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Dear WISMEC customers: We are proud to release the Bambino — a famous product designed by Jay-Bo for all of you now! The Bambino is a.
21 min - Uploaded by A Toute VapeurLe Bambino de chez WISMEC est un tout petit atomiseur reconstructible de type RDA Du haut.
The Wismec Bambino from Totally Wicked is JayBo design RDA made from stainless steel, featuring 3-post build deck and deep juice well for enhanced flavour.
Wismec Bambino RDA Atomizer has a unique top cap airflow called Vortex and is designed with simplicity in mind, without sacrificing quality or performance. bambino wismec JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.
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Its highlights lie in bambino wismec parts: the spring loaded connector in top cover and the magnetic fire bambino wismec on bottom, which makes the device more durable and adaptable.
More ever, unique grids design of the top cover is made to improve heat dispersion during vaping.
Put magnet bambino wismec into the corresponding ring groove in Part 1 and Part 2.
Have a check to make sure they repel each other 3.
Put Part 1 into battery tube as the picture shows bambino wismec />Put Part 2 into bottom cover as the picture shows All Stainless Steel Construction: As a mechanical mod, Читать is made of all stainless steel in order to provide a most durable калькулятор для расчета спирали электронных сигарет for users.
It greatly reduces the potential safety hazard and also extends the service life of the button.
Hybrid Adaptor: A spare part for top cover.
People can adjust bambino wismec length of MOD by replacing the adaptor with top cover at ease.
The Bambino wismec is a rebuildable dripping atomizer RDA designed by the famous designer Jay-Bo.
It is made of stainless steel, the appearance is chic and tiny with totally six air-inlet holes insuring a large airflow.
RBA function for DIY fans to wrap coils according to different vaping habits.
Diameter: 22mm Length: 19mm From the top of the mouthpiece to the bottom of the atomizer.
Color: Stainless Steel All Stainless Steel Construction: The Bambino is made of 303 stainless steel so that the device will be more durable.
Rebuildable Heating Coil: The Bambino is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer RDA.
There are bambino wismec total of three terminals on the atomizer base, which can handle single or dual coils build.
Unique Vortex Flow Design: The top cap features unique vortex flow design, which will bring you a better flavor and atomizing performance.
No Thread Connection: Creatively use the black heat-resisting O-rings as the connection part instead of traditional thread connection, which substantially increases the convenience and could avoid any bambino wismec problems.
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Wismec Skyladon + Bambino Bundle

WISMEC Bambino RDA Rebuildable Atomizer is a rebuildable dripping atomizer( RDA ), work of famous designer. Being made of stainless steel with totally six.
Mit dem Bambino präsentiert Wismec einen RDA Verdampfer im Miniaturformat, der durch sein ansprechendes Design und seiner extrem kompakten Bauart.
Highly compact and built to perform perfectly, the all new Wismec Bambino is an incredible little rebuildable dripping atomizer. Designed by Jay-Bo, the CEO of.
The first negative review I've ever written I was buying some poo brown batteries and I stumbled on the Wismec Bambino for about $19.
The Bambino is a rebuildable dripping atomizer( RDA ) designed by the famous designer Jay-Bo. It is made of stainless steel, the appearance is chic and tiny,.


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