
I paired it with a Nautilus Mini and run it at 15 watts бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black />If I closed my eyes, I wouldn't know that I wasn't smoking a real cig.
It's comfortable in the hand and the digital readout is excellent.
I've been hitting it for two days now and the battery is only half depleted.
I'm telling you, this thing mimics a cigarette in every way that you could possibly want.
If you're into sub-ohm stuff it will do бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black too, but if you're like me and just want a replacement for cigarettes, I don't see how you could do any better than the iStick 30W.
If you're on the fence, buy it - you won't be sorry.
Great product, I love the mod and I got the kanger subtank nano to go with it.
Absolutely love it, shipping took longer than expected but that's not Vapor Authority's fault, other than that I will be ordering through here again.
All of the good stuff читать далее is saying about this product is true.
I received my iStick with my order-before-last, and at that time I had it mated to my Kanger Protank 3, and it performed бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black />Today, I received my Kanger SubTank Plus soon after I ordered it.
I assembled it with a stock Kanger OCC sub ohm coil and cranked it up to 30w and I was amazed at the flavor and vapor production.
I also tested it with a sub-ohm coil build with the same great results.
The I stick performs flawlessly, and my wife and I have tested it on 4 different Kanger setups, all бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black excellent results.
Read my review on the Kanger SubTank Plus product page for more info about use sub-ohm.
I love the i stick 30W, the order came in 2 days and the guys are awesome.
Absolutely order from them again, the communication is outstanding.
Thanks for the great prices too.
I have the Kanger tech Tank and it works very well with it бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black />Love the vapor authority people, great communication,great prices,great all around it.
Fast delivery and Great products.
I am a very happy customer, will order only on here if I need anything else.
I'm loving this mod, feels really solid, came in fully charged, works really well with бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black aspire mini.
Awesome, only reason I got this was because the Istick 50 watt was out of stock!
But never the less it's still an awesome vape box!
Came with everything it бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black />Also it came full charged!
Will be buying the Istick 50 watt soon!
Nice design with the curved edges.
Takes away the box feel.
You can use voltage or wattage to your desire and lock it in.
Holds a charge for about нажмите чтобы перейти day and a half.
I bought one for me son and then one for me.
Easy to use, easy to read, fits anywhere and provides good power with the ability to set voltage or wattage.
Locking feature a plus, lasts a long time.
Great product, Great service and shipping.
One for Vapor Authority, I ordered several different things from you guys in one shipment, I couldn't believe how fast I got my stuff and the price I paid for my stuff was phenomenal.
The other 5 Stars are for the iStick 30W, love the way it feels, and performs.
The vape shop I visit tell me прошивки для eleaf istick 100w tc my Mod is putting some good power out with the clouds I plume out.
My Kangertech Subtank Mini on it looks great and performs awesome!
With your awesome prices and fast delivery, I am expecting to order in the near future only from Vapor Authority.
Perfect vape every time.
Kanger sub nano 24W and.
I'll buy another I absolutely love the Eleaf iStick, I also got the Protank 2 for it.
Both are a perfect match.
Next will be the Nautilus Mini.
You guys are great on prices.
Love the new 30W iStick!
I have the 20W and it has been my daily for months.
This new 30W has better range for sub-ohm, even slicker style, and I really love the small form.
With my tank, this thing is as big as a pack of cigs.
Vapor Authority had great, quick delivery.
Will be shopping again!
I love this thing!
Its so small but packs a бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black punch!
Very fast shipping and authentic product.
Will definitely be ordering from vapor authority again!
This is my 4th order now with Vapor Authority and let me just take a minute to say how nice it is to find an honest company who cares about their customers.
These guys really go the extra mile and it shows.
This 30 w istick is great but not much difference from the 20w aside from the ability to sub ohm vape.
This phenomenal device is loaded with a host of features, setting it apart from virtually any other box MOD on the market today.
The Eleaf iStick is the perfect size for comfortably carrying around and using on a daily basis—something that is generally прошивки для eleaf istick 100w tc to do with other box MODs.
As a company, Eleaf iSmoka has gained an unprecedented following due to their revolutionary Advanced Personal Vaporizer, the iStick.
Just months after the release of this magnificent product, they have improved on the original version with the release of the iStick 30W APV.
The iStick 30W is packed with all of the wonderful features of the original iStick, but with great additions that are sure to further enhance your overall vaping experience.
First and foremost, the new iStick бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black is capable of reaching a wattage output of 30W, compared the 20W maximum afforded by the original iStick.
This is a phenomenal feature, particularly for those who wish you use sub-ohm atomizer coils.
Similar to the rest of the Eleaf iStick family, the iStick 30W is a variable voltage and variable wattage device.
The voltage can be adjusted from 2V to 8V, while the wattage can be adjusted from between 5W to a whopping 30W.
This not only provides a бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black vaping по ссылке, but also provides for a highly versatile one, as you are able to use the iStick 30W with a very wide range of atomizer resistances.
Unlike the original iStick, the iStick 30W is capable of reading sub-ohm resistance atomizers, all the way down to 0.
This affords even higher levels of flexibility with the tanks that can be used with it.
As with the original iStick, the Eleaf iStick 30W is a passthrough battery.
What this means is that when the battery has depleted all of its charge and needs to be plugged in, it can still be used.
This ability essentially ensures you that you will never be without a functioning electronic cigarette, so long as you are near an outlet, a computer, inside a car, or otherwise able to provide a charge to your device.
The Eleaf iStick 30W is furnished with a high-quality OLED screen, which displays the Voltage, wattage, battery level, vape timer, and atomizer resistance.
This information allows you to always experience the best vape you possibly can, with no unpleasant surprises.
With these safety measures in place, you can vape with peace of mind knowing that you are well-protected.
In every possible way, the Eleaf iSmoka iStick is one of the very best electronic cigarette products on the market today.
Eleaf iStick 30W Features: Sub Ohm Resistance from 0.
We бокс мод eleaf istick 30w black all products we carry to be genuine and you can rest assured nothing you receive from us will ever be a clone or knockoff.
Send emails to management vaporauthority.
We also invite invite our customers to send suggestions or requests for any product we may not currently carry.
Our products are tried and tested by experienced "Vapers" who have taken the time to sift through the countless products on the market.

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